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'Our Generation, Our Choice': Why I'm Marching on November 9th


'Our Generation, Our Choice': Why I'm Marching on November 9th

Sophia Zaia

When I learned about climate change for the first time in middle school I was stunned; stunned that I hadn’t found out before, that this wasn’t something my parents talked about every day. The atmosphere might heat up to to the point that the earth would become uninhabitable? I could not comprehend why everyone in society wasn’t running around scheming of ways to ensure our survival on this planet.


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Max- If you really feel it was A good story, hitting the "Like" Heart Icon above would confirm it for this young author- I know it is easy to miss and skip over but I always try to show my appreciation- Your remark is well received though!


You go woman. Beautiful writing inspires hope !
Well written



Though I'm not sure marching will accomplish the goal of actually taking action to make the changes required for survival of the generation of my grandchildren,
I applaud you and all who are will to take a stand to make the change, though I'm concerned it may be too late, for making the effort. Some of us who marched in the past have obviously not been successful, but I have ultimate hope for you.


Sophia I love this. We think alike. Your quote is perfect. While I do agree that we can educate the masses, raise awareness, and put pressure on our 'leaders' to make changes, I don't think that is enough. I believe nothing short of a new vision of what life can be like is needed. This vision is global because we all have common dreams. I'm launching the first global revolution and I need people just like you. Please connect with me. FB.com/Earthvote


You do, indeed, have the right and the responsibility to speak out as loudly as you can. It's important to always keep in mind that there will be rich and powerful people who will do everything they can to derail the discussion, and to silence you -- as has happened with each generation.

On climate change, will you be able to reduce what is probably our (America's) leading contribution -- traffic pollution? This is also at the heart of our international conflicts -- America's insatiable thirst for oil. While doing this, will you be able to also focus on the critical issues that threaten to collapse the US, such as our poverty crisis? And the fact that a huge chunk of the population is priced out of higher education, causing the US to fall further and further behind the modern nations? What about international tensions, in view of the extreme hostility that the US has earned over the past century?

Each generation blames the one before it for failing to solve truly urgent problems. Again, be prepared for those of your own generation who will fight and block you every step of the way. Optimism is nice, realism is necessary.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading your heartfelt and well spoken words Sophia- Young Revolutionaries like You give me Great Hope for the youth of our World- You have all of the hard bark and mojo needed to get it done- Go Sophia!!!


I wasn't sure if I should post my email address so I figured to direct you to the FB page which has it. I guess it's all the same. Please do email, I have very clear defined ideas that are definitely revolutionary, but am still too afraid to share them with everyone until I get a chance to put them on my website and/or in a video.


Eh? Wasn't that the hippy generation, the baby-boomers, the most politically active, protest-ready, change-engendering generation since then and now? (No, I'm not one of them I'm younger than that.) Are you saying nothing happened in the 60's?

Seems to me the bulk of the present generation is more bothered about getting the latest i-phone (regardless of environmental impact) and buying designer gear. The product of decades of corporate brainwashing.


I'd say the civil rights, anti-war, feminist, gay liberation, birth of environmentalism, general anti-authoritarian marches/movements/protests/zeitgeist were in their heyday early 60's to 70's and someone born 1940 would be 25 in 65. These things were before those born in the 1950's. Many of the 'stars' of the music counter culture of then were born circa 40-45. Not sure if this is true of Germany though, so will take your word for it it was different there.


Please, spare me the idiotic "chemtrail" conspiracy nonsense! There are people in Germany who believe that nonsense? Please get psychiatric help!