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'Our Generation, Our Choice,' Say Youth, Readying for Mass Civil Disobedience



A positive type of tipping point is being reached.

We messed it up and it doesn't look like we will fix it.

You'll have to live here, so you'd better do that.

Good luck and don't let them tell you that marches don't do any good.

One march by itself may not do enough but many marches cannot be ignored.

That much your parents and grandparents figured out.

Save yourselves a planet, this one belongs to you.


Thank you young people, we need your voice and for you to carry the torch for your generation and demand what we let slip away thru complacency and trusting our leaders to do the right thing even after year after year where they failed. us. We will be there to help.


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While anyone with a functioning brain cell will welcome this consortium of youth to the "front lines" of motivating(or should I say catalyzing) the changes that are overdue... what's glaringly missing from this diversified group's agenda is linking the dots between lousy jobs, unfair societal costs (including higher education), environmental catastrophes of an escalating order... and (drum roll) MILITARISM!

Dr. King connected those dots... of course that was likely the item that got him on that era's Official Kill List.

Mr. Sanders pretty much avoids mentioning this Sacred Cow... although it's abundantly clear that the financial carnage (along with its flesh and blood equivalent) of spreading wars is precisely what's causing the U.S. treasury (on moral and fiscal grounds) to go bare.

In the same way that so many intelligent reporters, journalists, and analysts avoid mentioning (or examining) the truth of 911... too many politicians and leaders of organizations devoted to Just Causes leave out any mention of The War Machine: i.e. The Beast.


Hopefully Bernie reminds them that if they don't make ECONOMIC JUSTICE their highest priority their efforts for advancing environmental, immigration and racial justice will be unproductive seeing how Obama's TPP, TTIP and TISA will set environmental, immigration and racial justice back to the dark ages.


Right you are, Ray.

The TPP is really a One-World-Government like Alex Jones used to yell about. And citizens don't have a rep at the table since the deciding body is composed of corporations only.

Worse, TPP outlaws anonymous posting on the internet, and makes it jail time to modify your software in any way! Your property is no longer your property! And fair use quoting is gone along with making it illegal to use any part of a song or even mention a corporation's name without their permission (as I understand how these over-reaching regulations could be interpreted.)

Fascism writ Large.


I think Jesse Jackson had talked about that too - the resources it took to make weapons of mass destruction, the work hours and expenses that could be better spent on schools, healthcare, roads, etc. Equally terrible might the environmental damage due to mass bombings, depleted uranium, displacement of populations, etc. I wonder what those places look like today, from Afghanistan to Libya: more like a series of moon craters dotted with bombed-out buildings and littered with human bodies lying on mangled machineries? That's why I often wonder why organizations like Greenpeace worry about some specific pollution somewhere on earth when wars are - besides mass killings - continually causing massive pollution of the air, water and land. Or perhaps someone can explain that there's such a thing as a green war?


You got that right! I read through it twice to see if there is something wrong with my vision, or theirs. The things which require doing, and their list has some of them, scream out for a drastic reprioritizing of how we spend our $3Trillion a year federal budget. And state and county and city budgets, too. Sen. Bernie Sanders has stated he feels an $80 Billion a year cut to the DoD is " doable ". But it's hardly enough, either. The tax codes need to be changed because it is actually very true, " the more you subsidize something the more you get of it. " Let's quit subsidizing fossil fuels, coal and nuclear power, GMO foods from industrialized agri-business, patent extenders for Big Pharma, shell corporations and LLCs that rob minority homeowners and the elderly, for profit Big Medicine and Hospitals, the building of for-profit prisons with taxpayer land and infrastructure giveaways, surplus military armaments for the local police, subsidies to large trucking concerns which damage our highways and bridges and...... oh wait, that would put a lot of Reel "Murcans, accountants, tax and corporate lawyers, politicians, developers, lobbyists, stock brokers and other assorted scumbags in Washington, D.C. and around the country out of work, PERMANENTLY!!!! So, whatever we come up with, " forget about it Jake, it's Chinatown. " by all means, yet again.. We must " continue to comfort the comfortable " because of Freedom ( theirs and not yours ). Oh, come on kids, the future's so bright :wink: we'll all have to wear shades, :sunglasses: just to look out our windows and respirators to walk around in their " ownership society " world. :mask:


i look at it this way: We look at our bodies and see one item, but inside those bodies are specialized organs and the systems that support them.

The liver is not designed to do the brain's job, nor can a thigh muscle do what the stomach does.

This analogy is offered to suggest that some specialization is required as life is multi-faceted.

Those that work for Head Start Programs, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, etc. may not have time to lead the front lines on Environmentalism. Similarly, those fighting for a long-overdue increment to the minimum wage may not be able to march against Fracking.

The common denominator of most Wrongs in our world is based on the stranglehold set by corporations.

