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Our Country Wasn't Built To Be Shut Down: Send In Flamethrowers and Cuomo and Fauci, Please

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/03/24/our-country-wasnt-built-be-shut-down-send-flamethrowers-and-cuomo-and-fauci


That pic of Twump with his murderous pie hole duct-taped shut is the most hopeful sign I’ve seen all day. What say you, Secret Service? Melania? Bueller?? Please, somebody, step up and put a stopper in that toxic spill.


I keep seeing a gray suited form hunched over a walker surrounded by media, preparing to climb the steps of a courthouse for the tenth time as defendant in multiple lawsuits, and once again the wind catches the orange tufts and they flicker like flames…


No! No! No! Cuomo is pushing to cut 400 million from Medicaid this year. The one thing we don’t need is another corporatist neoliberal shoved down our throats. He is already with the media’s help positioning himself to step into Biden’s sweaty loafers.


From Kary Love, in CounterPunch, 3/24:
'The already bungled response has allowed the highly contagious while asymptomatic COVID-19 to get a significant foothold among the people. Those entrusted with the defense of the lives of the people, having expended the nation’s treasure on wars abroad while neglecting defense at home, ought to be investigated and, if negligent, held responsible"

High crimes and Misdemeanors indeed!


Larry Kudlow you are now a promoter of mass murder by promoting the idiocy that the elderly and ill need to sacrifice themselves for the your bottom line. If we survive this we will not forget. You do not belong on the covid-19 task force, certainly not in public view. You should be afraid of what the public will do to you if your policies do result in more deaths regardless of the age of those who are dying.


people have already responded, co-operated and do their best to stay home and relax.
November elections will return the idiots to the house, senate and likely to white house also.

Set up for more disaster because DC cannot govern.

We need revolutions at the ballot boxes in 2020, not in the streets.

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The fact that this author cites Rachel Maddow and Cuomo as examples of those we should listen to and look to “for a glimmer of hope”, and there is absolutely no mention of Bernie, tells me that she is part of the problem. She is contributing to the propaganda that perpetuates our undemocratic elections and establishment corruption.

Bernie is still a candidate in the primary. His policies will benefit everyone; protect the environment; boost the economy; and, provide a solid base for dealing with future pandemics and other catastrophes. From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Bernie has been actively leading, informing, consoling, and counseling the people of this country; and, he’s been pressuring Trump to act aggressively and responsibly. Yet, the author doesn’t mention Bernie once.

Trump and his minions are abhorrent and need to be removed (yesterday), but this article is pathetic propaganda.


Exactly right. These cuts translate to lower standards of care when they could instead address insurance rates and actual health care costs. There is a lot of “good cop” “bad cop” tactics going on. The same with Trump and Fauci.


Bernie has been the most vocal of all politicians in laying out a plan for action, both before the CV and now. But the media has blacked out all coverage of Bernie now. They want us to think the game is over and the country has moved past Bernie, but Bernie is the one leader out there leading. The game is so rigged, it can’t be stopped even during a national emergency. If people thought about what the proposed solutions are often including, it is Bernie’s agenda. Why can’t voters put the two together. We need Bernie’s agenda right now and Bernie is still in the race. Vote for Bernie, you idiots voting for Biden.


It’s infuriating that so many people are complacent and/or (effectively, easily, and sometimes seemingly willfully) deceived by the propaganda and/or the silence from the complicit media; we’re (all) being hurt because of these capitalist murderers and their henchwo/men. The perpetrators are all being hurt, too, but, it seems they (must be) too mentally ill, with addictions to money and the desire for power, to see it or act in their true best interests as individuals and members of society.


Lighten up will ya! Abby cites just 2 people for saying, or doing something and that is propagandizing? Have another cup of coffee and a valium.

…while watching a little MSNBC, CNN, FOX, or reading NYTs, or the rest of platforms wasting airwaves/bandwidth lifting up their latest neoliberal hero, Cuomo.

I have never been a supporter of him, but there’s this on NPR 1/30/2020:
"Cuomo, in his budget address, said he will convene a commission to decide how to cut $2.5 billion in Medicaid spending to help close a $6 billion budget gap without harming recipients.

“It will have zero impact on beneficiaries,” Cuomo said on Jan. 21.Cuomo, in his budget address, said he will convene a commission to decide how to cut $2.5 billion in Medicaid spending to help close a $6 billion budget gap without harming recipients.

“It will have zero impact on beneficiaries,” Cuomo said on Jan. 21.

NPR disseminates misinformation, too, and just because Cuomo says it will have zero impact doesn’t make it so.


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Zero impact…that is the most absurd thing I’ve read all day and I’ve read some pretty messed up stuff so far.

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…and either hide his damn phone or spill some super glue near it