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Our Aversion to Doom and Gloom Is Dooming Us


Agreed. Old-timers here have seen my post (maybe) about the t-shirt I want to make: planet with many different animals sitting atop; caption reading ‘god should’ve stopped at the bonobos…’


Silence says it all, does it not? It’s as if when the cancer patient asks, “What chance of living do I have?” and the doc says nothing.


I have said it and said it again: When you are planning for a disaster, do you plan for then best case, or the worst case scenario? Only an idiot expects the best will happen.


The Berlin wall did come down…

The east won’t make that mistake again.


Basically, that we do not have all this time to adapt to the changes that are happening across the globe. Certainly not from a standpoint of human physiology. And much of it, why would we want to even if we could? What is being done to places that were so different (Amzonia) just a few decades ago won’t be made “tolerable.” They will just “be.” If you just cross over the border here in California and start looking, you will see people in the colonias of Tijuana living environmentally hellish lives. It’s been going on for a while. It’s not as bad as many areas but it’s bad. There really is never any “adapting” to those neighborhoods. People try to get out, generally they stay and live shortened lives. Why does this seem obtuse?


Well, yeah. Of all the primates, we are as nasty, back-biting, and ill tempered as can be (Chimps and Baboons are no picnic either). Look to the tiny marmoset or the mountain gorilla for inspiration, Not the on-edge homo sapiens. Yuk.


You keep misunderstanding what I wrote. I have little interest in responding to what seems faux intellectual pretensions especially if you persist in being rude. Human physiology? Are you joking? Do you really think I was talking about physical adaptation like some comic book mutation?

Secondly I made no mention of anyone wanting to adapt to poor living conditions - in this case overpopulation! Yet people will do so. People voluntarily live in densely populated conditions (in Tokyo for example) if another four or five billion people are added to the world’s population then given sufficient resources, people will adapt to the overcrowded conditions. That is not to say these conditions will be first rate but then the millions who live in Tokyo or elsewhere are not all living in slum conditions either. Is that too obtuse for you to understand?

Let me know when you adapt (mutate) physiologically, okay?


Agreed…but is there some kind of difference between the “animals’” aggression, territoriality, and greed and and man’s…like plain ole avarice?


:honeybee::honeybee:Please protect us :bug:…make sure you buy only plants & flowers :cherry_blossom::blossom: that are free from neonicotinoid pesticides…:honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:…purty pleeezzzzzz!


If you are reading faux intellectual pretensions maybe move along. I do hold a B.S. (not B.A,) in Liberal Studies with most of my coursework at California Polytechnic and UC San Diego. Most of my adult life I’ve been friends with people in the behavioral sciences.
I actually am not clear on what YOU are suggesting. I would propose we just don’t know about the adaptability question right now.
As an undergraduate I was a lab helper on the Human Genome Project, Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA. I like to have this discussion on more than one level. Of course we can crowd another 4 million into the Tokyo area. No doubt. But the very real environmental stress issues should be included in the discussion. Adios.


I proposed that people will adapt to the overcrowded conditions of the future just like agrarian communities adapted to city life in the Middle Ages. Sorry if you wanted to mutate! The word adapt does have multiple meanings which evidently you forgot. It seemed to me that you wanted a more fatalist leaning debate whereas I was suggesting that fatalism was inappropriate for the human species. The sixth extinction notwithstanding, people will adapt to even extreme conditions and always have.


Hmm, “Will and always have.” You need to follow that up with: Sometimes with the majority of the species dying off and only some surviving (or big dents like the black death)." As far as fatalism is concerned, I have no idea. I mostly think about the math. It’s nice from a spiritual perspective to somehow believe humans will “make it,” but I have about as much faith in that as I do things like American Exceptionalism… They are belief systems, the American one is of course utter trash. Perhaps God does have nicer ideas for us, but I am still waiting and am definitely spiritual on a personal level.


Exactly!   Most of us connect pretty well with our parents & children, less so with our grandparents & grand­children, and in most cases hardly at all with the third generation farther back or yet to come. If the “Martians” landed tomorrow bearing a credible threat to wipe us out in three or four weeks, I think more of us would try to fight than would commit suicide.  But 2100 is just too far away for most of us to feel alarmed, even as we see the pine forests in the Rockies and Sierras succumbing to pine beetles, the lakes and rivers we swam in as kids becoming mud-holes, and photos showing glaciers and sea ice shrinking noticeably in just a few years.

Not to worry, you are not alone.  I read recently (I think it was in The Week magazine) that 75% of Americans believe in angels!  IMHO, God (whose real name is Mother Nature, BTW) has no great preference for humans over mountain lions – or even head lice, for that matter – and if a miracle is going to allow us to ‘make it’ then we’re going to have to generate that miracle ourselves.  And the time to do so is growing perilously short . . .


2100 is not too far away for me to be alarmed. I don’t know about most people, I know what the numbers have shown just since 1980. I think you may be a bit off on that one. Most people I know feel the same way.


I said ‘most people’, not all.  But a big part of the problem is that most of our intra-species communication is controlled by some who are not alarmed, and who put their own short-term material gain ahead of the long-term well being of our planet and our fellow living beings – including humans.


Those members of our species that do that “bypass communicado” ought to be marginalized for the good of all life. God, I’m tired of it…