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Our Man From Boeing: The Pentagon's Revolving Door Spins Fast


Our Man From Boeing: The Pentagon's Revolving Door Spins Fast

Mandy Smithberger, William Hartung

The way personnel spin through Washington’s infamous revolving door between the Pentagon and the arms industry is nothing new. That door, however, is moving ever faster with the appointment of Patrick Shanahan, who spent 30 years at Boeing, the Pentagon’s second largest contractor, as the Trump administration’s acting secretary of defense.



You would think from reading this article that “War is a Racket”*.

*Gen. Smedley Butler



Smithberger/Hartung sez:
“A new report from the Project On Government Oversight has documented 645 cases in 2018 alone in which former government officials held jobs at the top 20 Pentagon contractors.”

The authors should be commended on shining some light into this dark corner. However, they should also pop over to see some of the recent renovations at the Pentacle: the revolving door has been torn out and replaced by a high-speed conveyor, after officials observed how well the Capitol Hill-K Street line performed.



The military industrial complex (MIC) that indeed controlled the Pentagon starting during the early cold war years morphed into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) by the end of the 20th century and since the dawn of the 21st century has controlled the entire US gubmit, not just the Pentagon.



Besides the instances brought up in the story and commenters, you know you’ve got a problem when the Pentagon is using an accounting system designed by a defense contractor (Lockheed Martin), that doesn’t allow all of the systems to communicate with each other (I believe by design) or allow a true audit.

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Yes, precisely–the reason I bothered to stop here. THANK you! The arms industry had captured the Pentagon by the time the building was completed in 1943 and has held the DOD and the USian public captive ever since.