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Our Dangerous Impulse to Demonize the Other Side

Our Dangerous Impulse to Demonize the Other Side

Ruth Conniff

I felt it, too. Millions of people experienced a thrill of outrage watching the viral video of protesters outside the Lincoln Memorial last week. The smug, smiling white boy in a “Make America Great Again” cap, who came on a school trip to attend an anti-abortion march, was blocking a Native American elder who had come for the Indigenous Peoples March. Other boys danced, mockingly, as the older man sang and played his drum.

The “Other side” is not white men , or Native Americans or blue collar workers , or migrants from Mexico.

The “Other side” is the one percent and by every description one can find for a demon , they are demons.

Demon: A force or agent of evil harm, distress and ruin.

The description fits them to a tee.

You cannot serve God and Mammon.


Would the public react if they got their news from different online sources instead of the MSM? From people who aren’t making money from sensationalism?

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To a fair extent, responses and opinions can be classified by news source, though the relation of cause and effect here is not simple.

If disinformation does not successfully move people, a lot of businesses and governments are misspending their time and money, no?

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It all goes back to what people believe that God Wants and Needs .

The book …What God Wants …enlightens us to the problems created by those that think they know what god wants .

The answer ,you will have to read this short dangerous book.
There are people long in place long in power that do not want you to read this book.
It could change all our futures ,it will one day when we wake up.

Sorry, but I Ms. Coniff does not seem to be aware that the only young white men we are demonizing are the ones wearing MAGA hats - which is much more than just a hat, and shouting “build the wall!” - which is code-language for much more than building a wall, and attend demonstrations calling for women to submit to men.

I am perfectly fine with supporting such young white men.

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Did you mean to write you “are fine with demonizing such young white men” (in MAGA hats) Yunzer? Not supporting them? It seems a contradiction with what else you wrote…

Dear Ruth:

I do not know who you are and after reading ‘most’ but not all of your article, now I don’t care. I will make this very simple just for you.

You train puppies by keeping them on a leash. If you are raising them to be in a civilized world and in situations like being around family, friends and neighbors then you teach them manners…like no jumping on people and no barking.

Now if you raising these puppies as attack dogs then you can dispense with any humane ideas that would benefit them or humanity. Here is where you have to encourage some animals to be more aggressive than they sometimes want to be, because it is usually NOT in their nature to be cruel to others. This is a learned behavior. I mean…well after all you do need them to be very specific in their training behavior for YOUR intended purposes. Whatever that is.

Now, everyone knows……even people who do not train puppies knows this……if you wait too long to socialize any puppy, then when they grow up and become adults…they have become unruly and possibly dangerous causing harm to others. Some of these traits may not be reversible may not be unlearned and the now adult dog may need to be lock up or destroyed for the safety of the rest of the community.

So I suggest that any training should start very early in any puppies life and running in an “unsupervised” pack is not a very good start for the puppy.

To stop demonizing others and to respect their freedom, while holding them accountable for their actions, would be a good first step.


I believe, based on his intro graf, that Yunzer’s punchline was intended as satire.

Of course, I cannot speak for the author; this is only my opinion.

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When I saw the meme, I went to the source. Covington Catholic High School website. For a student to act as smug as this young man did, there had to be a reason and so I went to check out where he was getting an education. Not surprisingly the website has been disabled. What I found when visiting their site were lots of photos of students engaged in various school activities. Nothing unusual in that. What I found problematic was that in this day of supposed desegregation was that none of the photos portrayed as single student of color. I’ve seen several videos since and still not person of color. The school is blatantly racist. In this day and age no school can maintain a totally white student body by accident. There is intention behind it and it can be called nothing but racism. A school teaches by example more than word. I call Conniff’s article equivocation. Racist white boys were caught out. Defending them, defends their racism.


As a government, as a society, as a people we have a ways to go yet. When someone asked the Dali Lama what the number one rule in life was he replied simply, “Be kind to each other.” There are certainly enough bad apples on the planet to challenge such a saintly view but it is a good start.

Yes – question EVERYTHING the MSM says. In these days of photo shop and voice overs you really have to be careful. Never forget that MSM is CORPORATE news – we get the slant that Big Money wants. Remember when "Bayoneting babies in incubators/Weapons of Mass Destruction was used to launch us into the middle East etc, the list is nearly endless.

And yes watch out for conquer and divide tactics from the oligarchy. The “adorables” are trying to warn us about Big Money and the “deplorables” are trying to warn us about out-of-control government and they both have valid points and concerns. I’ll have a dash of both please with a little extra rationality on the side…

I have to say I think people are over-amped from microwave/wireless radiation irritating their brains. Another Oligarchical Plot? Gopherit

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Yeah - slip of the keyboard fingers so to speak.


It should be pointed out that Covington, KY is a suburb of Cincinnati which is well known for its conservatism and racism.

I just had jury duty. One of the questions the judge asked potential jurors was:! What do you watch on TV and where do you get your news. The most common response to both was ESPN. I spoke with a several people about the incident. All said the Native America’s were harrasing the boys and singled Sandmann out. Several suggested that the Native Americans should be arrested for harassment.

I don’t know what videos Conniff watched. I watched a longer video as well. Yes the Black Israelites were hurling venom. Yes the Native Americans walked between crowds. But it takes an extreme stretching of the imagination to interpret Sandmann’s blocking of Phillips and his smirking, as anything other than offensive.

Ask yourself, Ms. Conniff, would Sandmann have behaved this way if the individual was wearing a police or military uniform? Would he have acted this way if his teachers were nearby!

Our increasingly fascist public discourse is alarming: