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'Our Anger Is Past Its Limit': Tens of Thousands Rally Against US Bases in Okinawa


'Our Anger Is Past Its Limit': Tens of Thousands Rally Against US Bases in Okinawa

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Okinawa on Sunday was site of a massive protest against U.S. bases, the latest in years of demonstrations, with fresh anger fueled by the recent suspected rape and killing of a woman on the Japanese island by a former Marine.


It's incredible to think that after all these years since WW2.. The U.S. still has over a hundred military bases in Japan. Isn't it time for a massive reduction of these


The Russians pulled all of their bases out of Eastern Europe . The US not only maintains bases in Countires conquered in WW2 but adds more not only in those countries but in others the world over.

And Russia is the threat to peace?

When the Lebanese got out to protest the Syrian bases inside that Country the USA was quick to point out they an occupying force and should leave the country as the people did not want them there. They also claimed that no country can have a Democracy when it had military forces from another power within its borders.

Again these observations never apply to "America the exceptional".


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QUOTE: Both Onaga and Aiko Shimajiri, the minister for Okinawa, have called for a revision of the Status of Forces Agreement, which restricts Japanese authorities' abitilty to investigate some crimes by U.S. servicemen who commit crimes while on duty.UNQUOTE

Just a preview of what the TTP and the TTIP have in store for all of us: Abandonment of national sovereignty this time not to a occupying military force, but to multinational corporations.
If we do not stop it, the planet is going to hell! And it has to be stopped here in the US, where that cancer originates!


I can understand that anger. Hopefully it will spark protests everywhere there are US bases, including in the US! Rape has become so commonplace within and by US military personnel that the UN has been investigating. See: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/05/un-human-rights-council-us-military-do-better-victims-sexual-violence


No surprise that the Okinawans grow tired of the US military. The behavior of our soldiers all over the world has been deplorable for some time. But what can one expect from an organization like the US miltary that is filled with all manner of troglodytes and various knuckle draggers that couldn't even finish high school? Mix that, with the fact that we start calling these CHUDS heroes from the time they do their first push up in basic, and you begin to see why they act with relative impunity. We kill your men because we can. We rape your women because we are entitled to.

(CHUDS, is from a movie in the 80's. Look it up. It's surprisingly good, and horribly awful at the same time)


I find it interesting, after reading the first two articles, that the third simply says "Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page." I was not aware that I needed authorization to read a CommonDreams article, but who knows in this day and age.
* However, the first two certainly adhere closely enough to the definition of a fascist state to convict the US of being one.
* I think there are quite a few million people in this country, and probably a billion or so in the rest of the world who recognize that this nation is no longer a Constitutional Republic, but has become the Fascist Empire of the US Fourth Reich.
* There are few nations on earth that are not being ground under the boot of the Fourth Reich's military and industrial/financial complex.
* Perhaps, as with Nazi Germany, the Reich will go too far and the world will go to war to save itself from fascist domination.
* One can only hope. It cost us a generation in my youth, but it worked, or would have had not Operation Paperclip been used to bring the Nazis to the US, to teach it how to succeed where they failed.


Read the PNAC, look at what the US Fourth Reich has done in the past two decades (earlier if you take the time to study it).
What the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America once was is far different from what the US Fourth Reich is today, with its most powerful Wehrmacht the world has ever seen and its rule by a handful of greedy, arrogant, billionaires and trillionaires, who want it all, now!


Your absolutely right. I've been thinking about the parallels of Nazi Germany and this NWO Fascist regime we have today. One more click into the police state we are in today. And they will be arresting and executing millions of dissidents in Amerika.


Nonsense. Do you think these people are out there protesting for the US to stay?

That the Governments do not listen to their people in those Countries is immaterial. The GOVERNMENTS of East Germany Poland and other East European States all wanted the Russians to remain. In fact the Government of Poland during the height of the Solidarity protests wanted the Russian soldiers to help crush the protests.

The size of this crowd is some 65000 at the lower end of the estimates. it likely even larger. This is akin to 20 million Americans taking to the streets in protest. As a percentage of population this larger then any crowd formed in Poland and Lebanon and Czechoslovkia , to protest against Russia or Syria.

The largest crowd to take to the streets to protest the Syrians being in Lebanon was around 10000 and this was not much larger then counter protests by persons in favor of that Military presence.


You are singing my song! the trash we are served about Russia and China stinks to high heaven. Here is what we should hear about:
Russia's organic revolution: http://journal-neo.org/2016/04/21/now-russia-makes-an-organic-revolution/
Or: Russia the number one wheat exporter: http://www.williamengdahl.com/englishNEO15June2016.php

Our silly trade embargo aimed at their oil exports made them extremely competitive internationally due to the resulting low Ruble and the now comparatively low inland production costs. :smile:


Yes. That demand for NON GMO wheat is one of those things the US GOvernment feels a grave breach of Freedom and liberty.


Trump wants them to protect themselves or pay for our protection. Do we have a better idea?


Look up Operation Paperclip. View Arsenal of Hypocrisy.


In China the incarceration rate per 100,000 pop is officially 118. including those held and not tried yet 164/100,000
In the US it is 698/100,000 not including juvenile detainees.
And we have a problem with human rights in China???
- In China you are in trouble if you agitate against the government, - something you can control.
- Here you are in trouble if your skin is the wrong color, - something you cannot control


What exactly was god's plan of salvation for the dinosaurs, the dodo, the passenger pigeon, ...?


An excellent example of "Do as I say, not as I do."


I have experienced this too but it seems to happen when I am trying to access a new page that is still being loaded. A few minutes later and all is well. If this is what happens when a headline is put on the front page but the article is still being tweaked, the direction is backwards. Load the page, unlinked, tweak it, then put up headline and connect. I think this is the way they do it most often but sometimes not? Anyway, I have learned to be patient with that and it goes away.

The rest of your post, on the grounds you mention, is quite apt.


Perhaps you could give us the source for this unsupported claim of yours because on a search I found that the US doesn't stand even in the top ten on almost any measuring standard of organizations that report on human rights or 'economic freedoms.'