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'Our Agenda Is on the Ballot': On Election Eve, Sanders Joins Other Progressive Leaders for Final Get Out the Vote Rally

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/02/our-agenda-ballot-election-eve-sanders-joins-other-progressive-leaders-final-get-out

The Progressive smile is so much brighter than the conservative smirk.


“Our agenda is on the ballot”, “Let’s beat Trump. Let’s win progressive victories…”

No, the democratic corporation’s agenda is on the ballot, and you know it Bernie.
Win progressive victories??? Like the victories you won for progressives in the Bernie/Biden Task Force meetings? Stop conning the voters Bernie, your a poser and a quitter, nothing more.

Bernie/Biden Task Force Ends In Extreme Failure / Jimmy Dore Platform


Our agenda is not on the ballot. Biden was elected to make sure it wasn’t. Harris is a vacuous, corrupt, self serving hack, just like Schumer, Pelosi and the rest.

There are cases to be made as far as voting against Trump. But, no case at all can be made to people on the left to vote for Biden.

I really hope that lefty sites start to post articles highlighting the absolutely horrible people Biden wants to surround himself with. He is a right wing Democrat and he is corrupt. If that is the left, it isn’t, then the left is doomed. Biden is going to be a disaster, and will only do decent things of circumstances or the left forces him to. He is atrocious, and so is the party that nominated him. I hope that lefty sites haven’t failed to do this because they think it helps Trump. It clearly doesn’t. It makes Biden less bad to push him to the left and it only makes logical sense if the lobbyists and the right stops pushing him. Cause if the left doesn’t challenge and push him but the right and the lobbyists do, all the left would accomplish by not challenging Biden is to give the right and lobbyists a monopoly in that regard. Makes zero logical sense.


As do I. There will be no reason not to run such articles 31.5 hrs from now when Hawaii’s polls close.

I haven’t put much effort into understanding who Biden is surrounding himself with exactly. I already knew I wasn’t going to vote for him no matter how many good people he had as long as he continued to say the same crap I was hearing. And I’m basically lazy and not interested in reading anything on him if he doesn’t end up being president anyway. I recall @KC2669 said something good about somebody - perhaps it was Jared Bernstein. I tried to start the article in the Atlantic, but it begins as such a puff piece talking about instant coffee vs espresso machines, that I couldn’t bear it (for anyone else, it is at ~https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/10/jared-bernstein-joe-biden-progressive-personnel/616861/). I recall some statement from somebody working with Biden that made it sound like he has no commitment to do anything bold at all next year were he to win as he wants to play Mr. Austerity as we’ve spent too much money already according to this moron. But again, I’m too lazy to find out who that was.

If Biden wins, I’m sure I’ll take the same interest I took in Obama’s cabinet which just about gave me a heart attack, and I’m sure I’ll be equivalently disappointed (though my cardiac health is safe as I actually had hope under Obama and now have very little). Maybe there will be at least a few key appointments to get somewhat interested in. Dept. of Interior, Energy, Health and Human Services - I’ll take any decent human being I can get in this administration. But I know I won’t see anyone like Dean Baker or Stephanie Kelton touching anything to do with the economy nor am I expecting anybody amazing anywhere.

If Trump wins, I’m obviously not expecting anybody human in any position. Can’t run parallel universe experiments, but I hope activists are planning for either outcome to apply pressure wherever possible. I’m just not motivated to do anything till I know the outcome.


I understand, on a human level, with as much misery and systemic indifference, that people want to feel better about the objective reality we find ourselves in. But, Biden is a horrific candidate. Corrupt, right wing, and may be the absolute worst person to get power that ran in the primaries. I truly mean that. I thought of his nomination as nothing short of disastrous then, and I think even more so now, because I thought that the damn pandemic and the economic crisis would shake him loose at least a tiny bit. Just an inch. But, it hasn’t and won’t any more than it has Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz or some other ghoul on the right. He is corrupt, right wing and he will remain so. I am done with pretending he is anything but horrible just because of how bad Trump is. Both must be analyzed in isolation, at least to an extent, and if you analyze Biden’s half of a century record, it is complete and utter trash, one horrible policy position and stance after another. The only hope is in activism and social movements. If we rely on Biden for a damn thing, fascism is here and we will be looking at a Tom Cotton or Tucker Carlson in 2024. And who will the neoliberals pick to battle that? Harris, Pete what’s his name? If fascism is a real thing, THAT is your opposition? How silly would we regard Germany and Italy doing the same in the 1920’s? At least those societies had strong left wing movements. Germany had a near victorious socialist revolution, as did Italy. Italy had “two red years” in the early 20’s where workers took over the factories and really scared the capitalists. That, the support of large capitalists and landowners, and societal breakdown, is what brought those people to power. The Democratic Party is a dumpster fire, and so is its candidate. The other option is a bigger dumpster fire. Yay American democracy.


Couldn’t agree more. We all must fight to push a truly progressive agenda against a Biden administration, although I won’t be holding my breath the efforts will produce results. I’m tired of Sanders gaslighting voters and people on this site believing his empty words.


