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Our Immigration Policies Are Ridiculous


Our Immigration Policies Are Ridiculous

Jill Richardson

I recently stayed with a friend who lives just a few miles from the Mexican border — and from the start of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Since I was there anyway, I thought, what the heck? I might as well hike a bit of it.

I’d walked less than a quarter mile from the wall at the border — yes, there’s already a wall along much of the border — when Border Patrol stopped me.

“Out taking nature photography, Miss?” the man asked. “That your Toyota?”

The next time I went out, I returned to find Border Patrol parked behind me, inspecting my car.


Often when I visit Gated Communities what occurs to me is that in the event of a sudden storm or fire, many of the inhabitants seeking safety will end up mortally trapped.

When I think of this wall, I realize it not only shuts out... it shuts in.

And since nations ranging from Chile to Brazil to Argentina to Germany (and others) have had crackdowns on intellectuals, "dangerous" labor leaders, and even poets... THAT could happen here. In other words, the so-called "security guards" then become the jailers.

What the Trump dingdongs never consider (presuming they could connect that many dots) is that the force driving so many Hispanics over the border is the destruction wrought by NAFTA. These people didn't want to give up homes and families. Fiscal necessity made that so.

I was living in St. Petersburg, Florida when 911 occurred and as was my habit, I'd bike about 5 miles to a cool coffee shop. It had its "regulars" and one was a very wealthy Conservative who was salivating over the prospects of making money (then) in "Security."

Just as lobbyists in Washington played a significant role in criminalizing recreational drug use in order to supply warm bodies to a massively growing prison-industrial system, there's MUCH $ to be made by border guards, firms that build walls, and firms that supply the armed hardware.

Under the guise of Security, the actual quality of life for more and more U.S. citizens is going down. Money is being sent to every imaginable armed enterprise as if guns, violence, and firepower EVER made anyone happy, healthier, safer, or genuinely more secure.

The best antidote to a violent world is to spread Peace.


Our ridiculous immigration policies are very profitable for the border security industrial complex. Their K Street lobbyists are charged with making sure that the DC politicians continue to make them ever more ridiculous and thereby more profitable.


► We might ask who are the "we" who make "our" immigration policies. The Immigration Dep't is only half the story, and "we" should all know that.

For the other half of the story Big Ag, Meat packing, garments and construction come to mind, and "we" should all know that too.

Except for right wingers. They're taught such reverence for business they'll waste the rest of their lives blaming immigration on liberals