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Our Lives Depend on Stopping Dirty Energy. Here’s How We’ll Do It


Our Lives Depend on Stopping Dirty Energy. Here’s How We’ll Do It.

Wenonah Hauter

For five years, Food & Water Watch has worked to ban fracking because we’ve determined that it presents unacceptable risks to our water supply. We’ve worked alongside grassroots activists across the country – including in the states of New York and Maryland – to pass bans and other ordinances against fracking.

Now, we’re taking on dirty energy for another reason: climate chaos.


People tend to focus on the big finale aspects of climate change. They will jump to the end result of climate change and go on and on about the end of humanity and how unavoidable that ultimate end will be. Perhaps I am an optimist but I just don't believe that the end is nigh!

I do believe that incredibly hard times are nigh and in fact we have already seen the beginnings of that for some climate refugees! I think this article succinctly states the case of the how and why we are rapidly creating a case of unending misery and deprivation for humanity in the very near future! Our fossil fuel use condemns the whole planet to what can only be described as a steady state of shared misery where even the rich will experience the hard times of excessive heat and severe conditions. One can imagine building a palatial mansion up near the subarctic but generally the well laid plans do not include the hordes of desperate and perhaps even starving millions seeking to escape temperatures of 120 degrees etc that want to be your neighbors up north!

Along the way to a sad and dreary end, I believe that humanity will make a belated turn around before it is too late to avoid the extinction of the species through the destruction of our once bountiful environment. Unfortunately I also expect that we will choose to wait too long to avoid the misery that already looms in the years ahead. Too many people trying to eke out their sustenance from a too damaged ecosystem seems our fate but not the extinction of the species!

Over population - lower crop yields along with a severely diminished carrying capacity of the climate chaos biosphere in general equals an unending state of misery...

...but not the end is nigh!

Fun times it won't be to be sure and soon - too soon at that but I believe that humanity will wake up and do its best to avoid extinction of the species. We ( most of us ) live as yet upon our still bountiful Earth but our greed and waste condems that nearly permanent sustainable bounty ( if well managed) to a short term system collapse and ruination. Our crops will diminish as will our fresh water as we already see happening. Our oceans should continue to supply an over populated world with abundant fish but not in the damaged state that we are fast creating by overfishing and adding toxicity. Once the fish stocks collapse and ocean toxicity increases, it will be too late to preserve the bounty that still exists ( though now fragile in the extreme) today or to restore it.

We see that bounty around us as yet. We experience it. It is still real! As yet, what could be the permanent abundance for a continually rapidly expanding population still surrounds us but amazingly not for too much longer.

Look around you and imagine it disappearing because that is nigh ...

...but the end of humanity is not!

Trust me...

...we aren't going to like it!


People form their political opinions by age 18 and tend to never change them. Crisis is here, and now the survival experiment is under way. Will the old rats be able to drop their old conditioning and adapt to a radically new environment?