A war crimes corp. like Monsanto now determines what's in far too much of our food; and through its fiscal power and friends inside the MIC, this company (and its colleagues in crimes against nature) is also buying up massive lands, telling sovereign nations what they can plant, and working to use legal machinations to co-opt the far wiser and more sustainable farming practices of countless Indigenous persons.

The Big Banks game our economy. They take the profits and externalize--that means shove it to us, the taxpayers--the losses.

Corporations write the bills that criminalize things like recreational drug use so that more prisons can be built and remain full.

Corporations are deciding what medicines will cost and which lucky gamut of the population will be able to financially afford the so-called cures.

On EVERY front of our lives, the corporate oligarchs have seized control. If nations' governments run on capital, and it takes capital for politicians to get elected, and capital for citizens to be apprised of any given individual's policies, then it naturally follows that those with lots of capital claim the lion's share of so-called Democracy.

Ultimately, there cannot be both Democracy and ridiculously bloated pockets of wealth.

In sum, I honor anyone committed to any good cause and recognize that the preponderance of necessary Causes makes it impossible for any humane individual to take on them all.

Where they all overlap, however, distills to corporate power, influence, and control. And one of those hardly inconsequential "corporations" is the gargantuan military-industrial (media) complex. It brings hell, brimstone, and damnation wherever it travels. THAT is not Democracy-building or peace-making; and as this world is further decimated into war zones, this blasphemous "sacred cow" must be exposed for what it is.

I hope "the kids" get this!


I think we all come to truth at different times. And in our own ways.

And every generation has those souls that get it right away and know where their fight lies.

May the force be with these beings who have chosen to fight, who have open hearts and who like generations before them, love and love strongly.

Let the "grass roots movement building" spread like a great carpet restoring the earth and it's inhabitants to balance and re-energizing us all to believe in life and the power to create.


Been there done that Rose. Anger can be a very positive motivator, but it takes a lot more than typing opinions on a computer. As Wereflea noted earlier in this thread, "One march by itself may not do enough but many marches cannot be ignored. That much your parents and grandparents figured out." Nothing could be more wonderful than to see marches so huge across not only the nation, but this world, those who hold the power to make the necessary changes for all to survive in the better world we hoped for and made the attempt though unsuccessfully. My hope would be instead of typing their concerns each and every person who cares about the future of all will go marching.


Sanne80- You forgot to tell them a few things: 1) leave your phone at home 2) wear a funny masque 3) ride a bike or take mass transit 4) a change of clothes isn't such a bad idea, either. 5) travel in pairs when possible 6) good luck!


With you 100% on this one SR. Thanks.


I am so very disappointed that an antiwar message is not included in their agenda. I don't want to diminish their message, enthusiasm or passion but I believe they are neglecting the giant-sized elephant in the room.

What happened to the organized antiwar protesters? Is war so commonplace now that young people think war is natural? Since there isn't a draft anymore, are the consequences of war not a concern to them?

Why do we need well-organized, sustained antiwar protests ... especially by young people? The much-needed social and environmental programs cannot be funded without drastically defunding the military. The $80 billion dollars military budget reduction/savings that Senator Sanders refers to is just a drop in the bucket to the total amount of dollars that will be needed. Granted, appropriately taxing the wealthy and corporations will bring in several billion or maybe even tens of billions of dollars. However, the amount needed will be in the hundreds of billions.

To fund the the social and environmental programs the U.S. needs, the following must be done:

  • The total (including the black money hidden in other budget items) military/defense budget needs to be reduced by at least 50%.
  • The 700+ foreign military bases need to be closed.

The only organizations willing to start dismembering the MIC are the Green Party and Socialist Party - USA.

No candidate in the two-party duopoly system has the backbone to stand up to the oligarchy-ruled and owned MIC. If a candidate won't talk about the necessary budget military/defense cuts in their campaign, rest assured they will not advocate for the needed reductions once he/she is elected and residing in the White House.


Excellent analysis, youth today doesn't realize their skin in the game. Unlike the Nam era when your body was on the line, the dots aren't as obviously connected. In addition, many are disillusioned by the way protests were ignored in 2003 when we were lied into wars of aggression.


People think that said software might apply to just a computer but almost everything has electronics now and "code" that considered as proprietary.

Just as example take the Combine which a farmer might buy. Virtually every part on it has a "sensor" that talks back to a central computer claimed to monitor all for proper operation. The farmer can not modify this in any way shape or form even if he owns the combine. He can not buy thrid party arts and install them. An "authoriazed technician" must do virtually all work on it that involves any major repairs.

The combine can be seized if the farmer violates these provisions.


We live in a hyper financialized world where military occupations and wars are a huge part of the global financial pie. If they make economic equality their highest priority as I suggested in my post earlier today, their agenda will indeed include controlling the military industrial complex including forcing military funding to compete with other budget priorities by ending Congress' "off-budget" military funding.


