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'Our Democracy Is Under Attack': Broad Coalition Hosts 175+ #ConfrontCorruption Vigils Nationwide


'Our Democracy Is Under Attack': Broad Coalition Hosts 175+ #ConfrontCorruption Vigils Nationwide

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As backlash continues following President Donald Trump's bizarre and widely ridiculed Monday press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin—which came amid rising concerns about foreign meddling in U.S.


We have no Laws if it does not apply to everyone, including our Law breaking President, Corrupt Congress and Judges. Of course WE get the brunt of Obeying their Laws, or we face jailtime. They never do!


Rarely do…there have been a few exceptions


Confront Corruption : Shoot a Congressman, or Senator, then send them a copy of the photo.


I was afraid I’d find that the coalition was merely going to pile on to the “Russia’s hacking our democracy” nonsense; and was relieved to find that the authors recognize that the attack on democracy has been ongoing, long before the ugly child-man became POTUS.A fair starting place. The most important “demand”:

Our democracy must have meaningful participation.A strong democracy is one where our influence is based on the force of ideas, not the size of our wallets. This means voters and communities have the same influence over elections and policymaking irrespective of wealth. We must overturn Supreme Court decisions that have given the wealthy too much power in our politics,

On the other hand, I find this statement, which immediately follows the others, a bit bizarre and contradictory to the notion that all voices should be equal.:

…create programs that give small donors a bigger say in our elections,

Anyway, I breathe a sigh of relief that at least some folk out there are seeing beyond the noisy propaganda, and addressing root causes.


When 1% have all the money, how can you have a democracy? How do we get big money out of the system?


The USB threat is probably more urgent than the Mexicans or Islam. However, these groups would do more good if they united around getting rid of the Byrd rule in the U.S. Senate.


You can’t have honest elections with corrupted electronic voting machines. Until they are discarded, our elections will never be fair or honest.


Confront corruption? Maybe, America can confront the corruption in U.S. elections. Kris Kobach Sec. of State Kansas might be a starting point. Corruption of U.S. elections is happening by Americans against Americans. Also, when Washington D.C. is furious about Trump and Putin’s summit.Trump may have done something good. Just saying.


Add crosscheck to the list. I agree, privately owned DRE electronic voting machines used in a public election. Pray tell what can go wrong?


Rachel Maddow, that paragon of journalistic integrity. I’m in as long as she remains silent about the corruption in her neck of the woods. We wouldn’t want this “virtue signaling” to be embarrassed by the whole truth of American politics and so called journalism.


We need to have a rally to convince ourselves that the voting machines have not been corrupted. That will show the world we are still a democracy!


First Quote: They want you to believe they care.

Second Quote: They think you’re stupid.


Has it occurred to anyone that we are seeing treason played out in front of us as we watch silently in awe, And the entire Republican party and some of the Democrats that support this president, both vocally and silently are guilty. The Democrats, especially, who remain silent or timid in hopes of gaining an advantage in October are doubly guilty. We have elected a corrupt government and traded a swamp for a sewer. We are witnessing our democracy descend into full-blown fascism and it seemed so easy. One little parade with TIKI torches.


I don’t know. In the first instance, I infer that they are trying to be as uncontroversial as possible, to avoid offending Democrats or putting any on the spot.

In the 2nd, I really don’t know what they are trying to suggest. It’s that bizarre and incongruous with the general direction of the rest of the paragraph. I certainly wouldn’t sign on to the whole without a striking of that sentence or at least some rational explanation for it.


Why the concerted effort to #ConfrontCorruption now? Is it because Trump et al are a corruption beyond the pale as opposed to the more comfortable corruption practiced by the democrats and republicans for decades? Or is everyone’s ox now gored instead of only a few “marginal” groups?


“US democracy under attack”? You are being gross hypocrites by acting as if the sky is falling. If you can hand it out (85 nations whose elections were interfered with by the US since WWII) then you can damn well take it also! I have absolutely no sympathy for a nation of election abusers as the US is and no compunction in telling its corrupt media and political class to remember that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!


I can’t get by the first two words of the title: “our democracy…” The correct words are “our plutocracy,” which is decidedly not under attack, especially when most suffer the delusion that we can vote our way out of this mess. The plutocracy cannot be effectively attacked with protest and elections.


They don’t. Not by a long shot.
What they have is concentrated money and purpose.
That cuts through a much larger but diffuse pool easily.

You can’t, at least on a large scale. 300 million Americans are never going to agree on everything or much of anything for that matter. The calls here for “democracy” are simply calls for socialist 1% running things.

You can’t.
And what is “big money”?
A PolitiFact article claims the NRA spends about 20 million a year total on donations, PAC’s, etc. while unions devote close to 50 million a year on political spending.
Both of these groups are given money from millions of members. At least donations to the NRA are voluntary.


The eternal question? When-where-why-by whom we have been robbed of our god-or nature-given knowledge; our most precious inheritance?

But this robbery continues. It may not ever stop. The clergy, elite, politicians, and plutocrats will keep on hiding knowledge from those people who do not have enough money to also pay for the knowledge; even, tho, neither god nor nature ever demanded we pay for it.
it was always a free gift to all mankind.