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'Our Democracy Is Sick': Progressive Groups Join Forces to Ensure Voting Rights and End Corporate Sabotage of Common Good

'Our Democracy Is Sick': Progressive Groups Join Forces to Ensure Voting Rights and End Corporate Sabotage of Common Good

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Increasingly alarmed by powerful corporate and wealthy interests that have pushed the U.S. political system toward "impending constitutional catastrophe," nearly 100 national organizations on Tuesday announced that they are coming together for a campaign that aims to take back the country's democratic institutions by fighting for "the structural changes necessary to rebalance power for people."


Frickin RIGHT ON

ThankYou ALL for Your Leadership

Time to March Together


From Chris Hedges:

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If you want actual democracy by the people and for the people, inherently hard to corrupt, then you’ll study the election method of the Cambridge, Massachusetts City Council which has been tested since 1940 and which has worked wonderfully. Cambridge always maintains an AAA credit rating, corruption has been limited to mere employees fixing traffic tickets (and getting fired for that) and the city council generally looks like the population in terms of skin tone, age, gender and sexual preference.

As a vastly weaker option, look into the Massachusetts state system of getting citizen committees to fairly and impartially write descriptions of items on the state ballot. Their system somewhat resembles the trial jury system.

If all you want in your lifetime is to get punched in the nose, then you will happily settle for simplistic things that don’t work that well.


The first thing is to stop calling it what it never was, a democracy.


The thing is, the left needs and international outlook on these things. These groups, what they are saying, their message, is right on. However, unless you address NAFTA and similar deals, address the WTO, unless you address the particular ways in which the EU and the EMU is structured, unless you deal with the model the IMF has been pushing in poor countries, unless you address international debt forgiveness, unless the left comes to the defense of progressive and radical governments that are under attack by capital, the the right and these institutions, little can be done. Most people have no clue what NAFTA really is, far beyond a trade deal. They have no idea what the WTO does or its impact, or the ways in which these deals and institutions undermine democracy and tie the hands of government when dealing with capital, corporations and the rich. So, there has to be an international outlook, and we have to revisit what the left was fighting for up to a decade ago, which is a radical alternative to this particular globalization. If anyone is interested in what I am talking about, look up the “Another World is Possible” books, look up the ideas that came out of the World Social Forum, read the 1974 UN resolution calling for a New International Economic Order (NIEO), which would have created a radically different globalization.

There are structural issues (the environmental crisis, financialization, etc.) that have to be addressed and cannot be addressed in countries in isolation. The institutions and policies that the elites the world over have created have led us here, they are not up to the task, and they have no solutions or alternatives. Either the left gets in power and puts in place these structural changes, with a strong international outlook, or it all comes down.



Democracy Is Being Replaced With Kleptocracy.

Trump and all his swamp creatures must be imprisoned, for Life.

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There is a “play nice” crowd emerging on the left that may be even more dangerous than the “drown them in the bat tub” crowd. You can’t play nice with Holocaust deniers or the three and half scientists crew that deny climate change. As a matter of indisputable fact they look on the’ “play nice crowd’” as weak. It’s OK to let the, black lung, crowd have their day I suppose, I even think we should cover their medical and disability, but clearly explain to them that they don’t have the right to commit their kids and grand kids to the same faith. The number of birds killed by wind turbines is really negligible and solar is totally benign. It is better than another stupid shopping mall that will go bankrupt. Stop importing steel and aluminum, ah well another coal fired plant, smog is so thick around plants in Chinese cities, traffic is actually halted.


This is wonderful news. I have visited their website and have sent them a message of Thanks. Isn’t it amazing how we can rise above and fight back, to aim our future towards one of parity for all? Please visit them and support them, those that have our back.



I agree. For something to be sick it must be alive.


I suggest a new government with seven branches with the seventh branchsafely outside the more formalized branches. The seventh branch has the power of focused human intelligence and is charged to revamp or dismiss any other branch or department cosmic powered biology manifest as human determines is drifting into totalitarian infatuation with wealth and military empire.

There will be no supreme court or life-time appointed royalty referred to as “honorable justice.”

