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'Our Governments Will Continue to Have Differences': Historic US-Cuba Talks Start


'Our Governments Will Continue to Have Differences': Historic US-Cuba Talks Start

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro began talks in Panama on Saturday in the first face-to-face meeting between leaders of the two nations in 50 years.

The historic event at the seventh Summit of the Americas, which Cuba was attending for the first time, was another step toward easing tensions between the U.S. and Cuba after a thawing of relations was announced last December.

Both leaders acknowledged that progress had been made during Saturday's meeting, but outlined different priorities.


Obama: " Our Governments will continue to have differences".

Obama conveniently left out the rest of the sentence. Until we replace you with a CIA coup and install one of the Amerikan Empires quislings!


How convenient for Obama and the Empire to dismiss America’s history of colonialism, intervention and abuse throughout Latin America because it happened before he was born.
It’s much easier for the oppressors to dismiss their abuses as old news than for the oppressed whose families have been murdered, whose resources have been stolen and whose inalienable rights have been crushed by racism and greed to accept it,


Yeah, it is laughable when the #1 terrorist empire, in the world, and one that illegally invaded Cuba when Castro threw the U.S. puppet Batista out and had the CIA try to murder Castro so many times, calls Cuba a terrorist nation. The hypocrisy, of the U.S. never ceases to amaze me!


Raul Castro: " Obama is an honest man".
Either Raul Castro was being diplomatic; or he is very naïve and being conned by the consummate con man!


I think Maduro was the better judge of Obama’s character when he said he didn’t trust him.


True indeed. This is comparable to the descendants of the European invaders of Turtle Island not wanting to admit the genocide of First Nation Peoples and enslavement of the African because, “It happened a long time ago.”, or, "I am not responsible for what my ancestors did ".


Hi yes, exactly, every despot would like to draw a line in history just after whatever atrocity they committed, the European slaughter and refusal to even now stand behind their treaty obligations in both Canada and the US is a perfect example.


The best judge seems to me, was his Chicago Pastor, the Reverend Wright that Obama threw under the bus.

" I will never forget one of the most powerful things Obama said to me, in my office April 2, 2008."

" You know what your problem is? I said what’s that? Obama said…you have to tell the truth".


We can only assume that Cuba’s ability to spread its ‘terror’ of an economic system whereby you cannot grow rich by collecting rent has ticked over on some Department of State counter to 'negligible.