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'Our Lives Are in Danger': Six Dead in Quebec City Mosque Shooting


'Our Lives Are in Danger': Six Dead in Quebec City Mosque Shooting

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

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Six people have been killed and more than a dozen others wounded in a shooting at a Quebec City mosque on Sunday night.


Somewhere a heavily blinded fundamentalist christian is sucking on his joint and saying
"yeah, about time. this will obviously never happen to me. Because I work for the weapon manufacturers."


These dead are the direct result of President Bannon and his sock puppet trumpet and their violence-inciting racist egos.

I call on all government employees to resist and not enable their illegal, anti-people and racist orders. Do not be "good Amerikans", but rather "courageous Americans".

Non-violent, non-cooperation.


Fox, Daily Caller, and other Right Wing sites are all over the "Moroccan shooter". Even after the lone shooter was identified as French Canadian Trump fan.



Next they'll be saying the guy with the Moroccan heritage "likely" radicalized the other guy, when the truly radicalized people are currently working in the west wing of the White House with President Bannon.


How awful it can become when the diabolical seed of hatred is planted in a person's heart. When it is manifested in the way it was here the consequences are permanant, irreversible and so regrettable. Pray we may all in future be wisened.
In sincere sympathy, Garry


Sorry Deirdre, progressives here just not very interested.


I'm eighty and half Canadian, I love the country, but they have a slightly;y different view on justice. You are guilty until you can prove that you are in fact innocent and they did abolish hanging, but these cult murderers are on the fast tract to a permanent cell with Muslims of like mind.


Appears Drumpf/Bannon are doing their part to spread hate and murder around the world.


It was a French Canadian, not a Muslim, who did the shooting. Unless you watch Fox.