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'Our Chance to Set Things Right': Here Are The Best 'Get Out the Vote' Messages Out There

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/03/our-chance-set-things-right-here-are-best-get-out-vote-messages-out-there

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What nonsense, Mr. “nothing will change” who has voted for every piece of devolution legislation, or supported it for 40 years, is pretty damn far from setting things right.


Agreed - however, for this cynical voter, a step back from the Abyss is probably the best case scenario.

How bad is it? So bad, that this writer in 40 years of never missing an election AND never once voting for either side of the Corporate 2 Party Coin has actually been contemplating casting his vote for Biden as a Protest Vote.

That’s how bad it is.


i did. First time in decades i voted for a duopoly candidate. It’s that bad.


Michigan reports over 70,000 spoiled ballots.
North Carolina will be later because some precincts need to remail open longer.

I have been a supporter of the Green Party ever since Nader cost Gore the election ( LOL) but it is soooooo bad now that it seems we have no other choice because we are up against a nightmare if Trump gets re-elected. I have no use for Biden, but his corruption is minuscule compared to Trumps. I guess you might6 say, we are voting for the less corrupt!


Spoil or soil it is! In 2004 while voting in a small southern rural area,
I started to mark my paper ballot not for Kerry or Bush. I noted
the ballot already marked for Bush. When I brought it to the attention
of voting officials, you want have thought I had just sh** in the floor.

They likely thought they were saving me time since 99% of the votes
would be for Bush. But the real intent was to spoil the ballot if I
voted for anyone but Bush.


Nothing says “Democracy” quite like the tyrannical rule of the minority.

We need to organize and remove the Electoral College once and for all. Then we need instant run off voting or something equivalent. Let’s experience democracy in our life times!


A Federal District Court judge on Tuesday ordered an immediate sweep of 12 postal districts searching for undelivered ballots after the Postal Service said in court that some 300,000 ballots it had received had not been scanned for delivery.
Data the Postal Service filed on Election Day showed continued low on-time processing scores for ballots delivered Monday in several battleground postal districts, including 69 percent in Central Pennsylvania, 79 percent in Philadelphia, 78 percent in Detroit, 61 percent in Atlanta and 74 percent in South Florida.

Yes, it is Detroit - again!!
The judge, Emmet G. Sullivan of the District of Columbia, ordered the sweep to begin before 3 p.m. to “ensure that no ballots have been held up and that any identified ballots are immediately sent out for delivery.”

too bad we did not have immediate technology back then. and lawyers ready to pounce.
There are also signs for folks to not take pictures of their filled out paper ballots.
I do not see the harm, myself. But other voters and poll workers should not be
photographed. That I understand.

I don’t believe that Biden is less corrupt, nor the lesser evil in this race. Trump mostly screwed his stupid business partners, Biden has been screwing his voters for decades. Sadly we can only make one of these completely unacceptable candidate lose.


I wasn’t fooled by Gore, but I was fooled by Obama until he chose his cabinet, then it was obvious. After two Stein votes, the Green Party was not on my ballot, so my Trump vote was a protest vote. Sadly we cannot vote against, all votes are tallied as for votes. I wonder if we had a binding “none of the above” choice, would either the Red or Blue Corporate candidate win?

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That actually has been my protest votes over the years more than any other - “None of the Above” or “No Confidence.” While I do have issues about the Greens, they have been my preference more than not as well.

I write this in local elections for any candidate running unopposed consistently. “No Confidence” for any shoe-in, thanks.

It’s why I’d love to see something like instant run off voting - 3rd party candidates would actually be viable, and why neither the GOP nor the DNC have entertained implementing.

I do believe if it was viable here, we would at long last see both corporate parties taking a hit at the polls. A system of perpetually voting for the lessor of two evils is neither very representative, nor vaguely democratic. OK you GOPers, it’s a “democratic republic” but where’s the damned representation? Which one of those millionaire’s in any of the legislative branches represent any of my or my family’s interests?

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“You built the Blue Wave to take back the House.” that still sides with Trump the majority of the time and still refused to impeach him for anything except minor political revenge for Biden.

“Vote out economic inequality” Wait, I thought Nichols was a Biden supporter?

“Our democracy works best when all of our voices are heard.” So you’re ok with me voting for Howie, or do you really mean that democracy works best when we’re all suburban conformists who are ok with racial violence as long as it stays in another country and our health insurance premiums are within a few hundred dollars a month?

The message to progressives: Just face it. You will NEVER have representation, you don’t deserve representation, so you might as well vote Dem and take it up the rear.


That is a moot point.

You are right webwalk, it is that bad. Let’s just hope there are many more with the courage to do the same.