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Once again we are in this position because both the DNC and the RNC are from the same ball sack the Empire Party. Now let’s see how long this ifree speech stays unhidden .


The Longest Journey starts with the First Step


The other two ways for change comrade are either voluntary, or bloody. I think that’s why we keep trying voting.


yeah=- these organizations have always been doing good stuff, but the billionaires keep on winning- and grabbing more money, plus they still have all the military power and the news media - we been wanting a revolution for a long time but it still keeps getting worse.

We need alternatives to rally around though, and we don’t have them at the national level, at least not a comprehensive alternative that takes the international aspect into account. What the left needs to do is work for the next number of years on mass education campaigns. Teach people about those institutions and policies. What do they do, who created them, what has been their impact, what alternatives are there? What is austerity, what it its record? How is money created, what are deficits, what is “public debt” (radically different than that the media and the two parties say)? What is the record and data on single payer, why are those systems more efficient, why do they have far less social costs? What is the role of capitalism and markets in the environmental crisis, why is what being offered nowhere near enough and what radical changes are needed? What is the record of mass privatizations and why do privatizations often make things worse? Why are worker owned enterprises far better, more equitable, and democratic, and what challenges do they face getting off the ground? What is public banking, cooperative banking, and what is the record of those things and how would they work differently than private financial capital?

The Democrats have no interest in this, it is likely that they never will. In Canada, they started Medicare in a singe province, and it was pushed through by a social democratic third party. The Democrats have no one of the status and integrity of Douglas. It went national thanks to Liberals, but it wasn’t them that got it started and proved it could work. So, an alternative infrastructure outside of the Democratic Party on the left needs to be created, which the DSA is slowly building, so are groups like Socialist Alternative in some places.

Do this stuff, and I think we win handily, but not tomorrow.


Hi Ditton,

Like you, I visited their site. I downloaded their mission statement. I noted the many groups that have joined together in this cause. And I sent them this Thank You message:

"Thanks for uniting groups in this cause of trying to achieve a true and full democratic representative government in the USA – for the first time in history!

Joining together – and staying together for years – by many groups and many people is essential to fight and defeat the corrupt power of fascist capitalists and right-wing oligarchic authoritarians!"

Solidarity, Humaneness, Justice, and Peace!


The problem that we have on the left in regards to playing nice is how those really violent people on the far right use propaganda. They can do ALL the violence that THEY want and they just blame the victims, but if ANYONE on the left ever engages in ANY violence whatsoever or even talks about kicking someone, like Eric Holder did, then it’s us lefties who are the “violent mobs” all of the time! They will falsely accuse us of violence anyway no matter what, but the more evidence that we give them the worse they make it and THEY have the huge right wing media empire! I think that we have to provide a contrast to them and act like and be the adults in the room, be strong and nonviolent like Ghandi and Martin Luther King, and work on having better policies and to actually get real good things done for working people if and when we ever get the power to do so. We need to let the people know what we need them to do to give us the power we need to effect good changes and always tell the truth as much as possible and take responsibility whenever we are wrong like an adult does. We need a better media presence as right wing media far outpaces us and overwhelms us. People don’t hear our messages. We don’t have as much money as corporate, billionaire republicans do to buy radio and TV stations and to get corporate sponsors. This is a huge disadvantage for the left in America. The MSM is not really left wing, although it is a bit more so these days.

Presidents are not dictators and Congress actually has more power than any President. Unfortunately, today we democrats need a majority in both the House and Senate to get anything done or hold Trump accountable and stop his worst impulses, because republicans will always just refuse to cooperate with democrats on anything ever, even if they agree on the bill. They just do it out of spite and to hurt democrats. It also hurts our country and the American people overall. It’s really childish! We democrats have compromised with republicans until our backs are up against the wall and we can’t do it any more. So if while Trump is President, we democrats don’t have a 2/3 majority to override Trump’s veto, which under the circumstances, would be near impossible to get, we cannot override Trump’s veto to get any bill passed. Democrats will likely take the House, but we might lose even more seats in the Senate and the Senate is just as important if not more so. The Senate confirms all federal judges and Supreme Court judges! If we democrats do not take over the Senate, and it doesn’t look good at all, then Trump and McConnell will ram through even more right wing judges! This is a very scary and depressing thought! We democrats really need a Senate miracle! So please everyone, pray and donate to democratic Senate candidates and vote for all democrats, please!

