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Our Fundamental Right to Vote Is Under Attack

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/23/our-fundamental-right-vote-under-attack

Ironic that former POTUS Carter traveled to many third world nations to monitor voting, concurrent with the voting landscape in the US descending to third world standards.


I honestly believe that there are RICO cases to be made in several states as it is my understanding that conspiring against the electoral process is in fact subject to such standards. I wish the ALCU would pursue this matter, as ALEC, The Federalist Society, and various other agents-of-evil have left plenty of infocrumbs along their intended paths of voter suppression.


Convincingly links current voter suppression to past anti-Reconstruction suppression - why US history, which is often neglected in public schools, is so important for the low income people of color that make up the majority of public school students.

But hey what is more important ----overthrow of the government or Tiger Woods ??? Yes talk about it at the top —but could we cover Cruz and Hawley questioning Capitol Officers-----?–Nope—Celebrity News----- So can we have News outlets that actually know how to report it!

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I suppose CNN was happy to get away from blanket coverage of covid-19.
But couldn’t they have been about energy, alternative energy, electric cars, the absurd committee meetings with attendee Ron (paranoid) Johnson? No, all day on Tiger’s car accident.
I’m miffed at this move. It must have something to do with money. That’s usually where things get off the track.

There are more things to worry about than voter suppression, as important as that is.

Its ratings—ghouls—but it also acts to normalize what Republicans are doing------its ok fox is trashing CNN ----Tucker is calling corporate media out for dis-information------Tucker should know --he is an expert at dis- information. I think Dore wants a spot on fox.

Don’t always agree with the Reverend Jackson but he is spot on. If we wish combat voter suppression we need to expand the electorate. These groups help with this effort: Spread the Vote, Four Directions and Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. Please Google or Bing them. Thanks. 2022 will be here before we know it.

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let us be real here–the right to vote has been under attack for at least 5 decades that I am personally aware of—this is the greatest betrayal of the Democratic party–their decades long failure to protect the American franchise–they have been so insistent in this failure over the years (right up to the current day) I am firmly convinced that this is the feature not an aberration–when I examine that failure-- I have come to believe that the Democrats are no more interested in everyone voting than are the Republicans–for 2 basic reasons --1)their bribers-0h-excuse me --their donors do not want anything approaching democracy for the masses–and 2)they are afraid that if everyone voted they might elect a socialist or some damn thing—in fact this issue is the one that convinced me that the Democrats are simply the other side of the corrupt corporate system that perpetuates the control of our country by the capitalists for the benefit of the capitalist owners and to hell with what the people want or need(as the current failure is proving every day)

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By the looks of it RICO was just a way for our rulers to rid themselves of the competition before taking over.

I shall have to ponder that.

The right to vote is only as meaningful as the right to have something to vote for is in place. Soviet citizens had a right to vote. How meaningful was it? Not very.

The two parts of the electoral process are inseparable. Nomination processes are substantively part of the overall voting process, if voting is to be understood as the non-violent exercise of formal transfers of power.

And in this, no Democrat is in a position to criticize a Republican on voter suppression, because in the way the that GOP strives to rig general elections, the Democrats are no less vicious in rigging the nominating process or election access by non-approved parties to their left.

Neither party is even remotely clean, and both use elections as a means to secure and expand their own power.

So yes, our “right” is under attack. As it has always been since Day One.


Democrats don’t give a fig whether they win or lose to Republicans. Their sole concerns are protecting the Republican left flank by defeating progressives and raising money.

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The republicans try to restrict who can vote. But the democrats are worse; They have third parties removed from the ballot, which restricts who we are allowed to vote for.

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