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Our Misguided 'Wars of Choice'


Our Misguided 'Wars of Choice'

Jeffrey D. Sachs

There is one foreign policy goal that matters above all the others, and that is to keep the United States out of a new war, whether in Syria, North Korea, or elsewhere. In recent days, President Trump has struck Syria with Tomahawk missiles, bombed Afghanistan with the most powerful nonnuclear bomb in the US arsenal, and has sent an armada toward nuclear-armed North Korea. We could easily find ourselves in a rapidly escalating war, one that could pit the United States directly against nuclear-armed countries of China, North Korea, and Russia.


“…with the Cuban Missile Crisis…the Kennedy Brothers, John and Robert, with their Cool Heads and Profound Sense of Responsibility, saved us DESPITE their Advisors, NOT because of them.”

And, here, today we have “President” after “President” playing Dress Up Soldier, forgetting, or ignoring the fact, that the United States has a CIVILIAN Commander-in-Chief, and REAL lives at stake.


“First the CIA should be drastically restructured, to be solely an Intelligence Agency rather than an unaccountable secret army of the President.”

Maybe for THESE kinds of “Presidents”, but for President Kennedy they were his Documented Murderers, and for us Citizens, they were Traitors.


It comes to mind that America can never win another war because we refuse to end our wars. After WWI the world reeled under the catastrophe that war had created in Europe. WWI 's ruination and destruction (reparationstoo) caused WWII to erupt. However after WWII, America quickly set about rebuilding Europe which actually ended the conflict by substituting the ruined economies and vast devastation with viable economic miracles that integrated well with the western world’s economy. Seemingly overnight (not really) England, France and particularly Germany (under control of the west) returned to normalcy. Russia was big enough to rebuild but Europe was a different story. Rather than ‘perpetuate the war’ through its aftermath of ruins and devastation long after the fighting was over, we instead spent the money to rebuild a modern Europe. The greatest war ever fought had truly ended and a new world economy began.

Looking at the Middle East, one sees ruin and devastation persisting and fueling continuing conflict. Thus in effect, each of the wars never actually ends. Our making war ends up making new conflicts which continually erupt into what may be called the “permanent wars of destabilization”! We never leave the Middle East because of what we would leave behind us? After WWII we left a manufacturing powerhouse in Germany and never had any need to maintain the fighting after that.

We still need to keep looking over our shoulders in the Middle East…while walking on patrol!

Forever war!

The wars of destabilization.


“It’s not so hard to rev the American public to fight a war,…”

As long as the poor do the dying.


I mean ARE, rather than were.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:40919”]
America’s shining nobility in World War II and its positive, though flawed, role in the Korean War, should not obscure America’s many disastrous wars of choice,
[/quote] Why does Sachs insist on repeating nationalistic propaganda about WWII and the Korean War. They were not noble or positive in any way. The US bombed every brick in North Korean during the Korean War and has insisted the nation not protect itself with nuclear weapons and surrender ever since.


The reason the US is still fighting wars in the Middle East, unlike what happened after WWII in Europe, is that the US is the invader a la Germany in WWII. Was Germany able to keep the peace after invading France, Poland, and Russia? Yeah, the Americans are not Nazis per se although they are highly militaristic, controlling, and delusional.


“If we instead used our vast knowledge, economic might, and technological excellence to help cure diseases, end poverty, protect the environment, and ensure global food security, America would profoundly inspire other nations and do much to secure a new era of global peace.”

  • [Un(?)]fortunately, if the US did that, the profits would fall. War is the most profitable action in the world today, but only if it spreads and increases. The Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex nearly went into shock when the CCCP ended. The “defense” contracts dropped off and the contractors were facing having to make stoves and refrigerators.
  • A guy buys a stove or a refrigerator and he keeps it for twenty years. A guy buys a thousand pound bomb and BOOM he has to buy another. Now that is real profit!
  • “Send in the CIA and Special Forces to stir things up! We are being threatened by peace breaking out!”
  • And so it came to pass and the wealth came rolling in, from the taxpayer to the arms merchants, and millions suffered and died.


Exactly, minitrue, and I’m glad you included the, long since retracted, “Congressional” from the description of the Complex.


I reject the term"misguided" in the title of this article; as if our actions were/are some sort of unfortunate mistake. How about “planned Imperial aggression.”


Sachs never mentions how the same culprits who gave us endless war, are also the ones who serve us a platter of corporate sycophants every two or four years so that we may choose our poison and perpetuate the myth that we live in a functioning democracy that is accountable to the public interest. It’s not as if we could persuade those corporate sponsored politicians to consider the 99% when making any policy decision, yet Sachs encourages us to plead more vigorously with those same “elected” officials to curb their misbehavior.
The focus should be calling out every single politician who has betrayed the electorate through their corporate allegiance and asking the public to be on the look out for these agents-of-war. Educate the public in how gerrymandering, voter ID requirements, underfunding of public schools and the corporate funding of D.C and State governments undermine our well being. We are all aware of the crimes committed in our names, but seldom is the public correct in how these crimes came about and who is behind the people responsible for these heinous actions. We must hold corporate America directly responsible for all of these disastrous foreign policy decisions and work vigorously to sever all connections between the corporate cabal and our government.


These wars were also, if not primarily, wars for oil and rubber tree tire farms.


Why destroy a country through war when you can do it economically? Jeffrey Sachs is an Economic Hit Man: he would prefer destroying people’s lives in their country through neoliberal/libertarian policies such as free markets and privatization schemes of a country’s resources making the wealthy even wealthier.



All we need to do is figure out how to take the profit out of war, or take the profiteers out of the game (to prison perhaps?).