What the American people don’t seem to understand is that it is important for a President to have partisan control of Congress these days because neither side will work with the other side most of the time. Democrats are more willing to cooperate than republicans are, as we are not being as childish and spiteful. But we are so evenly divided as a country, with one half wanting to go far right and the other side wanting to go left that we are vaccilating back and forth and going nowhere over all. In general, and unfortunately, we are being pushed slowly off of a right wing cliff into fascism and dictatorship. Obama only had two years that he could get anything done. Republicans’ control over Congress for the last six years of Obama’s presidency blocked everything that Obama tried to do for all of those six years! Bush had six years of control over both houses of Congress and he could get a lot done. Democrats had more control for Bush’s last two years and he got less done. Democrats have only really had two years of any real power since Bill Clinton was President in the 1990s, this was during the first two years of Obama. People were made so afraid of the ACA by Republican fear mongering that they voted to take over Congress for those last six years and blocked everything that Obama and democrats tried to do. McConnell filibustered Obama over six hundred times in those last six years, unprecedented in all of American history! It is irrational and pointless to blame democrats for not being able to get things done at that time because republicans blocked us for those six years. That was not the fault of democrats, but the fault of republicans and the American voters who elected these republicans in to Congress so as to block Obama and tie his hands. More Americans need to understand civics and how our government works, or doesn’t work, for that matter.

Anyway, I think it is much much more powerful to be very peaceful when we protest and even just to stand silently holding signs without saying anything. If we can demonstrate calm courage and carry no weapons it will make those on the right look very violent and foolish when they beat us up and hurt us and then falsely accuse US of being the violent ones. It worked during the Civil Rights movement. Calm dignity and real bravery and being willing to die for what one believes in works. I can do it. I’m old and sick and I’m not afraid to die for what I believe in anymore. It’s much harder to do when you are young because you have so much more to lose. It’s harder for me to get around though these days. I greatly admire John Lewis for doing it during the Civil Rights marches and those folks were beaten time after time and sent to the hospital and even killed, but it made the other side look very bad no matter what they falsely accused those on the left of doing.

We need to do more for left wing Christianity like Rev. Barber and christianleft.com I have a plan for this, as well. I want to start some simple, early Christian type left wing groups for people turned off by organized right wing religion and lukewarm Christianity in this country. Too many people think that all Christianity is right wing phony Christianity and these right wingers are not Christians at all, neither in my opinion or Christ’s opinion. I can prove it. I need to write my book and do more about this. The smaller number of real Christians in this country need to push back and not allow right wing phony heretical fake Christian thugs to take over our faith and religion anymore. I have seen the light! We must call on these phonies to repent and stop their idolatry of worshipping Mammon and the Golden Calf instead of the real God! That is what they are doing. Bigotry is an insult to God the creator, who made ALL humans in His/Her image. How this is so is a mystery, but God is NOT a white man with a long white beard, up in a cloud sitting on a golden throne, not by a long shot!

We can have fun too though. Americans seem to love Trump because they enjoy his rallies, even if they don’t really believe in or even understand what he and the republicans are doing. They just think that Trump is hard at work making America great! Little do they know! But Americans love to be entertained. Trump has made that very clear. He reads P. T. Barnum and how there is a sucker born every day. It’s a good idea to entertain people, but we don’t have to make suckers out of them like Trump does. We can borrow this but make our rallies positive instead of negative. So how about making our rallies more fun? Perhaps our rallies could be even more fun than Trump rallies! We could have better music and have chants like “stop pollution”, or “clean it up”, instead of lock her up, “end climate change”, or “health care for all” or “economic fairness for all”, or “love one another”, or something. We could practice brotherly love and hug each other and do good things. We need to get more young people involved! We could get entertainers to help us figure out something to make it a lot more fun because eventually people might start getting tired of Trump, as he always does the same things over and over. We are supposed to be smart and have the brains so we need to come up with better ideas. People are feeling lost and angry and helpless so we need to get people organized and try to make what we do fun and positive. We need to put out messages about staying calm, tolerance, diversity is strength, and don’t give in to fear.

