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Osama Bin Laden’s America: Niger, 9/11, and Apocalyptic Humiliation


Osama Bin Laden’s America: Niger, 9/11, and Apocalyptic Humiliation

Tom Engelhardt

16 years later, it is extraordinary how September 11th would set the pattern for everything that followed.

And so the wars would spread, states would begin to crumble, terror movements would multiply, and each little shiver of fear, each set of American deaths, whether by such movements or “lone wolves” in the U.S. and Europe, would call up just one response: more of the same.


War will continue to spread across our planet Earth as long as the MIC runs unchecked as the Duopoly wishes.

Killing innocent men, women, and children with our bombs and bullets has the effect of creating terrorism where there may have been none.


It has been noted that the yin-yang symbol bespeaks the nature of the wavy facing edge as much as the nature of the black and white.

Thanks Tom for again presenting the ‘off’ side to the forced determinism so blithely asserted by the MIC and the entrainment of civil society it must pay marketers billions per year in order to veil their dunce caps.

The Taoist theme of the failure of success is increasingly drawing me back to the Book of Changes, and observations made millennia ago, on failing to recognize how reality actually functions. Much as laws of physics assert - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

To beat terrorism the MIC needs to grow out of the 15th century mindset of the colonizer. Wait, maybe they don’t even know that the mindset they rely on and are doubling down on is and has been dead for centuries. Guess if they come across as the walking dead, maybe thats the reason.


I suppose there is a sort of ‘entanglement’ between enemies so when one desolves, the other follows sooner or later. I’m referring to the Russia - American Cold War.
9/11 was the opportunity for our particular collapse, where all the levers of power were seized by the government at the expense of our Constitution. (Very similar the Reichtag fire in 1933 when Hitler sized all the levels in Germany.) But only for our safety, don’t you know.
Building #7 at Ground Zero fell for no physical reason. A 45+ tall, steel reinforced skyscraper fell when nothing hit it. The Grenfell Tower in London was engulfed in flames and still stood. The same damn Skyscraper in Dubai caught fire twice and still stood. But building #7, and the owner’s voice was recorded saying “Pull it”, fell in it’s own footprint in seconds.
In the physical world that doesn’t happen as described…no more than an assassin’s bullet can remain pristine taking a right turn after killing JFK.
The fear of being called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ when there is unexplained, ignored physical evidence is there only because it is conflated with truly ridiculous opinions like the Birther hoax or the denial of the coming Climate Chaos through too much carbon dioxide through fossil fuels.


The 9/11 aftermath is reminiscent of Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine. Within hours, Ehud Barak was on TV in England calling for a war on terror, really to take down Israel’s adversaries. There was no shortage of neocon loyalists here to conflate Israeli and US interests, with the goal of us taking care of Israel’s problem.

We’re so habitualized to serving Israel that it seems that us serving Israel must be really, really good. Perhaps we could be a good parasite-host, and relentlessly promulgate for them, the parasite, the big lie that “Iran is the leading State sponsor of terror” and then go to war with Iran for them, all the while pretend that we’re acting in our interests.

What’s a host for, if not to serve its parasite well? If we do all that, maybe Netanyahu will tell us how wonderful we are, and we can feel good.


9/11 didn’t change America

Like Trump, it simply removed its mask.


I’m with you. My husband was working in the Pentagon when it happened. He’s a die-hard patriot but his radar went way up that day and we are convinced there’s a really ugly story along the lines of the Gulf of Tonkin behind 9/11. https://www.usni.org/magazines/navalhistory/2008-02/truth-about-tonkin


When are people going to wake up and realize that 911 was a deliberate act by insiders in our goverrnment done in order to set all these actions into motion? Yes, they are that corrupt.


Don’t you mean the Duopoly runs unchecked as the MIC wishes?

It’s become unavoidably apparent we have our own deep state running things.


It is time to declare “victory” and come home, for the sake of those parts of the world not yet FUBAR’d by the U.S.!


“War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.” JFK, in a letter to a friend long before his presidency. Is there any doubt now why they killed him?


Well said. Sadly the Vietnam War was just an appetizer for the greedy Masters of War.


Amazingly perceptive! Thanks…


Tom, you are obviously an intelligent guy with an impressive resume; please stop with the fairy tale of 19 hijackers and Osama bin laden having anything to do with 911; you have seen the video of former fbi director Mueller admit that at least 5-6 of the “hijackers” are still alive…Tom, do me a favor and contact architect Richard Gage…please, please, please…


much like the gulf of Tonkin resolution was prepared before the gulf of Tonkin incident as was the patriot act prepared before 911…do we all need to be shown the blueprints before we believe?


" 9/11 changed everything."

Absolutely true! And everything has been changed and still going exactly as planned!


When in the world will people like TE stop contributing to the myth that Osama Ben Laden, sick, on a dialysis machine, hold up in a cave in Afghanistan, directed 17 untrained pilots with box cutters to take down the largest military establishment in the world from his laptop. Wake the F… up!


I go with the bad narrative vote.

Whether it was an inside job or not matters little. What matters most are the treasonous lies bush/cheney used to manipulate the grief and anger of the U.S. populous, and how they’ve never been reconciled.

Lies never reconciled because the equally treasonous Democrats used the lies for personal political gain instead of impeachment.

And if one plays the videos of the 3 days post 9/11/01, one will find the operative word coming out of Bush’s mouth was “crusade.” The 7 country crusade Gen. Wesley Clark is on record declaring.

A crusade that was openly talked about by Bush for 2 and a half of those first 3 days before his handlers told him to shut up; with the crusade word not being uttered by a senior official until Powell did in a 2007 senate hearing upon describing President Musharif’s (sp? Pakistan) invaluable help with the “crusade.”

A crusade, as some have mentioned here, that is cruising along at full mission accomplished speed ahead…with Royal Dutch Shell helping to get Russian LukOil’s Iraqi production to China and India…with a job so well done they’re making a million plus daily in bonus’.

To never mention the oil crusade makes all current popular narratives losers. And the worst of it being by not mentioning oil in the terrorist narrative as a cause, it then goes missing as a variable in the equation that can get humanity out of it’s horrific terrorist mess.

Of course what politician can run on an anti oil crusade platform? The only solution lies in the direction of King’s Breaking The Silence…boycotts…strikes…to elicit very specific demands…starting with “cease-fire.”


all those who still believe that Osama /hijacker story try this: watch the video where twin towers go while narrating the official story - " okay now the hot fuel is getting hot, the steel girders getting soft, and now that floor falls on the floor below it where the burning fuel is still really hot…" by now the towers are dust.


“inside matters little” wow - larry silverstein would like you! as his three buildings were obviously taken down with explosives causing mass casualties before and after the big event, a prosecutor would say , hey it matters little, lets move forward! great outcome for old larry now free to spend his 4.6 billion insurance recovery brokered by bush atty general mukasey