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Our DNC ‘Hunger Games’ Moments Must Not Derail Our Wor


Our DNC ‘Hunger Games’ Moments Must Not Derail Our Wor

Donna Smith

It all seemed so surreal. The staging was nearly perfect, and the “No More Wars” chanting from many DNC delegates was nearly drowned out by chants of “USA” and “Hill-a-ry” from those charged with protecting the production.


Goebbels would be proud to see how the DNC took his work to the next level.

Note that "the glass ceiling " DID NOT "crash and fall to the ground" on July 28, that happened when the Green Party nominated female candidates in past elections.

Thinking Bernie can help us going forward is like thinking my hobbled horse can win the race.


Appreciate the recap. The DNC and the Dem party as it exists now must die. It must be destroyed, and it's death celebrated as a warning sign for future generations: "don't go this way - it's the path to an orwellian future". A woman will be President, but it must not be this one. Clinton and the power she represents must be stopped. Trump will be better in the long and short run for the world and country as a whole. Support for the Green party will also help in the long and short run.


"I would suggest that the DNC and the Hillary camp work quickly to truly engage the movement that lifted Bernie and its message of inclusion, compassion, attention to human rights and commitment to justice."

With all due respect, Ms. Smith, it's now too late for that. This thing is over. The neocons and neolibs — those who believe in austerity, endless war, and privatizing the commons — have won. They have completed their 30 takeover of the Democratic Party. To continue to hope for some sign of "respect" or accommodation to Sanders' message is simply naive and counterproductive.

For those of us who believe in healthcare as a right, in a living wage, in the protection of Social Security, in the protection of the planet, and in the protection of the rights of citizenship for all — it is in our best interest to see these so-called "Democrats" lose.

I hope that real Democrats like Raul Grijalva, Keith Ellison, Tulsi Gabbard, Tim Canova, and Zepyhr Teachout get elected this fall; I will continue to contribute to their campaigns. But seeing as how in my district, the only "Democrats" are neocons and neoliberals, I'll be voting a straight Republican ticket in the fall. I'll be goddamned before I give my consent to the takeover of the Democratic Party by the corrupt thugs and grifters who just adjourned in Philadelphia.


Democrats aliened with the oligarchs. Just a couple of examples.

In the Hillary Clinton Era, Democrats Welcome Lobbying Money Back Into the Convention

and been following David Dayen a lot recently.

Hillary Clinton Talks Tough on Shadow Banking, But Blackstone Is Celebrating at the DNC

and he had a second article about going around and finding some of the ways that money is driving the democrats - paying for the convention, parties, etc. etc

Bernie fund raising from us, that is "us" as in "we the people", not the other "US", the country that has been bought out


The 'spectacle' that the DNC put on did nothing to 'unify' the party. The media was unable to completely drown out the relentless booing of Sanders supporters. (Thank you, Sanders Delegates). The whole charade was a mockery of de(mock)racy,

Obviously HRC is pandering to the Repub establishment - she knows they are more likely to vote for her than many of us are. Did others notice the lack of enthusiasm in the crowd? The 'celebration' came off as contrived (gaudy balloon drops) and many of her own supporters looked bored. IMO

Many Sanders supporters will defect.


Well, I hope they defect to the Green Party as I have. If enough people do, Greens will be on the ballot next time and in the debates as well. Plan for the Future, go green now!

Some may argue that Jill Stein doesn't have a chance. So what? We are still building something. Read the Green platform. It makes sense if you are a progressive.


