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'Our Obligation Is to Defend Democracy': Bolivians Join Mass Marches Against Election Delay by Right-Wing Coup Government

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/30/our-obligation-defend-democracy-bolivians-join-mass-marches-against-election-delay


So that’s from where he got his idea. I believe however the Bolivians will not let this happen.


“If behind in the polls,” Vargas tweeted, “cancel the election on the basis of the pandemic you’ve done nothing to tackle.”

Except: blame it on the Chinese; advocate injecting bleach; deny funds for vulnerable people; send out “mercanaries” to quell legitimate protests; (have i missed anything)?


My first thought too.

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The Donald says: “If delaying elections is good enough for South American 3rd world countries, it is good enough for our North American 3rd world country!”


grab 'em by the pussy!


“Bolivia shows how the ideologues of the free market are more than happy to toss out any semblance of democratic rule if they feel threatened,” Vargas added.

Uh, yup. In a nutshell.


How could i have forgotten that one terry!!!

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As it did after executing coups against democracy in Haiti and Honduras,
the United States – oops, I must mean Bolivia – will likely try to avoid elections
until it is confident of fixing them for its preferred candidate.

Democracy is dangerous for illegal regimes. Look what happened in Chile:
blood-soaked dictator Pinochet (lauded by Nixon, Kissinger and Thatcher)
waited 17 years before allowing a vote. But to his shock, he lost a referendum


Solidarity with mass marches in Bolivia ???

What I mean is that: it is wonderful to see the huge amount of people walking together in Bolivia in protest of “delayed elections” and that they expressed solidarity with the very same problem to be here in the oosa but could their example be replicated here ?
Do merikans know that Bolivia is a country?

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Hats off to the Bolivians who are showing US Americans what needs to start. Clearly, we have to remain in the streets and shut everything down if we must.


“Thousands of Bolivians have taken to the streets to protest against the postponement of elections and against the regime that came to power last year after a US-backed military coup that ousted Bolivia’s first Indigenous president, Evo Morales.”

Yet another country whose citizens suffer unnecessarily at the hands of US backed right wing dictatorship. Our complicity and crimes against Central and South Americans (as well as in countless other countries around the world) knows no bounds. Thousands find the need to march in protest to try to defend the last vestiges of democracy that the US hasn’t quite managed to kill yet, risking their lives and the lives of their families. This is just another example of the effects of the worst terrorist state on the planet, the land of the free and the brave, the good ole USA.


The Bolivians will be put down by a US backed right wing police action. Hundreds will be killed. The right wing went to the trouble of pulling a coup to get rid of Morales, they are not about to allow power to revert to the people in an election. Not gonna happen.

Ha ha! Thanks for the laugh! Does your handle imply you haven’t been grabbed yet?

I want so very badly to escape the too-much anger and disappointment of most all going-on around me I feel - except the brothers and sisters of Portland and Bolivia among a few others - I require something honest and green to hold-fast to, like my lovely little canine friend - I have human friends who express much the same.


“The Greenwood is the outlaws friend; now the orphan boys make us welcome. No tax, no tithes, nobody rich, nobody poor; fair shares for all at natures table. Many wrongs to be righted in the country of King John.” .