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‘Our Congress:’ Protesters Say Democracy Is Awakening


‘Our Congress:’ Protesters Say Democracy Is Awakening

Kathy Kiely

Chanting “Our Capitol!” and “Our Congress!” in a colorful parade that stretched from the top of Capitol Hill to its base, an unusual mix of demonstrators on Sunday managed to turn the too often esoteric issues of campaign finance and election law into matters worthy of genuine passion.

On the penultimate day of a week of activity designed to focus attention on the erosion of political fundraising regulations and voting rights laws, about 1,500 gathered to give voice to views that, according to most polls, vast majorities of Americans support.


The main roadblock to achieving these reforms would seem to be the Republican Party. They want to keep down the vote of certain groups because it gives them an advantage in elections. And they would oppose public financing for Congressional elections since they have more big donors to get money from such as the Koch brothers who said they will spend close to a billion dollars on the upcoming congressional elections, and both historically and at present they have represented the interests of big business to a much greater extent than the Democrats who were strong supporters of lthe interests of labor in the past and still do so to some extent. Therefore to get these reforms it would seem that the Democrats would have to gain control of the Senate and the House. With all the Republicans gerrymandering that has taken place the Democrats chances of gaining a majority in the House will probably be extremely difficult in the next few elections.



The US State department condemned the arrests in Cuba of some 12 people demonstrating against the Government of Cuba.

Apparently the 1000+ arrests of demonstrators in the USA was justified because the USA is a Democracy and champion of Human Rights and Liberties and Cuba is not.


Oh please. The Democrats had control of the White House, The Senate and the Presidency under the fist term of barack Obama.

Where were the reforms?



During the 2009-2010 period when the Democrats had control of the White House and both houses of Congress their highest priority was passing the Heritage Foundation's corporate welfare program for the insurance and drug industries disguised as "health care reform" which assured that the Democrats would lose control of Congress in 2010 and beyond.