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Orwell (and the President) Come to Hiroshima


Orwell (and the President) Come to Hiroshima

Joseph Gerson

How to you hide a trillion dollars or spending $66,000 a minute for thirty years building a new nuclear arsenal? Put another way, how to you hide 7,000 nuclear warheads capable of ending human life many times over or?

For that matter, how does a nation whose constitution vows to reject war and forswears maintaining military forces pretend that it’s not the world’s sixth greatest military spender with a navy more powerful than China’s? And how does that government divert hijack the political process to adopt “war laws” and rewrite its constitution?


Q: How do you enslave a planet?
A: Start by dropping a couple of nukes.


The USA is in violation of many portions of the NPT. They remain the only nation that has ever dropped these weapons on another. They have a war machine that spends more than the next 10 top spenders combined. They have attacked more sovereign nations since the close of WW2 than any other on the planet.

Yet the Government of the same claims that if Iran buys jet fighters from Russia it would be a violation of the NPT because Iran , which has been in one war in 200 years , might use the jets to drop nuclear weapons that they might one day acquire.


Instead of the American press reporting what a terrible and evil war crime was committed by the US military that burned alive and murdered mostly innocent Japanese men, women and children, they fed the American people the propaganda that it saved American lives and ended WW11 when nothing could be further from the truth. That is why most of the horrendous pictures from the devastation, carnage and horrible suffering of the Japanese people in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were never shown in the American press.


From fluoride to depleted Uranium, how much detritus from war finds its way into corporate, government, or industrial uses?

"Twenty years ago the lead author of Japan’s military doctrine repeated to me that for thirty years its military had understood that Japan’s constitution permits the military to possess tactical (Hiroshima-size) nuclear weapons. It was, he said, simply a right that they had yet to exercise. Last week, Abe’s cabinet reasserted this right. In the wake of President Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit, the Abe Cabinet reaffirmed that right to possess – and thus use – nuclear weapons."

Could the radioactive detritus still breathing fire (like a lethal dragon, untamed) from Fukushima factor into the incentive described above?

From the article:

"Not wanting to complicate U.S.-Japan relations, the president will not point to the hypocrisy of Japan’s foreign minister announcing his plans for a “Hiroshima Declaration” in the same week that his cabinet reaffirmed Japan’s right to possess nuclear weapons and as plans move forward for Japan to increase its already massive stockpile of weapons-grade plutonium. He won’t give a favorable nod to Japanese civil society’s drive to gather 20 million petition signatures opposing the war laws."

Speaking of hypocrisy... it's mind-blowing that the thing purported to operate as the weapon that will protect mankind is already defining its collective expiration date.

I've always found it unbelievably karmic that the one place that felt the impact of nuclear weapons is the place that's now relaying that same deadly substance back to the rest of the world... with lethal radiation daily carried on air and sea currents far and wide.

And still, the imbecilic leaders play phallic weapons games under the guise that such pathetic spiritual retardation somehow comports with this idea of "National Defense."


Actually, piling dried grass seeds into ox-cart caissons came earlier. I'd blow by it, but it strikes me as suggestive of the level of change we need.


Vietnam temporarily altered the pattern until the Generals and Weapons' producers realized that actual live war footage turned the population against war. That's why the Propaganda Machine has sterilized the narrative today and left all illustrations--but for those stamped, sealed, and approved by Corporate Media--out of the picture.

Did you notice the mention of the CIA imposing its choice of leader on Japan? Note the parallels with numerous other nations whose destinies were altered by the assassination of their Democratically elected leaders so that tyrants deferential to U.S. (and European) imperial interests would instead rule viciously over their citizens.

This is one reason I oppose the GENERIC "we" frame. Quite a lot in the way of disastrous outcomes can be attributed to ONE agency: The CIA along with its Deep State networks. These groups operate outside of the law, hide their deeds, use disinformation to maintain their deceptions, and NEVER put their actions up to any popular vote (or under the scrutiny of mass observation).


Not good syntax, but I could not agree, MORE!


would like to see Pakistan and India included in these " non proliferation talks " (double speak for smarter bombs??) also an interesting note on the fact that Shinzō Abe Japan’s current Prime Minister, is Kishi’s grandson ,, small world eh ,, learn something new every day


True! And when I was old enough to realize what was done, in the past, by Truman, I almost could not believe my country would do such a horrific thing. When it comes to foreign policy, Amerika is a terrorist regime; is the Fourth Reich, no doubt about it.