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'Our Institutions Are Sounding Alarms': Federal Judges Call Emergency Meeting Over Trump Interference With DOJ

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/18/our-institutions-are-sounding-alarms-federal-judges-call-emergency-meeting-over

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How about that, eh? Two thousand judges up against an outlaw president and it looks like the president is gonna win…


The victims of Trumpo/Barr/Fascism Incorporated are tired of all these “alarms.” They don’t want more meetings, more discussions, more hand wringing, more pearl clutching and cries of “I’m shocked! Shocked!”

What they want is action. Hello, public servants. Get off your fat butts and do your jobs! Arrest and prosecute scofflaws. Good god, you have all the instruments of the most powerful prosecutors and law enforcement officials in the world at your disposal. Use them! Grow a goddamn set of testicles or ovaries or spines or whatever goddamn body parts you are missing, and PROSECUTE THESE SONSABITCHES!

Take a page out of Jim Garrison’s book if you need to. Stand utterly alone if you need to. Just file some charges and commence a prosecution! Enough with the obsequiousness. Enough with the careerism and concern for public image. Stand up and do your jobs, regardless of consequences!! Are you really so chickenshit about a fat old man with bizarre orange hair who can’t even formulate a coherent sentence? Bitchslap the sonofabitch! Get ‘er done!


Nobody ever made any “false equivalences.” Nobody ever said the Dems are “just as bad.” What we pointed out, and what you also seem to understand, is that the Dem Party leadership and the Republican Party leadership are working for the same goddamn global fascists. Washington, DC, and by extension the entire world, are controlled by a DNC-GOP corporate junta. OF COURSE the two parties are different. OF COURSE the rank and file of the Democratic Party is infinitely more rational and more compassionate than that of the GOP. Do you think we’re idiots and can’t see these obvious things?

But where the hell are the Democrats when it comes to ACTION? They’re always talking a good game, like good old Uncle Barry talking about climate change. Then they turn around and transform the US into the biggest oil exporter in the world! Or they approve a giant military budget while slashing programs of social uplift.

No. Enough of these fine distinctions. They’re all a pack of heartless, insane ratbastards, and the GOP couldn’t accomplish even one tenth of its insidious policies without the Democratic Party tag teaming the hapless US people every step of the way.

John Lennon said it long ago: the US government is run by insane people pursuing insane objectives. Those Democratic Party rank and file decent people are going along to get along. Their politicians sit comfortably while the people bleed. And I’m not going to listen to any more apologetics for their cruel, hateful behavior. Any decent person within fifty yards of the Orange sonofabitch should run over and beat the holy hell out of him and all his accomplices. Yet Democratic Party politicians share space with that disgusting filth every day, and all they do is act polite. Where is the Democratic Party politician who is going to say ENOUGH and just rip the ratbastard’s throat right out of his neck?


AP reports this morning that the Homeland Security secretary, Chad Wolf, is exercising authority under a 2005 law that gives him sweeping powers to waive laws for building border barriers.
SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Trump administration said Tuesday that it will waive federal contracting laws to speed construction of a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Department of Homeland Security said waiving procurement regulations will allow 177 miles (283 kilometers) of wall to be built more quickly in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The 10 waived laws include requirements for having open competition, justifying selections and receiving all bonding from a contractor before any work can begin.

Such a free market heart throb


They’re all pathological liars. That, in and of itself must be enough to remove any one of them.


Why does this surprise anyone? Trump and his stooges are totally corrupt, and if the majority of the eligible voters out there can’t see that, then this country deserves to become a total fascist dictatorship, with all that implies.


Good job, spoken like the “Tasmanian Tiger” your user name implies! Quite right with the anger and frustration this bullshit calls for, these so called “people” are nothing more than un-common criminals, they wear their crimes, their lies, and their obvious fascism proudly, thinking their badge of absolute SHAME and TREASON is something to be proud of. 80+ years ago the world stood up to and defeated fascist Germany, Italy, and Japan, apparantly, sadly, it seems not to have been a fatal blow, and now a lot of the countries that fought the fascists are seeming to be trying on the fascist mantle. The vast majority of people on this planet, and the planet itself, home to ALL, do not deserve this and WILL NOT accept this assault! trump and his demonic acolytes must be held to account and punished severely, with the same mercy they show to their victims. NO MERCY!


I’ve been repeating Masha Gessen’s 3rd rule of autocracy on every story I see that talks about the failure of one of our institutions. 3rd rule: Institutions will not save us. Although these judges won’t save us from Trump, at least they may be able to do something about one of his weapons. Although, what’s to stop Trump from appointing another sycophant? This may be a test or a sign that we haven’t completely fallen into autocracy. But I wonder, where is the Bar Association? Is Barr a candidate for being disbarred? Bar, Barr, disbarred, ha. But seriously. Why shouldn’t he be disbarred?


Oh I almost forgot. Another Gessen rule of autocracy is: Don’t be taken in by any sign of normalcy.


If all those implications could be confined within US national borders, you might have a case–but they can’t.


