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Our Idiot Governor Strikes Out Again Chap. 782


Our Idiot Governor Strikes Out Again Chap. 782

Sorry, more moronic thugs: In Maine we continue to suffer Paul LePage and his “three-ring circus of unhinged racism and ravings.” After too many rants, slurs, screw-ups, profane late-night threats, declaring people of color "the enemy" - cue infamous binder of drug dealers who turn out to be white not black - and a tiff with the Human Rights Commission, he spent thousands on a study to prove they're biased against business. Shockingly, it turns out they're not. Caution: Our national politics, writ small and ugly.


Never mind the moronic thugs, how about the moronic voters? When LePage won the first time, well maybe the voters were not aware how he was going to be. The second time, all voters should have known. The real issue was that the more progressive candidates for governor split the vote in both of LePages’s election victories. For crying out loud progressives, get your act together. I am curious if a similar scenario occurs in the presidential election.


If Maine is anything like Wisconsin, they will recall and then vote him back in. Blech.


Oh, I see. It’s the fault of all those misguided third party voters.


LePage is a page hoo hoo boo hoo must think he’s the Red Queen right out of Alice in Wonderland. But wait! This side of the mirror (must have been a leak in that frame) he reflects an entire segment drunk on the CITIZENS UNITED kool-aid. That ship of fools is beginning to get close to almost maybe perhaps approaching the realization that the hull on that ship gave out a long time ago and the sinking rhetoric so full of hot air counters the felt knowledge of the sinking sensation.
In keeping with the simile…


i’m so sick of this blame on one candidate for another candidate winning in the stupid plurality voting system used in the USA. There is NO NEED for such idiocy. It is the voting system that causes such outcomes, not any of the candidates.

Use an intelligent voting system (such as Rank Choice Voting [aka Instant Runoff], Approval Voting, or Score Voting) and you avert such ugly outcomes. You allow every voter to give their assessment of every candidate on the ballot instead of being forced to put their whole weight behind one and only one candidate, pushing voters to “pick a winner” rather than vote for the candidate they actually prefer. And you strike a blow against the duopoly. All by dumping the stupid plurality voting system.

Any candidate who qualifies for the ballot is able to run, with no “spoiler effect” and no “wasted vote” and no “lesser evil.” And no foolish blaming of candidates for running.


See my post in this thread addressing this, in response to gerryb6.


Cutler. the Independent, was motivated by hubris and the promise of a post-election appointment by LePage. In no way was or is he Progressive. Puke.

Cutler got a small percentage of votes in 2014 (unlike 2010, which he did well and truly split in the wake of Mainers souring on Libby Mitchell–simple and simpering Mainers were put off by a “scandalous” photograph of her standing, smiling, next to a person whose t-shirt dared suggest that George W. Bush was a “terrorist”), but the real factor in deciding 2014 was the fact that widely respected state politician Mike Michaud (D), who’d served the state variously for over 20 years, came out as homosexual at his campaign’s outset. Again, Maine’s provincial cruelty ruled the roost.


When did Maine become so narrow-minded and republican?. They used to be more progressive democrats when my folks were alive. How much time does Le Page have left in his term? He really is an ass, from what I have seen.


You are right. Adolf Hitler was at first democratically elected. The newest monster on the block, Duterte, apparently received an overwhelming percentage of the vote. What does that say about voters?


So tell me again why psychological exams are not part of the vetting process…I dare say that tests like the MMPI would show the intransigent mental disorders of people like lepage and trump, and we could get rid of such candidacies…sorry, ACLU…in these times, this practice, just like physical fitness and integrity and openness over IRS stuff, psych weeding out makes sense…


I feel for Maine’s plight, I grew up with Lester Maddox and George Wallace,


Amen, amen, webwalk. Stupid is the right adjective for the plurality voting system.


"Washington Post, which in a blistering take-down cited the guv’s “memorable assaults on decent governance and public civility,” called him “completely unhinged,” and urged him to resign.

A fine example of “it takes one to know one.” This is truly the only substantive issue the WaPo should be considered an expert on.


Glad to read that but it really has no bearing on being forced to accept a bigoted wacko for governor other than the fact that he may be discouraging workers in need of work from relocating for starting positions.


This is a late reply, but I didn’t see that anyone had written. I am sorry about that.

Maine’s shift has been gradual, but cumulative. From what I know, Maine has always been painfully provincial, but seems to have been rooted historically in moderate, cautious pragmatism. That, of course, has been eclipsed in the Information Age, co-opted by the stubborn stain of trickle-down Wal-Mart Fox News xenophobia.

A sizable wodge of that is economic, as livelihoods and communities have been gutted in the name of profiteering. Granted, this has happened everywhere, but Maine (save the southernmost quarter of the state) has not benefited from any sort of massive economic or industrial shift. Nor has the infrastructural dilemma of Maine’s relative remoteness kept pace with its demographics, Essentially, people are left with neither prospects nor support, fearing (and, often, growing to despise) everything that has changed. I’m too tired to continue, but you get the gist. It is very sad.