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Our Climate Progress Will Not Be Stayed


Our Climate Progress Will Not Be Stayed

Rhea Suh

The U.S. Supreme Court temporarily blocked President Obama's plan to fight global climate change by cleaning up our dirty power plants, pending the outcome of a court challenge led by the coal industry and some of the nation's biggest industrial polluters.


"Seven in every ten Americans want climate action from the next president. It's not hard to understand why."


The Supreme Court, via "Citizens United" enshrines the Corporations/Billionaires' right to purchase elections into law.

And the Page and Gilens Study proves that citizens' input has virtually ZERO impact on policy decisions and determinations.

And the elites are pushing through so-called trade treaties that literally make established environmental law (think of all the battles fought for decades to arrive at these!) and labor law moot. (TPP and TIPP)

And more and more wealth is "aiming at" fewer and fewer hands.

And super delegates determine WHO citizens vote for.

And media is in the pockets of the same corporations that push oil, war, the Lock-down Homeland Security State, and toxic products.

It's time for citizens to mobilize around a mechanism that would impeach Supreme Court Justices.

The way that the 2000 election was determined is cause.

Second, that this court almost always rubberstamps business interests no matter how toxic, costly to public health, dangerous, or immoral.

If the only source citizens can go to for redress is corrupted... then the institution must be either torn down or radically altered.


Rea Suh (with NRDC?) What are the chances that you can use an internet fundraising site like GoFundMe.com to raise money as voluntary investment from ordinary citizens in some combination of renewable energy (depending on whether wind, solar, enhanced geothermal, hydropower, or some sort of biofuel would be a best buy for location) and energy storage(pumped storage attached to hydropwer, chemical batteries to store electric power, hydrogen fuel cell with storage for hydrogen and water and electrolite and anode and cathode to electrolyze water to hydrogen and oxygen, and whatever else turns up to make some energy travel in time towards future from time of surplus to time of need?


It's so Sad to see this happen. but, of course, it was predictable. Hopefully it will right itself fairly quickly.
In the mean time (and I'd like to stress mean) the alternate energy stocks sector is being destroyed this very week. It is becoming more and more difficult to imagine how exactly are we going to make the transformation to a new and brave world without burning fossil fuels while continuing everything as it has been. In the case of alternate energy publicly traded stocks, this is at least the third time since the early 1980's they have been almost or totally knocked out.
We the public are just now beginning to seriously realize the power that is available to us (as collective) to change the world. The Bernie movement is one of the first steps. I guess everything in it's own time, but we will need to prioritize projects and in the case of climate change, for instance, move quickly.