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Our Nuclear World at 70


Our Nuclear World at 70

Robert Dodge

This week the world remembers events of 70 years ago. Events that killed instantly over 100 thousand human beings as the U.S. dropped the first atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan on August 6th and 9th respectively. In the days and weeks that followed tens of thousands would also die from injuries suffered by the bomb and “A bomb disease”. From 4:15 pm PST August 5th, the exact moment the bomb was dropped over Hiroshima, there will be planetary vigils remembering the events of those days.


When I look at the peace sign so familiar to all, I am reminded that it was formed by using the semaphore flag positions of “N” and “D” together. ND for nuclear disarmament. There will never be true peace without it.


Nuclear weapons are evil. True evil. Weapons of instant genocide and nothing else.

Weapons of genocide.


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The will of the non-nuclear states is stronger than ever. A global nuclear weapons ban convention is in sight.


The Russians also use DU ammunition. The world needs to denuclearize in particular the ‘old men’ whose nuclear weaponry has not aged well. I’m glad we and they never used them but you just can’t throw them out with the trash. As the years go by… nuclear weapons are not bottles of fine wine… they do not age well and we all incur increasing risk of accident and leakage/contamination.


Thank you for saving me the trouble.

These universal qualifiers, that “We did” thus and so could be juxtaposed with photos of women peasant farmers, incarcerated Black youth, Latino kids trying to get out of lands broken by NAFTA, and families stuck on Indian Reservations. The visuals would show the absurdity of these sorts of comments.

As you put it, these decisions were hardly put to that great universal WE. They were taken by men in power… weapons producers, mad scientists, military maniacs, and the politicians who are so spiritually crippled as to equate their own prowess with a willingness to destroy thousands of civilian lives.


The B-61-12 isn’t a guided missile, it’s a GPS guided “smart bomb.” Its maximum yield is 50kt, which is one-twentieth of a megaton. And “dial a yield” capability has been a feature of some US nuclear weapons since the mid-1960s.


Those countries that currently possess nuclear weapons will never relinquish them. Weapons just continue to get more precise in their ability to kill and people can’t even fathom the magnitude of destruction they are capable of inflicting. As I’ve grown older I have find myself growing more pessimistic as I observe our elected officials ignoring the will of the people on most everything.


WE should take all the nukes in the world and turn them over to the UN because THEY’LL never do it.