I was with the reverend right up until he said we must support the Red Queen, who worships war, greed, Wall Street and the Pentagon.
* The shock she will give to the heart of this nation will not be a defibrillator, it will be more like what is found in the tiny room at Sing Sing.
* Our Constitution will not be revived by giving its power to the TPP corporations, to sacrifice the people and their welfare to corporate profits and control.
* Our Constitution will not be revived by destroying still more small countries, resulting in the death of millions and the creation of more homeless refugees.
* Our Constitution will not be revived by creating refugees, then treating them with contempt while creating still more.
* Our Constitution will not be revived by continually pushing the world closer to war with Russia and China.
* Our Constitution will not be revived by incarcerating more of its citizens in our for profit prisons than any other nation on earth.
* Unfortunately, this is the legacy we are supposed to support, to defeat the Republican clone.
* When the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence are once more taught in the schools. When they are quoted and shouted from the street corners and rooftops. When We the People start electing actual representatives of the people instead of sycophants who worship wealth and power for its own sake and bow to Wall Street and the Pentagon to receive more pelf, then and only then will we begin to defibrillate the failing heart of this Republic.
* I hope the batteries are not dead before we reach that state.


Unfortunately, the Green Party doesn't seem to have much interest in building a party.


"We are engaged in serious movement building and growth. "

Then please consider this:

Bernie's staying with the Dems is the best thing that has happen to the Green Party in years, if not ever. (It would have been even better if he had gone Green).

The United Progressives, Working Families, various socialists and all the other small parties of the left, by independently running candidates, are just splitting the progressive vote, which guarantees that a viable progressive party will not be built.

The sensible thing to do would be for all small parties of the left to unify in a single party - the Greens - since the Greens are the leading progressive party. Progressive political clout would almost certainly follow.

Then the minor differences among these parties could be discussed, and possibly resolved, in a congenial atmosphere.


I completely agree!

To those who question Jill Stein's chances, I ask simply, where was Bernie a year or so ago? What were his chances in the Spring of 2015?

Green 2016


The Green Party is limited only by the self fullfilling prophesies enabled by the Murkin electorate.


Bernie is already helping us. His organization, OurRevolution, will help people from disparate parties get elected to office if they are Berners. Brand New Congress, an offshoot started by some ex-staffers will provide real support for the same, afaik.

And Bernie provided the yuugge bonfire that started all this.


I AM working to "get HER elected". "HER" in this context is Jill Stein.


"The work ahead to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president will be
made more challenging if there is not real respect, serious respect
shown for all those who cared enough to engage in this process."

I look forward to the oligarchs' complete personality change as described in that passage.


Eleven likes for an overt Trump supporter. CD is a progressive site, but a lot of the people who comment here are right-wingnuts all the way.


I've heard this before. In fact, back when Nader ran in 2000 a lot of people were saying that.

How's that working out for you?


Let me say to any and everyone who wants to go Green but is afraid of Trump winning. Don't you dare think that!! Not for a fraction of a second. The Democrats had the best tool against Trump. They had Trump beat and beat big from the start. If they were serious about defeating Trump, 'the most important objective' they kept saying with such alarm, then Sanders would be the Democratic nominee. No ands, ifs, or buts. And by every objective account, he did win the primaries. After all, since when is it legal to break laws. When the mountain of cheating, lying, misinformation, the manipulations in the order of the Super Tuesdays, the scheduling of debates for minimal audience viewing, remove that and Sanders won the primaries and should be the nominee. And that's without taking into account the corporate/Walls Street money, the near 100% opposition by the bastion of propaganda in this country, the mainstream media. He still won the primaries. Indeed, the only official on that stage who did care about the effects of a Trump presidency on the population was Sanders himself. Clinton and her coup makers, inside and outside of the DNC have shown just how much they really believe that beating Trump is the most important thing on earth. Another lie by Plastic Wonks, Inc. Don't accept it. They are the same ones who genuflected to everything the W. Bush administration implemented post 9-11 including the invasion, then spent all those years blaming Nader. BLAMING NADER!!! If there's a hell it was built for scum like them.


I support Stein, not Trump. imo, you don't have to be an overt Trump supporter to agree with my comment


If the goal is to keep Trump out of office, all of these people saying a third party cannot win should shut their months and get behind Stein. If just half of them got behind Stein, she'd probably win in a landslide. If all those who pledged Bernie or Bust stick to their pledge, she could likely win without the all those shaming us.

As Stein continues to proclaim their are 44 million voters locked in unending student loan fraud. Those 44 million can win the election for Stein.

Stein does not follow her speeches of unity and equality with glorification of war!