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'Our Lungs Are on Fire': Climate Campaigners Rally at Brazilian Embassies to Protest Destruction of Amazon Rainforest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/23/our-lungs-are-fire-climate-campaigners-rally-brazilian-embassies-protest-destruction

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Capitalism knows no bounds when in pursuit of profits over life.


Our Oxygen levels will continue to decrease …it’s not plentiful in our atmosphere .

The time really has come to Wake Up.


Survival has posted a petition naming the Bolsonaro government actions for what they really mean:


Please consider signing and sharing more broadly


The foxes are running the henhouse. God help us all.


Can Bolsonaro be impeached? Does Brazil have a parliamentary system where he can be removed with a vote of no confidence? Or does he have to be removed like Dilma was or similar nefarious means. Whatever way - he needs to go. Horrible “leader.”


Boycott Brazil Beef.


Desecration of the environment is “good for the economy” only because our money system is so very wrong minded. The Cree told us that so very long ago as did Paul even further back in Timothy 6:10. When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn…

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The wildly popular ex-president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva - Lula for short, was set-up, falsely accused and kangaroo-courted, convicted and sentenced and thus banned from running for president again with 87% popularity rating. Two hand-picked successors were also charged with corruption and removed from office paving the way for the extremist right-wing nutter bolsonaro - how very convenient for the ruling oligarchy - that’s how bolsonaro came to power (short version) and how the ruling class is destroying Amazonia for exploitation and profit. The genocide of the indigenous tribes is also in full swing!

"There is overwhelming evidence of his (Lula’s) innocence and that he has been tried unfairly and imprisoned so as to deny his legitimate right to stand in October’s presidential elections, where he is currently leading in the polls. Legal experts in Brazil and around the world have pointed to the irregularities of his trial and the questionable circumstances of his imprisonment. The UN human rights committee has accepted the petition from Lula’s lawyers to investigate whether Lula’s human rights have been violated"


Yet another straw to carry, poor camel.

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The global community and their respective governments and NGOs including but especially volunteer fire fighters need to descend on the Amazon and planes need to bring fire fighting water over the Amazon that is burning–fuck their “air space”. This should exemplify why we do not live apart from one another and why private greed cannot be tolerated.


Signed and shared.


Genocide of the indigenous Brazilian tribes:


This is now a world wide phenomena - the shift to the right & authoritarianism - fueled no doubt by the pursuit not of happiness, but of money and what money can buy.

I don’t appreciate the hyperbole of this thread’s title - it is misleading, untrue, and discredits all that we are trying to achieve here, which is common sense reporting and critical thinking.

Here is an attempt at both, by the BBC:

Amazon rainforest fires: Ten readers’ questions answered (BBC - recent - 4h)

Macron is a banker, for god’s sake. Merkel at least is a scientist turned politician, but how can any of them, or in fact us, here in the US or Canada, speak with a straight face while madman Trump has been elected by the American people, and Canada is the worst of the G7 nations as far as meeting Paris climate goals, which are in fact almost a bad joke in the real world, which is the newly hatched “Anthropocene” ???


It would be better to discuss this as a human justice failure, and there is still only one comment at Human Rights from the Ground Up (Jackie Smith - professor of sociology at the University of Pittsburgh and editor of the Journal of World-Systems Research.

I have a perverse curiosity to know what Donald Trump says on this subject.


Many Brazilians think the world should stay out of their business. That the Amazon’s resources are theirs alone. How would we feel in their shoes?

Perhaps the looming catastrophic consequences will teach people lessons on how to manage our planet, but I kinda doubt it. We are led by a bunch of greedheads, criminals and scammers.

Maybe our robot masters will fix it. Being omniscient and all powerful, they won’t need idiot leaders.

Where’s the concern to overthrow the Bolsonaro govt from the US’s leadership? You’d think that a coup would be in order to save Earth from annihilation from the destruction of the rain forest caused by his govt. Oh yeah, they don’t have oil so they get a free pass. Peace

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bolsonaro and trump are two complete nutters determined to destroy all of nature for profit They won’t be satisfied nor their crony co-conspirators until they “have stripped” protections for places of critical planetary life-sustaining or immense beauty from everywhere.

" A new US government plan had cleared the way for coal mining and oil and gas drilling on land stripped from Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante monument by the Trump administration two years ago.

“The plan, released by the Bureau of Land Management on Friday, would also open more lands to cattle grazing and recreation and acknowledges there could be “adverse effects” on land and resources in the monument.”

Better still. Boycott ALL beef. (And sheep and lambs and calves etc - innocent sentient beings raised in horrible conditions for humans who would not be able to kill those creatures with their bare hands.)