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Our Crisis of Democracy Is Taking Center Stage in the 2020 Campaign


Our Crisis of Democracy Is Taking Center Stage in the 2020 Campaign

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Will the Constitution survive these troubled times? Should it? These are the questions at the center of Heidi Schreck’s powerful new play, “What the Constitution Means to Me,” which made its Broadway debut on March 31. Raw, righteous and brimming with humor, the play has become an improbable sensation, a sign of the collective anxiety that many Americans currently are feeling.



Even in the unlikely event that the Democratic party actually pushed hard for reforming our corrupt political system, Supreme Court decisions have so deeply embedded money into our political system as to make reform through the ballot box all but impossible, short of a constitutional amendment to take money out of politics. Note, too, that even if candidates vow to take only individual contributions - and only a few have - as long as they are running under the Democratic party flag, they are still a part of that corporate money hungry organization. In short, take claims of getting money out of politics and reforming our democracy by any candidate as the campaign fluff that it is.



I am sure you can take articles written by these same Journalists , raving about the big bold and new agenda from the latest crop of candidates from 4 and 8 and 12 and 16 years ago, change a few names and read about the same thing.



So when does the outrage come into being? I assume the majority of the country despises the tax give away to the rich. But where is the outrage?
There are hints that republicans want to downsize the safety net in the aftermath of trillions in tax cuts. Where is the outrage?
I don’t see any situation where the public is going to do squat about anything. We are the wimps of the world. Cowards in our own right.
I guess we just pay our bills no matter how unaffordable they are.
Support the military blindly.
And then half of us refuse to vote in hopes of changing our destiny. Sad sacks, that’s what we are.



That’s cute that this article assumes we still have a democracy to have a crisis. Our democracy died a long time ago. All that is happening is just rearranging the deck chairs.



Agreed. The subheader is more accurate in calling it simply ‘a political system’.



Yes, we are concerned about the loss of democracy. No, our concerns are not taking center stage.

Of course, the Republican and Democratic Parties are vying to arrange elections to their own respective advantages and to advertise the lot as legitimate. But nothing in this addresses the theft of the Democratic nomination in 2016, the manipulation of both Democratic and Republican primaries, the artificial hegemony of two fairly unrepresentative parties, the ubiquity of dark money and black ops throughout the political system, or the ease of manipulating digital votes and vote counts in a nation that monitors the location and content of everybody’s digital systems across the world.

Saying that democracy takes center stage does nothing to accomplish it.

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I love Katrina Vanden Heuvel the Publisher of the NATION and a woman of great integrity.