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'Our Leadership Has Failed Us': With Trump at Helm, 1/5 of One Million Covid-19 Deaths Worldwide Have Been in US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/29/our-leadership-has-failed-us-trump-helm-15-one-million-covid-19-deaths-worldwide


I’m not sure Trump is to blame. The American people have always been averse to doing what they’re supposed to, whether it is paying their taxes, following public health guidelines, or cutting back on fossil fuel consumption to lessen the environmental impact. Individualism, often at the expense of the public good, has always been a treasured character in the American soul.
If Hillary were president, I am not sure things would be appreciably better. Half the citizenry would still be out frequenting bars, gathering for games, and getting together for political rallies–sneering at the idea of wearing masks. It is different in many other countries of the world, those in Asia to name a few. Whites fled Europe to come here because they could not cope with following the rules (in part), so it is not surprising the population resists authority. Of course, support for wars is an exception.


How many more citizens have to lose their lives along with all the other disasters this fake president has brought about in our country before we kick him out and lock him up? This leads us to the final truth that the USA standards that were set for a president have been thrown away…simply destroyed. Any lowlife, lying, cheating, serial killer now has a chance to be president. Such is the land of opportunity.


It’s obvious Trump is to blame for his deliberate negligence, public lies, attacks on scientists and doctors, playing politics, destroying the pandemic response team and protocols Obama had put in place, and putting his own personal and political fortunes ahead of citizen safety.
The record shows that there was a comprehensive plan for dealing with COVID-19 in March and April, but when Trump and Kushner saw that COVID-19 was killing mostly black, Hispanic, poor, and elderly people, they were glad the pandemic would get rid of Democrats and “weak citizens,” and they terminated the plan.
“Culling the herd,” is how some Trump officials and other GOP ghouls put it.
Trump is guilty of negligent manslaughter, at the very least, and is the sinister cult leader who has encouraged the rise of the anti-mask, gun-toting, camo-wearing, feckless, nihilistic herd of MAGA fools.


It is one thing to respect science, develop guidelines, emphasize testing, and make sure all parties are supplied with appropriate masks, gloves, gowns, etc, but it is something else to get people to do what they are told. A large proportion of Americans do not see patriotism in obeying rules rooted in good public health practices.


And I would argue, the fact that LBJ, Nixon, Kissinger and so many others who were cheerleaders for Vietnam and are culpable for the egregious war crimes of murdering 58,000 American soldiers, were never held accountable for their war crimes is one the reasons we have Trump.


If the government fails the people they have the right to overthrow and replace it.


Well said, excellent point! Shanti

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I don’t see the leadership failure as just being on Trump, the Democrats are horrible and have utterly failed on almost every level. Even with the Supreme Court nomination, they won’t even do much of anything. They might not be able to do much, but they can’t be bothered to do ANYTHING. It was the very policies that people like Biden have supported that created a societal context where Trump could emerge from. If the Democrats were more competent, strategic, and frankly not so damn corrupt, they would not be in this position in the first place. Are they now offering something while the Republicans aren’t? Sure, and it is better than nothing, but given their history and given their penchant for theatrics to take the place of policy, fighting and good strategy, I don’t even trust their motives and sincerity. From what I can tell, Pelosi and Schumer don’t have tons of urgency and don’t really understand the desperate situation many find themselves in. They are so cut off from those struggling that it is academic to them. The Republicans are sociopaths and offer horrible and deeply unpopular policies. And the Democrats stuggle to beat that party when only about a quarter of the country identifies with the party and when a large percentage of the country doesn’t even bother to vote. The failure in leadership is with them all. Worthless, corrupt, out of touch and self serving assholes.



Can you imagine people in the u.s. complying with the standards immediately adopted by S. Korea and Taiwan to stop the spread of covid?
What a thought . . . what an image (not pretty).

I do not see how this will ever be brought under control here . . . .
too much “rugged individualism”, selfishness, ignorance and science denial.

Anti-Maskers compare mask mandates to nazi Germany.

Yet . .

Counterintuitively, many Americans penchant for “freedom” goes hand in hand with a bent toward autocracy and/or fascism as Rich Benjamin details in The Intercept


USians and citizens of most nations in the world live under neoliberal governments.

