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Orwellian: Ardent Covidiots Vow NOBODY WILL TAKE ARE FREEDOM AWAY

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/11/18/orwellian-ardent-covidiots-vow-nobody-will-take-are-freedom-away


New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy [was asked] what he’d say to people who are tired of wearing masks and think they’re “uncomfortable and annoying.” His scorching response: “You know what’s really uncomfortable and annoying? When you die.”


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Abby - does it cause you to be concerned that their is an ongoing massive effort to suppress/ban alternative views on COVID? I include CD in this.

What are you afraid of? If you truly believe in Free Speech, why not publish opposing points of view, at least from the Left. They’re out there. Reasonable people, scientists, epidemiologists with data to back up their point of view.

Anyone who claims to believe in the right of Free Speech should be outraged with the censorship taking place on this issue. Where are articles about this?


Planet Earth to Fox: You are killing people with your gonzo talking points

And who is the “Wizard” behind this? Rudolph Merdoch. He saw money to be made, lots of it, by fanning the flames of ignorance and stupidity.


Like they say, you can’t fix stupid, but it can die and take its host along for the ride. Nothing more free than that!


“The stupid in us” is an understatement where some patients in the process of dying from Covid are still claiming it a hoax.


My point exactly!

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The mandated wearing of face masks so as to protect others from harm is no more fascist or oppressive then are lowered speed limits through school zones.

One hundred cars can break that speed limit in a single day and of those 99 of those speeders do not hit a child running into the street. Would advocates of “we should not be forced to wear face masks” also insist there should be no lower speed limits in schools zones if theirs the child that was killed?


The same people who don’t want to wear masks are the ones who insist on people wearing seat belts when they drive. Though really , the seat belt only reduces the effects of an accident on the person wearing it - it does NOT prevent accidents. Maybe if there was a fine for not wearing a mask , just like for seatbelts … isn’t “revenue generation” the reason behind laws ???

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Is the bad grammar (“ARE FREEDOM” instead of “OUR FREEDOM”) supposed to be an indication of an illiterate population that supports no masks or is this just poor editing by CD?


Has you not done bin esposed to suthern gramer ?


What are you on about? In this situation the only two sides that exist are: truth and lie. Reasonable people are so because they believe in Reason; i.e. logic, which in turn is the truth. Certainly, as an “American” anyone is free to dwell in whatever delusions they prefer; to be as ignorant as they want; embrace stupidity as a religion if so desired, but as an American one also has the obligation to consider the “general welfare” of all, not pout and throw tantrums like a spoiled brat. Are traffic lights and Stop signs impingements upon “personal freedom”? People who don’t know the meanings of big words like “freedom” shouldn’t use them.


If you’re looking for “alternative views”, try Breitbart.


Yep. That’s what I call “freedumb”.

My Swiftian Modest Proposal. Pull all health care workers out of the areas where people are refusing to wear masks or other common sense measures to stop community spread of a deadly disease. Let evolution do its work. There are doctors who are so burned out that they’re retiring, no longer able to deal with the constant stupidity of our culture.
Perfect way to end an Empire-a tiny virus acting as Nemesis to the Empire’s unspeakable Hubris.


smdh …
Well, speechless, how’s about you share these so-called’ left, alternative, opposing points of view’ on covid?
Indeed, where are these?


“Maybe that time has arrived…”
I bloody well hope not; (but then again: no shit)?

I also remember those cartoons. It’s not as funny as it used to be, but then I’m sure our parents were feeling it with the nuclear arms race going on then. Ah…gallows humor. Where would we be without it? (Don’t answer that).

You should be ashamed of yourselves for laughing at these people.

When you’re poor, when you miss a few paychecks, your entire life falls apart. You lose everything you have. You get kicked out of your apartment, and lets not forget, tyou need perfect credit and income three times the rent to rent again, something which few working people can afford. And compassion - the kindness of relatives and friends who let you sleep on their couches or store your stuff in their garages, wears out. People in cities don’t have any extra storage space, every square inch costs them dearly. That means the homeless poor rapidly lose every thing of value they own.

Get a clue, my friends. That could easily be you, next year.

Working Americans are proud, independent people who deserve a break.

They are being targeted and they know it. They just don’t have the contextual knowledge to figure out whats happening.

And they have every right to be angry.

They grew up being told that college was a luxury, as long as they were willing to get their hands dirty and work. Ad now that era is ending. Every job is precious, but still our leadership wants to trade them away. Idiots that they are.

Similarly, people should not lose jobs for staying home to stay safe during this time, and employers should be required to make workplaces as safe as is humanly possible. Many workplaces are Covid-19 death traps for workers because of poor ventilation.

They just enclose all that air with people breathing the same air over and over. They should furnish subsidies for whatever form of energy a struggling business uses so people don’t freeze as the price of decent ventilation. ASHRAE has ventilation standards, they should obey them. Few do.

Oh, and we should reinvest in basic education. Not write off the poor.

Shame on you, Common Dreams for making fun of those who can’t spell, seriously.


I don’t know if you ever had the experience of being labeled as “smart” in America.

Kids in some areas are taught that people are either smart or popular but not both.

Intelligence is impacted heavily by peoples environment. Every child has an inner scientist or artist, that’s why being a child is so great and so important. The real life geniuses that I have known all, without exception, kept that child like curiosity.

A growing mind is a terrible thing to waste.