I couldn't agree with you more, Siouxrose. I actually find this "call to action" decidedly disappointing. The issues that these young people highlight are no doubt important but leaving out war and militarism is a HUGE, glaring omission. It makes me wonder whether war has just become so normalized and institutionalized (I suppose these young people were just small children when 9/11 happened, so probably can't remember any time that the US wasn't engaged in this endless war), or whether us older folks have just failed miserably in keeping alive the demands for peace and a just foreign policy.

It's hard to believe that just a decade ago, the antiwar movement was still going strong, bringing hundreds of thousands into the streets on a regular basis. I remember the last big peace demonstration I was involved in was in January 2007, following the midterm elections, which consisted of 500,000 people marching on DC to demand "troops home now" and "not one more dollar" to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Other protests following that began to drop considerably in turnout and today, antiwar groups would be lucky if they could muster a couple dozen people to come to a peace rally.

The young people today seem to have completely forgotten about this cause, or perhaps they are either so conditioned to the "normalcy" of permanent war or so wrapped up identity politics that they can't see the importance of calling for an end to militarism.


As you probably know, I am quite keen on noting the themes that are embedded into time. Very real cycles with quite discernible characters (and corresponding characteristics) inform our lives.

My concern is that the current craze over electronic gadgetry is diverting attention away from the natural world. So many people (of all ages) live more through their computers--virtual reality--than through "the real thing."

Some months ago I needed something for my computer so I ventured into a HUGE "Best Buy" in the college town of Gainesville, Florida. I felt like Crocodile Dundee in N.Y.C. I couldn't believe this world of electronics and so many items that are way beyond my reach or understanding. (I still don't use a cell phone.)

What hit me most was the degree to which this "world" of electronics was coming to replace everything from nature. The next insight was that when my generation dies out (and as I've mentioned, I've observed TOO many of my friends die in their late 40's to early 60's lately), the younger generations will not KNOW what has been lost because their entire socialization process largely distanced them from real and natural food, and contact with Mother Nature.

Also mentioned in the past, I think the 2 Living Myths of our times--that also work as significant cautionary tales--are The Star Wars trilogy (for the actions of an ad hoc group of rebels taking down Darth's Death Star, as parallel to what will overcome the M.I.C.) and The Matrix--with emphasis on a man-made world of machines that ultimately takes over to run its own agenda.

I'm sharing this because the electronics emphasis/virtual reality are quite connected to the sign of Aquarius; and that Sign-Age is assuming dominion. Its weakness is a lack of emotion, dearth of empathy and accompanying detachment.

I think we're seeing that detachment in that so many go about their lives (this brings to mind the profound poem: "The Love Song of J. Alfred Proof-rock") as if there weren't any wars.

There's no question that all of Bernays insights coupled with those of the Nazis (adopted as a result of Project Paperclip) led to a major mind control-based media. And this media's main messaging is that of telling EACH person to have a good time, just focus on themselves, and "don't worry, be happy."

For some time I've been posting links to two websites that do a phenomenal job of SHOWING what the radically shifting pulses of drought and then flood, of newly activated volcanoes, of strange weather anomalies actually means to the locations impacted. And watching the monthly compilation of all these impacts is mortifying.

That, along with the wars, along with the knowledge that so much artificial wealth has been dreamed up by Wall Street's wizards and passed off as "the real thing" in ways that have created such lopsided pockets of abundance against a human landscape of unending misery, hunger, and homelessness as to make the whole tapestry of the human experience surreal. Perhaps it's too much to bear. Perhaps that's why many turn away. They don't want the pain to interrupt their own pursuit of the media-driven pleasure principle. Or maybe it is that Aquarian Age detachment that's in evidence.

Do you remember the Phil Och's song about a woman being raped and the lyrics go something like, "Maybe we should call the cops to try to stop the pain... but Monopoly is so much fun I'd hate to blow the game... and I'm sure it wouldn't interest, anybody... outside of a small circle of friends."

As WE know, things don't have to be this way. The wars were set forth on false triggers. The climate could re-stabilize through a number of mechanisms, particularly Vandana Shiva's recommendation for soil reconstitution all over, added to planting trees, and teaching people to cut back on their consumerism. And of course... to heal The Great Mother, the wars must stop. (In the past I quoted Yogananda's wise words on the relationship between organized forms of human violence and reciprocal violence emanating from the natural world. There IS a direct relationship.)

Until the corporate grip over our lives is upended (and this WILL happen, lest life, itself, go extinct), it is next-to-impossible to shift the metrics. The new round of TPP and TIPP are legal end-runs around established law.

Thank you for the nod. We have major storms here, so stuck inside, I elaborated more than I'd intended.