Those corporate democ-rats and the GOP-rats are all there to make millions. They’re not there to serve their people who voted them into office. They approve aid to Israel every day if asked and never question Israeli apartheid regime’s barbaric treatment of occupied Palestinians, they approve gigantic military spending despite military waste in the tune of trillions, they never fight back with GOP’s cruel and unusual cuts to social programs, government shut downs, appointment of unqualified judges and government appointees or deficit spending to name a few. But the GOP-rats do it to them routinely and they just take it all.


Trump base are unfortunately made up of mostly all angry dumb white men and women.


Yes but the evangelical “Christians” had been looking for a dip shit like Trump to “clean up America”. However those so called Christians are racist hateful people with Jim Jones and David Koresh like cult characters.


Trump voters have been thoroughly trained to label as part of “the deep state” anybody or any organization questioning anything that Trump and the GOP does despite the GOP having been the primary shepherd of the deep state during the past half century.


Federal Judges Association
Reads like a union to me.
Probably to insure their courts financial support they gain from taxpayers.

I would prefer that federal judges, and all judges everywhere, are independent.
Capable of working hard to insure fair impartial results.
Putting in the work days to remove the massive backlog of filed cases.

Four to five years here for an elected official to get to trial for bribery!!
Witness protection placement to a drug king who confessed to six murders.
Yes, I will get a real square deal in federal court. (sarcasm)

The steel mill bankruptcies in fed court in Youngstown, Ohio years ago simply cost salary retirees half their payment and union pension lost $5 per month. Federal gold parachute pays out til they die off.
Then, US Steel gains two plants and overseas gets ownership of the rest.

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Trump and Barr are the faces of this takeover-- A total shredding of the Constitution, civil liberties, and basic human rights.Both men have never believed in nay of that, but Barri is worse as he truly believes in what he is doing, and DT has no core of beliefs. He’s all about the money, and always has been. All this power the RP has given him made him drunk with power, but Barr is that different animal. DT will ultimately undo himself with that “one bridge too far” according to military historians.Let’s hope there is something left of this country when DT is gone. If not, he will continue to destroy and rebuilt the US as a failed Third World country without allies or friends. Something he is quite used to, and comfortable with in his fake gold, tawdry living quarters and offices. Another day, another DT five alarm fire, and the sky is falling. The end is not even close to arriving for DT, his minions, his cult followers, his lover Ivanka, and his moronic sons, daughters, and exes (wives and all the others). This was all a bad dream at first (DT winning the lottery to the WH), but now it’s a nightmare than never ends. For the record, IF he ever leaves office, a Dem becomes POTUS, most of the damage DT has done will not be undone.Most of trhe worse will be left in place as that has occurred decade after decades and how we got Trump. Both parties are guilty of crimes against all of us. Hate Trump all you ;like (deserved), but it’s both the RP and the DP that got us to this place. There is no going back now no matter who claims the Oval Office.

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He should be and there re more than enough grounds for that, but they are not stepping up.

If Trump’s 3 years of TWEETS aren’t enough to remove him based on the 25th Amendment –
then certainly the many “ALARMS” going off – including his questionable relationships with
international figures – should be enough to do it.

Listen to the psychiatrists –

Trump’s removal is what the nation wants – Pelosi and Schumer can’t sit waiting for the GOP
to do something about Trump – that’s not going to happen. And MSM has to begin to pick up
this theme, as well.

We also need to see the comparison between TRUMP and BLOOMBERG – they are the
same people - – just different heights. Bloomberg came out to save the Trump “White Male
Supremacist” agenda when he realized Trump would be impeached – and to save the Dem
Party for the wealthy who feel threatened by BERNIE SANDERS!!

I think most of us – liberals, progressives – understand that the future of the nature and our
own is invested in Bernie Sanders, alone. Elites have been constant at ensuring that liberals
and progressives have not been able to rise here – or frankly, anywhere around the world.
That doesn’t happen by accident or coincidence.

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Geeze people… enough of the daily ranting and venting. Nobody even talked about the point of the article. Even the one who touched on it peripherally got it wrong. These judges are independent. It is an independent group.

Enough already of the same stuff every day about how everything is corrupt and nothing will work and how everything is sh*t etc, etc… Geeze!

You are witnessing extraordinary history being made. Your disdain for everything is a joke. Meanwhile the institutions you decry are the same ones you rely on everyday. No they aren’t perfect, so then do something to improve things besides carping to each other the same things everyday.

History books will have to record this first ever moment. Over a thousand officials in the Justice adept. call for Barr’s resignation. These federal judges meet in a virtual emergency meeting concerning Barr’s misconduct. By the way, the bar association (or members asked it to) came out for Barr’s disbarment.

Despite your very royal pronouncements (‘i don’t like this’ rantings), these imperfect institutions sometimes try to do their best. Look at how heavy this is. History book time this one. Wow!

Yes they could be better - believe me I know but give credit where credit is due. If these judges didn’t do this where would we be? We’d be where Barr and Trump would be skating on easy (to get away with it ) street!!!

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