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Our Kids Shouldn't Go to School Hungry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/01/our-kids-shouldnt-go-school-hungry

America and the planet is facing a Spiritual crises .
All problems are Spiritually solved as beliefs create behaviours this is where we must focus.
Humans are living in a self created nightmare based on misunderstandings .Instead of challenging each other we must challenge the teachings , beliefs that seperate us and create disharmony and disunity .

In the richest country the world has ever seen, our kids shouldn’t ever go hungry. The fact that any do is proof the “patients are running the asylum”.

The biggest moral imperative is to stop having children.
There are billions too many of us–we’re killing the biosphere.
Especially don’t have children if you can’t afford them.
Don’t have children and expect everyone else to take care of them.
Given that the biosphere is dying, the cruelest thing you can do is to create new humans who will suffer as it dies.
Stop the worship of babymaking. It’s archaic, egotistical, and ecocidal!

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