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Our Almost Perfect Crimes


Our Almost Perfect Crimes

Little noted by a mainstream media willfully blind to America's ongoing human rights abuses, Mohamedou Ould Slahi's "endless world tour" of detention and torture over 14 harrowing years at Guantánamo may come to a close after being cleared Wednesday for release. The author of the searing Guantánamo Diary and reportedly Gitmo's most tortured prisoner, Slahi - it is vital we remember this - was never charged with a crime.


The bastards who created and maintained the Guantanamo Bay torture camp should be hauled before the International Criminal Court at the Hague, given a fair trial and locked away for good. They are of the level of the Gestapo scum employed by the Nazis during Hitler’s misbegotten rule of Germany; or Stalin’s NKVD.


hours-long beatings while immersed in ice - until”\

Anyone who has read much about the Gestapo and the French Resistance will recognize this torture method.

It’s definitely past time to prosecute those responsible for the US crimes against humanity. And I mean all of them.


In his book The White Rabbit Bruce Marshall writes of Wing Commander F.F.E. Yeo-Thomas’ experiences being held by the Gestapo in France. This “hours-long beatings while immersed in ice” was one of their favorites. I hope it doesn’t take another world war to bring those filth responsible for Guantanamo Bay to justice.


Perhaps his only ‘crime’ was a faith in the wrong God.

Say what we will, but the Global War on Terror has always been, and will continue to be, a religious war against Muslims.

And the MSM feigns such surprise at Trump’s religious bigotry, among so many others.


Guantanamo would/could never happen without, “US willing population”.


At least Stalin purged the KGB bastards a coupleof times in the 1930s; Yagoda and Yezhov both got shot and Beria got his come lethal uppance at the hands of Stalin’s immediate successors… However, there are always plenty more where they come from. As for God, he left a long time ago for a long fishing holiday as far away from Earth that he could get at the other end of the universe.because of the self-righteous bigoted caterwauling of the warmongering, witch-burning, fundamentalist thuggees that infest every religion.


Maybe we’ll get lucky, and all the religious folks will get their Rapture without having to lead us to Armageddon FIRST. Good riddance, I say!