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OSHA Fails to Protect Workers From Dangerous Chemicals


OSHA Fails to Protect Workers From Dangerous Chemicals

Kathleen Rest, David Michaels

Nearly a half a century after Congress established the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one would think there would be a lot to celebrate this Saturday on Workers Memorial Day. It is a established to commemorate workers who have died of work-related injuries and diseases. But when it comes to worker protections, the United States has a long way to go, and we fear we are going backward. On average, 14 workers die every day from a fatal injury at work and this statistic does not reflect deaths from occupational diseases caused by chemical exposures.


As soon as OSHA gained a good head of steam a decade after its formation, Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981 and started dismantling it. It has been in a downward spiral ever since.


Exactly, just like USDA’s meat inspectors. Raygun is the grifter that keeps on giving.


Let’s write ourselves a memo for things to do or restore when Progressives get into power. Two of those things will be a restored OSHA, and a renewed EPA, with ten times the teeth of the one gutted by the Koch-suckers. Let’s make the greedsters pay the full cost of their selfishness.