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Our Global Guns Problem


Our Global Guns Problem

Iain Overton

Americans love guns. And Americans hate anyone who dares to criticize their infatuation.


An excellent article although it does mistakenly ascribe a singular frame to ALL Americans.

The U.S. is the progeny of the U.K... and like its "parent nation," it was raised to come to maturity as an empire that fueled its conquests through the use of violent armaments.

After W.W. II when America got wealthy enough to spread financial good down to the working class families (who became a Middle Class), it was largely due to our nation supplying Europe (via the Marshall Plan) in its rebuilding phase.

Once war came to a stop, those who made enormous profits from war couldn't allow a cessation of profits to follow. That was when the Military Industrial Complex along with its dark twin, the Deep State (NSA/CIA, etc.) came into existence. And from that point, WAR became the necessary business of the nation.

Since the war machine spread its tentacles out into every state, it was associated with the benign sounding "Jobs Creations" programs and incentives.

To maintain a steady soldiering force, Hollywood was called in to glamorize war and soldiering.

And football, lifted to the level of religious ritual, also became a major cultural staple and its language--"to slaughter the enemy," "cream them," "destroy them!")--acted as seemingly innocent conditioning for WAR: replete with its teams, enemies to slaughter, and requirement for obedience to the coach/general.

It is not so much that Americans love their guns.

White MALE Americans for the most part love their guns, and guns have become power symbols in Black inner city ghettos where individuals have been largely robbed of commerce, hope, and opportunity.

Just as Madison Ave. got to work using seductive advertising to sell cigarettes to women ("You've come a long way, baby..." style), the Gun Lobby and gun manufacturers have decided to market to women.

In synchronicity, the MIC has recently invited females into its ranks.

One way to maintain the hegemonic dominance of Mars Rules is to subsume all would-be opponents into itself.

In the story of Isadora Duncan's brief marriage to a Russian Poet, when he comes to the U.S. and is interviewed by the press... someone calls out begging him to recite a poem. And he says something to the effect of: "America. The Gun." And that's the whole of the poem: one single overriding metaphor.


It interesting that in another artice I read it claimed a studied showed that 2.5 million people a year in the US use handguns for defensive purposes and of these 2.5 million some 400000 claimed that using said gun "definitely saved their lives"

If we accept this at face value than this means some 400000 more Americans would be killed yearly by a fellow citizen. This does not even begin to pass the smell test. There less than 40 percent of Households in the USA that have guns meaning the majority do not. If 400000 lives saved each year by the use of force with a gun it follows that a greater number of people must be killed an a yearly basis because they have no guns.

Added to this it begs the question. If Americans did not have as many guns and an orgy of violence ensued where some 15 times more killed each year by their fellow citzien than what is it that makes Americans so violent when compared to other Countries? How is it the people of Japan can "stop themselves" from killing another?

It seems that coupled with this "mars Rules" world that SR mentions is a world of myths and universal deceit wherein those in power continue to advance this notion that the embrace of violence is REQUIRED in order to have a functioning society.Somehow the people are to believe that the presence of violence and willingness to use it means there more "freedom". It totally illogical and absurd.


As to what's illogical and absurd, don't forget that lies told often have tremendous staying power.

How many millions inside the U.S. believe that the world was created about 5000 years ago? There's a Christian Biblical theme park in Florida that has humans looking like cave men co-existing with dinosaurs.

How many millions think that the concept of evolution somehow violates "God's word"?

I think inculcating religious delusions into children before they are able to think for themselves is a form of ideological terrorism. And I think the Southern Baptist faith with its rants against evil, satan, and sin do a LOT of damage to vulnerable minds (as in children).

The Catholic church isn't much better as many who attended Catholic Schools have pretty scarry tales to tell about angry nuns.

The point is that many people grow up believing in dangerous illusions. Some learn to compartmentalize their minds--after all, they can believe in the dominant sky god stories and still produce scientific accomplishments, political diplomacy, musical masterpieces and so forth.

The astrological archetypes are a very empowering way of looking at the dominant illusions and why specific prototypes dominate human life, behavior, and society. And the beauty of this Cosmic System/model is that there IS more than one "god" premise and therefore one set of behaviors that might otherwise limit the definition of Human Nature.