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Our New St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Our New St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Michael Winship

On Wednesday, St. Valentine’s Day, I had just printed out an article from the CNN website headlined, “Exclusive: Gun lobbyist helped write ATF official’s proposal to deregulate.” Minutes later came news of gunfire at a high school in Parkland, Florida. By nightfall, 17 were dead.


Well said, Michael Winship…Bravo! Let’s hit these bastards with a voter’s tsunami this November.


"Consider your man card reissued”

We also have a problem with ‘being a man’ and its standard connotations of being tough, aggressive and intimidating, which encompasses so much more than guns: almost all movies (even Disney,) automobiles, bumper stickers, clothes.

We often hear the command to “be a man,” and it is usually offered less as advice than as insult, another trait of US-style masculinity.

When have you heard, “stop being a man,” “be a woman” or “be a child”? That last one carries connotations of innocence. What’s wrong with promoting innocence? Where are the people in this culture as eager to prove themselves innocent or caring as most men are to prove themselves uncaring, tough and brutal?

It’s everywhere, not just guns.


In the middle of reading this, my thought was “this is the sign of a country gone mad”. Wait though. I haven’t. You haven’t nighhawk. Michael Winship may express his frustration, but he isn’t mad either. We are not mad and our country isn’t either. We who hope for better gun control and oversight are just powerless. Since Feb 14, I’ve been looking for ways to make happen exactly what Mr Winship writes must happen. I am seeing signs that it is.


It is important to keep in mind that many Trump supporters are preparing for a race war and want to be well armed. To many of these people it will not take much to start race war. The Oklahoma City bombing was one attempt and the shooting of blacks in a South Carolina Church was another. There are also many Trump supporters who want to be well armed to fight off the New World Order. These are Patriot movement people and they have formed a number of militias and recruit people with military experience. These Trump supporters live in a world dominated by conspiracy theories and many are very paranoid. If everyone was rational there probably would be a good chance to get gun control. But with so much irrationality and hate leading to the feeling of a need for guns for self-defense against imaginary enemies overcoming the gun lobby remains an almost impossible task. .


An AR-15 needed for the “sporting” event called “Prairie dog hunting” ? Are these people for real? Prairie dogs are deemed a danger?

It really hard to get a grip on the notion that some people feel their “Manliness” demonstrated when they kill a prairie dog with an AR-15. What a fucking pathetic mindset.


It’s as insane as using a shotgun to kill a fly on the wall.

Michael Winship, a man that knows his history “but to provide civilian militias with muskets”. Bless you for this Michael Winship. Maybe people will start to wake up to that fact, Gawd I hope so. I have expressed my thoughts before but for clarity I’ll state them again. If you own a gun or buy a gun you automatically are part of the National Guard. Your weapon and it’s bullets are kept there. Only to be used during training or when called to duty. Your duty is to protect and serve our country, as any patriot should. If you are drawn for a deer or elk tag you would be allowed to use your weapon for a limited number of days to hunt. Sane and safe gun control. Simple and Constitutional.

Power and resources. Guns and money. Damn the idiot that invented both.

Direct Democracy


Watch “Trophy”, a documentary on Netflix.

This should be of interest to everyone here…I hope you pass on this info to everyone in your life…

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Many of these politicians also maintain that drugs like marijuana should remain illegal because it is dangerous to the user and those around him or her … is it possible for anyone to be dumber and more incoherent than anyone who holds these two positions and also denying single payer health care while spending trillions on a futile war against terrorism that threatens to harm Americans and rebuilding the nuclear arsenal to protect Americans … why can no one see the blatant incoherence and inconsistency of these policy positions? If any politician has ever taken a penny from the NRA or any arms maker they should be gone … better yet any politician that has ever taken any money from any corporation or large organization should be gone.


St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1928): 7 gangsters executed by 4 gunman.

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (2018): 17 students and teachers executed by 1 gunman.

Don’t worry the democrats are on the case. They heard our screams and have acted. Diane Feinstein has introduced legislation to make sure the next mass murderer will be old enough to have a beer before killing. She wants to make the age for buying an assault rifle 21. I for one will feel much better knowing that you must be 21 to buy a true weapon of mass destruction. As Tom Perez says “ We win when we lead with our values and put hope on the ballot.” Go homeDiane or better still to a home. Just get the hell out of the way.

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Just in case anybody wonders or doesn’t kow, AR stands for “Assault Rifle” and of course it was never designed for anything other than killing other human beings. That’s commonly referred to as “murder” and is against the law for all but the military “grunts” under orders from their superiors.

Well Said. Thank you.

Thanks for this.

The following are about the two groups mentioned in your link:

Right on SM. I exchanged a couple letters with my house rep. about the need to legalize in my state, and in the least truly medical legalization.

He gets 98% of his donations from the MIC, and he is, like Mr. Keebler, living in the 20th century of reefer madness mentality.

I pondered for a long time, what do the War on Drugs, and the War on Terror have to do with each other, and why is my rep so pro on both?

I think the answer lies in the MIC, and how it dovetails with the War on Drugs, or what I call the “MIC Circle of Death.” To begin with, the propaganda of the War on Terror is modeled after the War on Drugs.

Also, much of the used up weaponry from the War on Terror makes it back to city streets via the 1033 program.

It is all nice and tidy. Status quo. The money goes round as do the weapons, and that is why he supports perpetual war on drugs and terror.

It is really all about crime control a political repression of those that threaten the status of the right.


I have up dated my front page, it might interest you. The NRA is a terrorist organism that needs some antibiotics applied.