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'Our Movement Didn't Just Win. We Earned Mandate for Change,' Says Ilhan Omar After Soundly Defeating Big-Money Challenger

Needless to say, PayGo Pelosi is very disappointed.


I’m a," guest" at Common Dreams because I’m Canadian.
That’s all.
Mr. Phillips


Meanwhile, in Georgia, no good deed goes unpunished:


She won.

We should always remember that drumpf is an extremely vindictive psycho, motive, and I’m betting that his being humiliated (he has absolutely no sense of humor) by Obama at the press dinner time ago remains fresh on his mind. There’s been noise about jabba the barr bringing charges against Obama and Biden. And the fact that he met with mcconnell the other day … they’re definitely up to something.


Congratulations, Con. Ilhan Omar. You are doing a great service for progressives throughout the world.


That’s the weird thing…

Omar has the backing of formidable lawmakers, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). Numerous progressive organizations—including Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, 350 Action, MoveOn, and the Working Families Party—have thrown their support behind the progressive incumbent.

The above quote from an earlier CD article. Go figure. Maybe she publicly makes sure she adheres to their so called ‘support all incumbents’ lie and lets the dirty money do all the heavy lifting.


I don’t agree with you on much, but this is something special.

The early morning hours of 2003 I was up with insomnia as usual, watching the newswire feed and saw the bulldozing death of Rachel Corrie; then over the next 48 hours watched the corporate MSM literally bury the story, that was when I began to take notice of the power of Israeli/Zionist and dare i say it, the Jewish Lobby (one estimate puts world Jewish diaspora support of Zionism at 98%) not to mention the fact that informed commentators have pointed out slumlords the likes of Jared Kushner are treating their American tenants like “Palestinians in their own country”.
And I watched Cynthia McKinney swept into the dust heap of history for standing up for the United States and its citizens because she had the temerity to take on the Israeli Lobby. They destroyed her by defunding her campaign and up-funding any opponent to her.
For Ilhan Omar to take on an AIPAC funded challenger and handily defeat him is BIG…dare I say a BIGLY, HUGELY thing.
And she’s so hot.
Did you know the earliest establishment attempt at neutralizing the 99% Movement was to smear it as anti-Semitic?


Well Said !!!

How the Chess Pieces are played determines the outcome for those at the top.

Pelosi counterpunches off of the Truth that is the Squad, even thou she may not agree with their positions.

And Pelosi will, just as easily, sacrifice this noble Knight


From your laptop to the Goddess’ ears!


They always have the 1% in mind when they say ‘the people’ etc.

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Considering the DINOs in the DNC even turned down legalizing Cannabis ( a no brainer) progressives are in for a uphill fight. I hope to live long enough to see these young progressives make a difference.


Yay! It was gratifying phonebanking with Sunrise for Omar. The people I spoke with were so refreshing and friendly:

“How are you doing so far today?”

“Great! And how are you?”

Back east people just hang up on me, or a hostile, “What do you want?”

One woman told me, “I mailed my ballot today at ten and by two p.m. someone had stolen the mailbox!”

“Your mailbox?”

“No. The big blue mailbox on the corner!”

We laughed. How could someone with power tools take the mailbox out of cement in broad daylight and haul it away?

Yeah, we got our answer.


I totally agree with your assessment. My daughter does long-form improv and I sent her the video of that dinner as an example of a slow burn.

But then I watched it again. The first time I saw it I thought, what great jokes! And perfect delivery! Seeing it again I thought, well, this explains everything. What humiliation! Hearing all those people laughing mockingly, and knowing there were millions more mocking him. I would have died. And Trump is getting revenge. He is Ahab and sinking his ship to get at that damn whale. We’re all going down.


Good on ya!
I know the feeling. I phone banked like crazy for Bernie in 2016, many hours. That was fun because we had a terrific agenda and message. Also spent many days registering people to vote at the local Community college. Had one wing nut call the cops on me for doing it. thought it was Illegal. Cop came by watch me for a while. He came over and told me about it, chuckled and said ‘stay with it’. I asked him if he needed to register, he said he already was and left.

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Bernie people are the best. Walked precincts for him in 2016 and 2020. Adored the people I worked with and the people I met at their doors. Best are the stories, and I loved yours! You never know what buried treasure you’re going to find behind the face you see.


yes, when watching the video it becomes readily apparent that drumpf was steaming inside. Combine that with extreme narcissism, a psychopath, and you’ve got serious trouble brewing. In fact it crossed my mind that single event pushed drumpf to run for prez so that he could hit back at Obama. The fact that he skips that press event now as prez is also very telling.

The article says she won an 18% point edge over her nearest rival in the 5th MN District Democrat Primary.
First, what sort of turnout did they have? It is not reported in the article. Maybe like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s first time. AOC won a majority of the about 5% who turned out for the primary, and then rode that into office. In AOC’s case it says more about the stupidity and disinterest in her district than it does about public support. Someone famous said that people get the government they deserve…

Second, Ms. Omar only won an election in the 5th district of MN. How many people are asking what the people in the other 7 districts in the state think of her? (Due to census redistricting, soon to be 6 other districts in the state. MN is likely going to lose a seat.)

Oh dear - who’s scared shitless by the dreadful (fictional) red menace! Go lock yourself in your cellar, ‘militiaman’! Socialism? Oh no! We can’t look after the people! Communism? Where? Marxism? Perhaps you should read up about it. Education can be a wonderful experience…