Neoliberal governments expressly and explicitly DO NOT serve their citizenries. That is the whole point of the neoliberal model of governance.

The citizenries of the US and most nations of the world are merely objects and instruments to be manipulated by corporations working hand in glove with governments. Neoliberal governments are DESIGNED to prey upon the people, to extract their wealth and dispossess them. That is the whole point of governance under the neoliberal model.

Neoliberal governments is a wealth extraction machine, nothing more. The purpose of government in the neoliberal era is to siphon common wealth upward into the bank accounts of corporate executives.

Given these considerations, the claim that “governments have failed us” is completely beside the point. Governments have not failed us. They are not meant to serve us in the first place. They are meant to serve only the ruling corporate class.

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As always, well said.

As expected, I felt the same after hearing/watching Pelosi and Schumer’s reaction.
Though while not looking for “tons of urgency” I was looking for an ounce. . .
didn’t even sense that.
It is academic to them.

I do not get that sense (it’s just academic) with Bernie but we know where that went.

Definitely don’t get that sense with the Squad or other progressive leaders like Charles Booker whose loss to Amy McGrath still stings. A very, very tight race that in a sane world— with critical thinking/compassion as primary guide posts---- would have gone to Booker.


Back on January 7, Chinese scientists and doctors released a detailed report about the coronavirus, including its DNA, to the CDC and the world. What scares me more than Trump and those who enable him are those among us who continue to draw false equivalencies.

As a black woman, I’ve had the FU message delivered to me by many and often. Even the slavemasters would treat me as less than human but understood I had some worth, even if just financial. To Trump, who’s disdain for black folks is documented as early as the 80’s, I am like vermine to be exterminated. But me and mine are just more disliked than most.

Who, in this nation’s history, has stood in our faces and told us or demonstrated they care for nothing but their own personal bottom line day after day and don’t give a damn what we think about it? All of us. Everybody. You only have value when you are adoring and pledging loyalty to him. A sociopath enabled by thieves and pirates for their own purposes.

Trust me, there’s been a lot about this country I don’t agree with in my 66 years. And I’ve fought against a lot of it. I expect I’ll be grumbling and fighting until my last breath. This is different. From my vantage point, Trump and the gang are an extinction level threat.


When all of our angst is added up, we have to wonder what keeps us from revolt.
Are we too tired, too weak, too uncaring, too busy, too stupid, or what.

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In keeping with some of the comments above that indicate the u.s. system of selfishness/ignorance and greed is much more than just trump there is this (my bold):

"In a working democracy, filled with people who considered themselves citizens who are part of something larger than themselves, that would have immediately ended Trump’s campaign. Everyone would have naturally recoiled from a candidate announcing that you’re a sucker if you don’t spend your life trying to screw everyone else. Instead, tens of millions of voters had so little respect for themselves and the place they live that they affirmatively chose Trump.

Exactly four years later, we now know that Trump wasn’t kidding about his contempt for America and everyone in it. We also know this confirmation won’t stop tens of millions of us from voting for him again.

We can dream of passing laws requiring everyone running for president to disclose their taxes, or prosecuting Trump for tax evasion, or reforming the entire tax code. But none of that will matter if we can’t solve the largest problem, which is that large swaths of America hate the basic idea that we’re one country that’s all in it together."



A larger problem, the one that will end us all, is that too few think of us as one PLANET and we’re all in this together.


We are only looking at the tip of the death burg as it grows bigger out of sight.
The political COVID-19 numbers are about as reliable as the BLS on jobs and unemployment.

When one compares US with India on any health metric it should cause alarm.
Considering 500,000,000 Indians still shit in the street for lack of toilets, Trump
has led the US to the top shit hole country. MAGA …???


Trump’s family, going back, had ties to pro- Nazi organizations, so seeing people as vermin to be exterminated seems to run in the family.


What I find incredible, is that there have been less than 5,000 fatalities in China, a country of 1.4 Billion people, and the country where the virus began (meaning they weren’t ready for it, like other countries were).

Whatever was done in China to contain the virus, the rest of the world should have followed!


In all fairness, our leadership has failed us for generations. The problem is that we keep going back the same old politicians and the same old businesses, and keep expecting different results.
I think Einstein used to call that insanity