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Ossoff Defies Odds in Georgia, Heads to Runoff in 'Victory for the Ages'


Ossoff Defies Odds in Georgia, Heads to Runoff in 'Victory for the Ages'

Nika Knight, staff writer

In Tuesday's closely-watched special election to fill Georgia's 6th District U.S. House seat, the outsider Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff stunned Republicans by winning nearly 50 percent of the vote, sending him to a June runoff election against GOP frontrunner Karen Handel.

"There is no doubt that this is already a victory for the ages," Ossoff said after the results came in. "We have defied the odds, we have shattered expectations, so bring it on."

  1. Victory for the ages? I suppose depends on what glass you're looking at. He only outperformed Clinton by 2%, though he did much better than the last Dem candidate for the 6th District Seat. James Thompson in Kansas last week outperformed Clinton by 20% in his district. And he outperformed the last Dem candidate there by 24%.

  2. What makes Ossoff progressive? Relatively uninformed, I see a mostly establishment Democrat, including ties to the national party machinery and politically liberal celebrities.

  3. What made this a bellwether of the popular resistance to Trump? And not Kansas? The same corporate media that gave Trump billions in free coverage? That fawned over him for launching missiles somewhere in the vicinity of Syria? That hardly covers atrocities committed by US military forces? The fact that the national Democratic Party machinery got involved almost two months ago?

What outside the oligarchy's propaganda (including "Give Trump his First Defeat") made this particular election a bellwether, and how is a 2% improvement over Clinton such a great victory?


When you total up all the votes for Democratic candidates v. all the votes for Republican candidates, the Republicans win.

Ossoff outspent Handel by 10x and didn't clinch it.

I don't consider this a "victory, and certainly not "a victory for the ages"

Without the noise of more than a dozen other candidates, Handel will beat Ossoff in June.


A run off is not a victory and certainly not in a backwards state.


Victory for the Ages????? What the hell does that mean??? Sounds like something Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters would say. He's a Democrat, that's for sure!!!! He'll probably need about $15 million for the runoff.


In pre-election polling, Ossoff's opponents were running far behind him. Then, when the election arrives, "mysteriously," why, it's far closer.
"Victory for the ages"? Get a grip.


Ossoff is an establishment neoliberal candidate supported by the DCCC and Daily Kos.

"Ossoff, a progressive Democrat, announced his intentions to run for the seat January 5."
"According to a report by NPR, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is paying nine staffers to assist in Ossoff’s campaign. It’s also sponsored three focus groups within the 6th that will further study how to reach young voters, African-American voters and swing voters."
"It’s that same type of goal that’s motivated Daily Kos, a progressive online community, has been raising funds to help elect Ossoff. The platform has found huge success in doing so thus far with small donations, paired with over $250,000 in financial commitments from when he announced his bid.

David Nir, the political director of Daily Kos, said that his platform picked Ossoff as the guy to back in the race partly because of Lewis’ endorsement. He told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that the endorsement was a big signal in the “winnable race.” He added that if Ossoff were to win, it would “send shockwaves” through the GOP."

Since when are neoliberal backers of candidates like Clinton "progressive?"

The Democratic party, corporate media and pundits are really grasping at straws...


This is my Congressional district. Tom Price, an ultra-conservative, was my Congressman. Glad he's gone. I did not vote for Jon Ossoff, however, because he is a Clinton Democrat. He will help pursue a neoliberal, neocon agenda. The election of more Clinton Democrats helps insure the neoliberal neocons will remain the dominant force in the Democratic Party. The party has become so hostile towards progressives, they preferred having a progressive candidate in Kansas lose, rather than help him win. They would rather lose a seat than see a progressive candidate win that seat. Their justification is filled with the kind of dishonest double-talk that has become par for the course with today's corrupted Democratic Party establishment. They have also declared war against Tulsi Gabbard, one of the most morally courageous politicians in Washington. But they will work hard to elect another neoliberal neocon. And, of course, they will call him progressive, because they will say whatever seems politically advantageous. Jon Ossof will lose in the runoff and it is good he will lose. All of the other candidates were Republicans. Almost all of the Republican vote will now coalesce around Karen Handel. She won't be any good either. But then, she is a Republican, so I wouldn't expect any more. The only way we can turn the Democratic Party back to the left -- if it is possible at all -- will be by defeating all the Clinton Democrats. Let's start with Ossoff.


And continue to get hard right Republicans in Congress! Magic will happen one day, trust me, right?



Good comment!

I also live in the 6th district and agree with your take on Jon Ossoff. I think the results were very disappointing for the Dems and as someone pointed out he only did slightly better than HRC though she of course was openly courting suburban Republicans both here and nationally. I think the fact that he does not live in the district hurt him with some voters and also that most of the money spent in support of his campaign came from out of state.

There were four other Democratic candidates in the race along with two independents, one of whom ran on a platform that called for expanding Medicare. None of them raised much money or had any visibility. Ossoff's campaign cast a long shadow on them.

I completely agree with your assessment of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. If the Dems have a future it is with someone like her. The wealthy donors of the party dislike her critical views regarding Israel and Saudi Arabia but in her district she is very popular.

I don't see Ossoff winning in the runoff election but it's two months away and who knows what might happen. If he does win I suspect he would be a corporate Democrat as you suggest.