We could get the guy who rehabilitates Nazis and white supremacist young men that I saw on TV the other day and fund a program where he helps these guys deprogram and rehabilitate themselves and put him on TV and radio. He has the right idea. We need to demonstrate healthy behavior, scrupulous honesty, truth telling, brotherly love, and wholesomeness in stark contrast to the fear, lies, bigotry, ignorance and hate on the right. We need to teach civics and how to help fix our democratic republic and our institutions so that they actually work for a change. We need groups in every town and city in every state. We have a lot of work to do. Get retirees and ex military and young people and anyone who has the time to come out. There are millions of lonely, isolated people in America and this is a huge untapped resource. So start Save our Democracy for Positive Change groups or something like that and ask everyone to come out once a week on Saturdays or Sunday afternoons perhaps so we can work for positive change. I am just throwing out some ideas here.

We need better candidates and to get democrats and the entire Democratic Party to go progressive. Most Americans really do want better health care and a cleaner, more sustainable planet and to end climate change. It will take a massive effort. We must get to work now! We need to reach out to the Greens and Democratic Socialists, perhaps we could work together. I wish that we had a better word than socialist. Too many people get too hung up on the word. All we mean by socialism it is a single payer, hopefully non profit, system of health care that is not government run at all, but doctor run as it should be, it is practical, will save lives, cover everyone and even save money. And we mean government of the people by the people and for ALL of the people not just the wealthy. We want to shore up our common wealth that belongs to ALL Americans not just for the rich and powerful. I don’t care what we call it as long as it works.

We really need to buy Clear Channel radio and get a truth telling Limbaugh of the left like Thom Hartman on the radio every day and as many more like him on as possible. I’ll do a show for free just give me the air time. I can explain things and put out positive messages that Americans need to hear to stop the fear and hate. We CAN solve our country’s problems but we have to work together to do it. It doesn’t have to be every person for themselves or all for me and none for you like the republicans are doing. We can all have nice happy and healthy lives and all be more financially secure if we work together to solve our problems and help each other, if we share more there will be plenty for everyone, especially if we create a clean, sustainable country. The wealthy are destroying everything because of their massive addiction to greed and absolute power for just themselves. Read Democracy in Chains, it explains why and how and who and what these men are doing to this country and it is all true unfortunately! They refuse to share! We can’t afford to allow these greedy fat cats to rob us and plunder and pollute everything up because it will create a toxic waste dump out of America and then these rich guys will just move to a cleaner safer place and leave us all here to die. We can’t let them do this to us! We can make things good for everyone instead and make it sustainable, but it will take a lot of hard work and battles to do this, but we are the good guys battling evil forces. It can be fun to be the heroes! That guy from Need to Impeach is wasting his money, he needs to help us buy Clear Channel and get the green economy going.

Lately, even the coal miners are finding out that coal isn’t coming back and they are starting to vote for democrats and donate to democrats over health care, pensions, and worker safety. So we need to get alternative jobs going for those in coal country. We can put the unemployed to work in Janesville making windmills and solar panels and refuse to allow Chinese imports of solar panels and make them here instead. I wouldn’t have allowed Cylindra to go bankrupt when China started a trade war with us by selling panels and chips below cost to deliberately put us out of business. There was no one on the left verbally fighting back when republicans falsely accused Obama of wrongdoing about Cylindra. All that Obama was trying to do was to have America make the solar panels that we originally invented! We invented the technology and then because of the power of the fossil fuel lobby and such, no one would buy the chips here so the solar chip technology that we invented was sold to China! That was very short sighted! We need to get this back somehow and make solar panels right here in America! To hell with the fossil fuel and mining industry!

