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Our Lives Matter: The March for Change Represents the Chance to Build an Intersectional Progressive Movement


Our Lives Matter: The March for Change Represents the Chance to Build an Intersectional Progressive Movement

Peter Bloom

The tragic Parkland shooting has spawned a new movement for gun control and safety. The consistent and effective campaigning of student survivors has led to an international March on Washington this Saturday. While the focus is on changing US gun policy, its political impact has the potential to be much more widespread and dramatic. It represents perhaps the beginnings of a intersectional movement for broader social transformation.


These children represent our future, and a future without weapons proliferation, in this country, in this world.

Stand with them in their “March For Our Lives.”

There will be many times in the coming months and years when We will be called upon to stand up for our right to live in a peaceful world.

Be prepared to have your voice heard.


Expect to see fake posts attacking the hippie youth of the 60s as a propagand technique to counter the current youth involvements.


Bloom’s title says it: yes, this is a chance for “intersectional” solidarity among progressives - a crucial solidarity in a state with weak progressive forces like the U.S.


Unfortunately, another losing third party is not the answer, any more than the duopoly or the party system itself is.



Keep an eye on the children who today spoke truth to power.

They will start the next “third” party, and the corruption of the Duopoly will become a memory.


Inspiring possibilities. This progressive is interested in “Identity” also, yet I continue to be disappointed when progressives, such as the leaders of the hugely successful women’s march, focus on economics and racism, but never mention the wars, or domestic spying, or the imperial presidency.

You did mention gun violence but without mentioning the wars. You concluded that a goal was to make a “safer world” but again, did not mention the wars. My point is that you can’t be all things to all people, and that the wars are understandably not your most immediate goal. But don’t they factor in somewhere in your calculations re the beginnings of a nation wide movement? Just the slightest mention?

Anyway, good news. Inspiring–the young people will create the leaders that we need.


Already have seen it- boomer haters.


“there remains a deep cleavage among resistors for those who support identity vs. class politics”,

fucking spineless corporate democrats are so terrified to talk about class. Which would unite everybody not in the 1% if they actually believed this and crafted a coherent message.

not holding my breath as corporate dems feed at the same corporate trough the rethuglicans do