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Our Moral Awakening in the Long Shadow of the Bomb

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/09/our-moral-awakening-long-shadow-bomb

The U.S. is spending $67.6 Billion this year on nuclear programs.

On November 3rd, 95% of the electorate will go to the polls to support just that.


The US could get rid of all its nukes tomorrow and would cease to exist the day after. China, Russia N. Korea will never get rid of all their weapons and will use them against the US the first chance they get. It would be the equivalent of sending your 15 y.o. daughter into a Hell’s Angels clubhouse alone and dressed only in a negligee. No weapon ever invented has been successfully banned in all of human history. Wish it were not true, but it is.

The vapid partisanship of this piece is truly sad. President Obama condemned Colin Kaepernick and devoted a trillion dollars to the development of “useable” nuclear weapons.

He was an amazingly warlike president, needlessly reviving the discredited neocon agenda.

He ringed China and Russia with U.S. missiles and bases, threatening a third world war. He executed regime-change ops, coups, and wars in several nations, overturning democratically elected governments in Ukraine, Honduras, Ecuador, and Brazil.

In Syria, his Operation Timber Sycamore resulted in over half a million deaths and over 10 million refugees: ~https://fair.org/home/media-end-cia-training-syrian-rebels-al-qaeda/

And yet the authors of this piece act as if Donald Trump – the neocons’ least favorite person – is some kind of monstrous aberration, rather than a symptom of the neo-fascist disease that Presidents Bush and Obama spread throughout the system.


Obama via HRC destroyed the most prosperous country in Africa and killed Qaddafi for purposes of HRC’s election campaign at once pleasing wealthy New York Neo-con and Pro-Israel donors with yet another war in the Middle East to “protect Israel” by creating chaos and despair. Obama started the Yemen Israel, Saudi and US war. He started the drone wars which create terrorists to fight against the West. What better recruiting tool than to say your sister was killed at her wedding? He marched German troops on the Russian border. Who does that? His passive aggressive stye is exposed for all to see, maybe the people who always use the royal “we” or “our” need to have their own moment of silence.


Thanks to you and @x1jodonn for the comments re: Obama. When I got to the end of this piece, I thought maybe I had not fully woken up yet this morning . . that I was in the midst of having a nightmare where someone was talking about " our moral awakening" and implied that Obama was instrumental in promoting peace and as such part of the awakening!

But no . . . my hot coffee, birds chirping outside the window were real, as was the article.

In addition to being (to quote x1jodonn) “an amazingly warlike president” he engaged in war against the environment as well and surprise, surprise, Obama’s team is now advising Biden on his “energy policies”.

OMG—I was hoping Ernest Moniz was gone! (h-ttps://www.huffpost.com/entry/ernest-moniz-fracking-energy-department_n_2805732) But he’s back with a whole crew of equally despicable characters running part of the Biden show.


Excerpt from article with my bold:

"several of Biden’s informal advisers and confidants on energy policy are veterans of the Obama administration’s “all of the above” strategy, which embraced fossil fuel development and technologies like fracking while publicly trumpeting clean energy commitments. These individuals oversaw the BP oil spill and the violent repression of the Dakota Access pipeline protests (a set of tactics which President Donald Trump is now emulating to put down peaceful demonstrators) and then went to work for oil and gas companies or law firms, investment companies, and think tanks funded by the fossil fuel industry. If appointed to key energy and environmental jobs, they could pose an existential threat to even the most ambitious climate plans."


Madness indeed but I will correct your 95% figure. The electorate is ALL the people that are entitled to vote. In 2016 (Pew research) we saw only about 55% actually vote, of that some of us voted for parties that don’t support that madness so the number is actually lower. This year will probably be lower even than the worst mid-term elections…

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Remind me now, who was the President who decided we needed to spend that trillion dollars on updating our nuclear weapons?


If China and Russia launched a massive nuke attack on a disarmed USA, the nuclear winter (twilight is a better term) would severely damage agriculture in the northern hemisphere, resulting in mass death in those countries and elsewhere in the world.

Your contention is not well thought out.

The disarmament process, when it has happened, has always been a mutual one.

If we are disarmed, why would it have to be a massive attack? One major city per day until we surrender - it would not be long (as Japan showed)