I don’t think people here do, and I think the neoliberals never liked him or paid him any mind. Bernie did a massive disservice in the primaries when he didn’t go after Biden, which is telling. Biden is far right wing (he would have to be in a far right party in most any other developed country), and is thoroughly corrupt. When Teachout wrote that factual and scathing article, Bernie walked it back. When Nina Turner wrote a scathing article about Biden’s horrific record impacting black people, he didn’t back her. He, for whatever reason, chose decorum and backing his friend (who doesn’t seem to like him tons) over fighting for the working people that needed Bernie to stop Biden or someone similar from getting the nomination. Bernie chose to play nice, and the Democrats nominated a shockingly bad person. I am sick to death also of hearing how much decency and compassion Biden has. Would a decent and compassionate person promise to veto single payer during a pandemic? Would they write the crime bill, the bankruptcy bill, push for crazy and hawkish drug policies, would they be instrumental in the push into the Iraq War, support welfare reform (proudly), NAFTA, among other things? No, a corrupt, right wing sociopath would, and that is exactly what Biden is. I hope he beats Trump only because Trump is even worse. I hate them both, and I despise the Democrats that supported Biden in the primaries for any reason. Screw them too.


Agree, being in a deeply red state, I don’t have to worry about my vote disrupting a Biden win, I’m not sure I could stomach voting for him. Here’s another issue the Biden administration and dems will support.


Great piece, IMO, by Caitlin Johnstone, if you haven’t read it already.


The left would be doomed if we all felt like you and Recon.

Yeah, I mean, the left would be toast if it opposed right wing and corrupt Democrats like Joe Biden, who has opposed the left in his own party for half a century, and who has done nothing but reach out to the right, corporate lobbyists and NIMBY suburbanites since getting the nomination. Utterly doomed I tell ya, and isn’t the left in an amazing position? Yes, it doesn’t control either party, the media and there is no leftist movement nationally right now, but besides that, why would I want to ruin such a good thing? The actual left has, what, six people in government now, even though its policy positions are extremely popular, and superior to more neoliberal bullshit?

You made a claim, that is all. Now, provide supporting logic. Don’t be a coward, don’t say a dumb, ridiculous thing and run away. The left would be doomed because of people like me because…

The floor is yours.


Because those “six people in government now” deserve your support, not your derision.

We, their peons aren’t ALLOWED to have anything remotely resembling a “left,” and hypocritical pontificating, virtue-signalling platitudes or bait&switch prevarication is why so many of DNC’s precariate victims don’t LOTE: the choice is theirs! It’s a protection scheme: wealthy kleptocrats use Trump’s Nazi hordes, to fork us to Bush’s neocons. Their corporation’s tasked with protecting their 0.01% sponsors from us, by pretending to protecting from monstrosities like Trump, that John, Debbie & Robby were delighted to run Hillary against. Their job isn’t defeating Trump, it’s silencing BernieBros™ (a concept created for CAP, Atlantic Council, AIPAC… K Street) to ensure whomever’s distracting us as BAD cop, their duopoly keeps ratcheting us ever further to the right. Nobody comes out to vote for dead eyed, sneering kleptocrats. So their media blames whoever’s their most powerless victim. Nobody, actually TRYING to win, would dream of running Joe Biden, any more than Hillary Clinton (having BLANTANTLY crushed consideration of POPULAR planks, proven CRITICAL by COVID’s exponentially spiralling consequences and fires, droughts, storms and the hellish nightmare of their neoConfederate judiciary unleashing murderous police to feed on our most vulnerable citizens?)
Joan & Recon make astute, perceptive & prescient points: playing their game by their rules has fed our jobs, homes, retirements to THEIR actual 1% constituents (want MORE?)



~https://theintercept.com/2020/11/02/progressives-house-races-election (Koch’s DCCC fights real Democrats!)




How, in all I said, did you conclude that? Kind of a ridiculous take. How many of the Democrats in the Senate or the House truly back single payer? A small minority. How many truly support the Green New Deal, or things more radical even, which is what is needed. Even fewer, when it is all said and done. If you look at what radical changes we need, in the time we have, those willing to do that are an extreme minority in the Democratic Party among those in the House or Senate. How many are truly antiwar? I wasn’t critiquing them, kind of obvious.


So glad the Progressives are backing the Green’s Howie Hawkins. Oops, they aren’t? But he’s the only candidate willing to do what it takes to fight Global Warming. Trump and Biden both back fracking, are both against Medicare for All, both oppose free public university, both oppose defunding the police, and both are for increasing military spending.

Voting for Howie Hawkins, against the DNC/GOP corporate hegemony, is a first step to a real society of respect and doing what’s right.


Wolf, wolf, wolf, …says the corporatist, fascism apologist, sheepdog, who once inspired with a dream of change that even he himself evidently never really believed in, and now he merely tries to corral the strays toward the slaughter house of his owners.

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I voted for Howie, not because I expect him to win, nor because I expect my vote to make any significant difference in any way. I made this vote because it was the only non-fascist candidate who had any policies at all I could in good conscience support. You don’t get rid of Fascism by voting for Fascists, even LoTE Fascists. I don’t vote for Fascists, I fight Fascism. If either party wants my vote, they must renounce their fascist capitalism and commit to fighting fascism in all its guises, I’m just amazed at the number of Americans who seem to think that this represents a “bridge too far” and that I am unrealistic for sticking to such “purity.”

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