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Our Next Attorney General Must Boldly Set a Course Toward Justice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/28/our-next-attorney-general-must-boldly-set-course-toward-justice

There are many things our next AG must do, prosecute every person who committed crimes in the Trump administration - if we don’t want to see another smarter “Trump” in the near future. And yes provide justice for African Americans - the best start on this is, would be pushing to eliminate the drug war and legalizing Marijuana across the board IMHO.

Yes indeed !

Unless Biden’s DOJ launches Nuremberg scale indictments and trials post haste the GOP will continue their half century crime spree, becoming more powerful than ever, thereby consigning Uncle Joe, the Democratic Party, and US democracy itself to the dust bin of history.

What also has to happen and this in Justice systems of Countries the world over is that there has to be meaningful oversight of the Police forces and Justice systems by Citizen Bodies that are independent of the Justice system.

Qualified immunity for Police has to go. Police forces should not be investigating themselves for wrongdoing. The Judges and Prosecutors and Police all see one another has “allies” this leading to compromised oversight (The case with that jogger shot in the USA last year saw the person doing the killing calling his friend in the Prosecutors office soon after he pulled the trigger and the machinery started to ensure he was not going to be charged)

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Your absolutely correct, I missed that one.