We must fight back with getting judges who are pro environment and pro civil rights and pro democracy put on the bench. We must let people on our side know our plans so that they can support us and so we can get the collective power that we need to do what needs to be done. The two different visions of America need to be explained to all Americans. The choice is between a right wing dystopian dictatorship with austerity for ninety percent of Americans and even more massive wealth at the top, bigotry, greed, lies, fear, war and totalitarianism, poor education, intolerance of all kinds, violence, and the loss of our freedom and a polluted burning and flooding country with terrible pollution of every kind imaginable, versus a healthy sustainable clean country with health care for everyone, a clean ecosystem with clean air and water, better education, peace, brotherly love, truth, tolerance of diversity, and a renewed democracy with more evenly distributed wealth and resources. There is no real choice here because who would even want the former, except for wealthy greedy selfish oligarchs, and everyone else would definatley want the latter, even many wealthy folks!

We can agree somewhat with the right wingers about immigration since they are all so riled up about it, at least temporarily for now, but we must ensure that our immigration policies are at least humane! It’s not a good idea to bring in immigrants when so many people are so violently opposed to them, they will only be hurt and made to suffer. Perhaps we can find other ways to help them outside of our country for now and perhaps attitudes will soften later. We don’t have to cause harm to poor suffering refugee women and children, though.

We need to get with Al Gore and others and get a progressive and green TV Channel too, there has to be a way! The right wingers get so many votes and so much support because they spread lies, hate, bigotry and they have pulled out all the stops to brainwash people in right wing echo chambers. They will only get more desperate over time. We need to carefully expose them by letting them hang themselves with their own words. We don’t have to be overly critical, just present a better alternative and show everyone what they actually say and do by showing videos of them. Then they can’t fairly criticize us because we will just be a mirror and just reflect what they say and do. We just have to stay calm and be objective and demonstrate our better alternatives. It will make them look really bad and it won’t help us at all to get too riled up about them, just expose what they are actually doing, both good and bad and show how we can do better.

These are just some ideas.

Some of those questions you can answer yourself just by doing your own research. I agree that we need some more adult education on these topics and it would be truly a good idea if us progressives would get busy doing this. I think that I am going to work on left wing Christianity first because right wing phony Christianity has almost usurped all of Christianity in America and it is providing fake moral cover for many on the right. America’s crisis is at least partially a spiritual crisis. If we get our morals and ethics straightened out then it will help a lot. The mean spirited hatefulness and massive greed must stop, and it is NOT Christian at all! There is no real Prosperity Gospel. You wouldn’t believe the horrible things that are being passed off as Christian morality by these right wingers these days! It’s unbelievable and it makes me very angry to see my faith desecrated this way!

The hardest part is to organize people and to get them to come out and do things. Everyone can do so,ethimgnto help. Everyone is needed. Democrats or progressives need to provide more leadership and help us come out. I’m starting a Christian group and writing a book. If that works out, then perhaps I’ll try something else too. I’ll just put ads in our local paper and see if anyone respomds. Many more people are worried these days here in America, as we should be and we have a tremendous amount of work to do. It’s time for everyone to get to work, find something good that we can do and come out and stand up for what we believe in. Good luck with your ideas. Try reading about the topics you mentioned, go online, or attend university lectures if you live near a college. Sometimes college bookstores have good textbooks on some of those topics. Then, you have to use your brain and think for yourself because many of those topics are controversial and there are many economic theories, for instance, so you have to find out which ones that you might want to believe are best. It takes months or years of study to truly understand some of these things. So good luck with your study. You have your work cut out for you. Then, perhaps you can teach others. We do live in a very complex world!

Earth is sick,
and Heaven is weary with the hollow words,
which states and kingdoms utter when they talk
of truth and justice. – William Wordsworth

So yet a nobler task awaits thy hand,
for what can war but endless war still breed
till truth and right from violence be freed?
And publick faith clear’d from the shameful brand
Of publick fraud. – John Milton

For as I turned, there greeted mine likewise
What all behold who contemplate aright,
That’s Heaven’s revolution through the skies. – The Divine Comedy