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Our Nation Needs This Balm as Single-Payer Action Surges Forward



Jill Stein of the Green Party supports Single-Payer:


As contrasted with the parasitic private insurance industry that is all about taking our money and denying payments and doesn't give a damn about our health or our personal finances? Please be serious.


...and to name a couple more: meat and dairy; but an evidence-based national health system is more likely to work for what you want than is the corporate-profit mess we have now..


All the more reason for single payer...!


Yep. So does Sanders. Feel the Bern!


You prefer our corrupt insurance industry? Corporations are more corrupt than a government that provides oversight. Attacking government, the Republican daily mantra, is attacking democracy.


You may not realize it, but single layer kicks out the parasite insurance industry.


So did Obama when he was campaigning, telling gullible progressives whatever they wanted to hear. Vote for the party of Bait and Switch if you want, I'm done.


Our corrupt and incompetent government is capable of doing as good a job with single payer as the corrupt and incompetent governments of the UK, France, Spain and Canada, doncha think? Our corrupt and incompetent government already does a very good job with Social Security , Medicare and Medicaid, so there's plenty of institutional experience to build on. That's corrupt and incompetent government you can live with.


You're right, but I'm giving Bernie a pass because he's not a Democrat, and absent Bernie, I'll vote for Jill Stein again,


I wish Jill Stein could win but she's not even on the radar, no one knows who she is except for a few hundreds of thousands (?), she can't even get into the debates; in other words, you are voting your conscience or conviction. That is admirable and understandable. I'm voting for Bernie because I think he really does stand a chance even though the vile GOP and right wingers are calling him a commie and worse. I am terrified that one of these GOP far right wing clowns could win and destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA and the rest of the social safety net. These fools are climate change deniers, they want to ban abortions and they will stack the supreme court with even more far right wing operatives. They will drastically lower taxes on the rich and the corporations, which will balloon the deficits which will give them the excuse to kill off all the social programs.


Is our government any more corrupt or incompetent than our large corporations? Probably not. And it doesn't try to maximize the bottom line at the expense of constituents.


I would say it's a carefully selected CORPORATE vocabulary. Why attribute marketing tactics done by enablers of corporate hegemony to the American People being "done unto" by these machinations of language?


Healthy Forest Initiative = leave not a tree behind

Leave No Child Behind = take all as captive prisoners

Homeland Security = Domestic fear-based insecurity

War on Terror = War OF terror

Obama Health Care = Payback to Big Insurance (a major campaign donor to his campaign)

Politically Correct = STF up about any controversial topic


Hmm. A business earns its profit by pleasing the customer at a value price. If you don't like VW you can go buy a Honda (car, or motorcycle) or a Novaro (bicycle). With government single payer you lose that power of competition and/or boycott, and all you can do is put up or organize an 'Occupy Single Payer' protest. Which is the better choice, then?
BTW, I applaud the taking responsibility of eating and living healthy.


From the article, "Everybody in, nobody out."
Which sounds fine, until you and your doctor go to the collective single-payer to pay for a medical procedure that you need, and the collective tells you that it will not pay. And prevents you from paying for it yourself.
That is the topic of the very first chapter of 'Small is Beautiful' by E.F.Schumacher, 'The Problem of Production'. You can't always get what you want. Not even a single payer system can do that. Do you want a faceless collective telling you that you can't get something?

I recently read about cervical cancer treatment in the U.K. Survival for that is worse in the U.K. than it is in the U.S.A. That article also cited an example of a young woman age 24 y.o. who died from cervical cancer, and one reason she died was that NHS policy is that doctors start pap-smear testing women for cervical cancer at age 25 y.o. and won't test women younger than that. [She did have symptoms or family history indicating that she should have been tested.] - So, is that expensive and incompetent government you can live with?


"A business earns its profit by pleasing the customer at a value price." Yep. But the health insurance industry is just a parasitic middleman, adding no value, but taking a 15 percent cut out of your premium dollar; and then there are the administrative costs to providers having to deal with complexities of the multi-payer non-system. In comparison, Medicare's administrative cost is less than 3 percent. As a senior,.I love my Medicare and wish everyone could enjoy single-payer Medicare for All.
BTW, as an active octogenarian vegan, I thank you for your applause. .