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'Our Kids Deserve Better': Despite Pandemic, Trump EPA Refuses to Strengthen Smog Standards

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/23/our-kids-deserve-better-despite-pandemic-trump-epa-refuses-strengthen-smog-standards

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Read Emerson and you will learn that we are not supposed to live in cities. Jefferson, too. Smart people those folks.


This reminded me of the best part of the spring “lock down” - crystal clear blue skies, starry starry nights that gave a sense of the dimensions of outer space, no traffic noise, no traffic. THAT part of it was beautiful.

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Trump and his capitalist goons only know about the dollar, that’s it.

We all can’t live the bucolic life although the internet has the ability to have many people be enabled to work from anywhere. Cities are not erected because we like living in crowded conditions but because they are a natural result of growing populations. I can’t think of any increase in population that did not increase the density of living conditions. Can you imagine a society that is equally dispersed throughout its landmass?

For me it was bliss, I live next to a piece of the interstate.

I don’t believe that there are all that many people in Washington DC actually believe the dreck they spew concerning fiscal policy. The conservatives have the bit in their teeth and are running for the horizon. They want it all and would have us return to the dark ages with tyrants and their lackeys demanding work from future surfs. I really do not understand how this would be good for anyone.

Hard to call them “conservatives” when the only thing they conserve is a dark age mentality while serially wasting taxpayers’ money and running up debt like drunken sailors, a bad combination by any metric.

As a resolution for 2021, resolve to get an electric vehicle if it meets your needs and budget and to switch your provider to one with a green portfolio (Green Mountain and Arcadia come to mind). Please go to pluginamerica and electricauto to find out more. Should Auld Aquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind…:musical_note::notes::musical_score::tada:

I did not realize the health hazards of ozone happened at these low levels. I looked at ~https://ozonesolutions.com/blog/osha-and-ozone/ which gave an OSHA limit for 8Hr of strenuous work to be 50 ppb which is under the levels discussed here. How can we tolerate outdoor air quality worse than the indoor air quality levels given by OSHA?

I live in Los Angeles but not that far from the water so my air quality is better, but I see the kind of air shown in the picture often. Ozone in LA and other cities comes from interaction of NOx and VOC both emitted from combustion. It’s way past time we clamped down on all sources of combustion much harder than we have been. Like @Robert_Sanchez I support more substitution of BEV cars (we have one, but also a gas Suburu which I look forward to getting rid of). But we could have had much stricter rules on gas cars and trucks and cut average output by a factor of 10. I think we should still be looking at alternative energy carriers because it is not clear to me batteries can do it all. Ammonia is kind of interesting but I don’t know much about it. Diethyl ether looked interesting in the past as existing truck engines could handle it but it is more expensive to produce from oil than diesel.

But bottom line is that actual air pollution is a much different problem than too much CO2 in the air. Not only is the scale different (400 ppm vs 50 ppb), but it’s a lot easier to solve the air pollution problem and we haven’t been very willing to even do that.

Too many people, too much corruption, too much selfishness. It’s hard to solve all three of these, but we better knock em all down a bit and try to move forward.