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Other G7 Leaders Plow Ahead After Trump Throws 'Tantrum' Over Climate Accord


Other G7 Leaders Plow Ahead After Trump Throws 'Tantrum' Over Climate Accord

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Further isolating the United States as other world powers prepare to take on the crisis of climate change, President Donald Trump refused to commit to the landmark Paris Climate Agreement as the remaining G7 leaders reaffirmed their determination to implement the accord.


Never send a zygote to do an adult’s job…


America’s arrogance of feeling that it has everything to teach others and nothing to learn from them is just…stupid.


The other world leaders should announce their rejection of Trump’s greed based fatalism and stage a walk out (figuratively) on him leaving him isolated and noticeably a failure at presidential diplomacy! Trump and the republicans need some blowback from other leaders who aren’t pretending that science doesn’t matter just to make a buck.


From a climate change denier that claims: don’t worry about the future of climate devastation because it is a “Chinese Hoax,” why would he not pull out of the Paris climate agreement? The Paris accord is detrimental to the Trump family who ran for POTUS in order to run the U.S. as his personal, family business.


This has, over the years, been true to a large extent. Progressive politicians have been starting to try to make a difference (see President Obama’s “Apology” Tour). Please, do NOT equate Trump and America ( the U.S. A, to be correct).


The ginger pig shows yet again for the umpteenth time his ignorance, arrogance, egomania, malignant narcissism, and gross stupidity. He cannot make decisions unless directed by the Masters of Mammon or his own contemptible families ambition and greed! He is just too narrow of life experience ( a “businessman” all his life ) without a shred of common decency, wisdom, or intelligence - a loathsome idiot child in a large body…


Why do they migrate?


The G7 countries need to move on with out Trump and become the world leaders that are necessary at this time. Waiting isn’t an option; leave DT and our country to languish- it seems to be what the voters of this country want.


I agree. Couldn’t have said it better.


So our bag-o-s#*t president will decide later whether he wants to participate in the Paris Accords. I guess he didn’t hear the other world leaders just tell him not to bother, that the rest of the world is moving ahead, and that as the largest emitter of greenhouse gases on the planet the U.S. can clean up its mess or be excommunicated from the world community. Even the biggest bully on the playground loses his clout when the other kids lose their fear of him. By now it has become obvious to everyone on the planet that this orange turd is incompetent, impotent and irrelevant.
For the rest of the world to choose rationality doesn’t require U.S. participation. For the rest of the U.S. to choose rationality doesn’t require permission or participation of either of the duopoly’s political parties. Waiting for a savior to lead us is waiting for death. To form a movement we need to simply get moving. Deciding on a specific destination is not necessary, we know in which direction our future lies. Once a mass migration begins leaders emerge.


To escape the hell that our interventions have created, mainly.

The way things are looking here, migration has a certain appeal to me, too.


Why doesn’t the MSM do some investigative journalism about why they hate us? “They hate us for our freedom” or “radical Islamic terrorism” doesn’t get to the roots of the problem needed to solve it.

Direct Democracy


Well Said!


Because she has become irrelevant to US.


No Mr. President, 2 plus 2 does not equal five.


A real shaming of the US’s leadership’s lack of effort to address the catastrophic climate/global warming issue should be paramount to any negotiations going forward. Paris was far from ideal but to renege on a lame deal is inexcusable. Otherwise Earth will burn whilst Trump and his cronies fiddle away.


“Instead, the groups settled on language committing to fighting “protectionism” through trade and terrorism, as well as vowing to impose additional sanctions against Russia if warranted.”

I wonder when they’ll begin to think sanctions against the country of the Orange Fool might be warranted.


I am getting a charge out of the lead picture, where Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi points a lecturing finger on Trump for a change. :laughing:
I also appreciate, that the other six leaders are plowing ahead without US.
That is new and a break from the no longer earned deference usually paid to the US due to the first couple of decades after WWII.
Very disappointing is, that Italian Prime Minister Paulo Gentiloni—the summit host—felt forced by Trump to shred plans for an ambitious statement stressing the plight of migrants was a global rather than regional responsibility.


With behavior such as has been of late and before I find myself ashamed to be an American. Long gone are the days when I was proud as a citizen. We need a new direction altogether.