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Other Countries Expect More of Their Leaders. So Should We

Other Countries Expect More of Their Leaders. So Should We

Mona Younis

Are we Americans unworthy? That’s certainly the message we’re getting from our government.

Over 40 percent of us are poor or low-income. How is that possible in the wealthiest country in history?

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“Other Countries Expect More of Their Leaders. So Should We”
We can expect more all we want, but we won’t get more. This current administration is just way to corrupt to change unless we, the people, make them change. We HAVE to get money out of our government elections.

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We allow those who govern us to starve a major portion of us, while they live in luxury.

How can we sleep knowing that our votes enable this to continue?



Where greed rules even the poor become greedy given the chance. It is difficult to overcome this reality that is ingrained in youth through aged adulthood. Human nature is greed, a result of capitalism, always unsatisfied by the want of more.

This anti-government attitude pretty much started with Reagan. I was born at the very beginning of the “baby boom,” and grew up during the Fifties and Sixties. Most of our parents revered FDR. Even the protests in the Sixties were because we expected MORE from our government than wasting our blood and treasure on war. The Democratic administrations that followed St. Ronnie did enough to reverse this attitude, and Republicans promoted the attitude that we had lost the American “rugged individualism” and expected just to taken care of.

Americans are without a doubt the most politically ignorant population in the industrialized world. They have been dumbed down by the corporate media and the education system. Most have not traveled outside of the country - and that includes Congress, most of whose members don’t even have passports. So 99 99/100% (my guess) of Americans have no idea what social networks exist (or, as fascism progresses in Europe, used to exist) in Western Europe. No idea that health care is a right, not a privilege, and that all industrialized countries save for the US have national health care (well, maybe since Bernie more know this.) That would account for Americans having low expectations of their leaders – the other reason is that the US population realizes that their leaders don’t work for them. But they blame, not corporations, but “the government.”