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Our Planet Is Angry


Our Planet Is Angry

Sonali Kolhatkar

Storm of a lifetime” is how the National Weather Service in Wilmington, N.C., described Hurricane Florence as it came lumbering across the Atlantic to hurl its ferocious winds and rain onto that coastal state.


“The French Revolution of the 1780s and ’90s is one of many revolutions in history that demonstrated how people who are pushed too far can and will use violence to reorganize society.”

True, but the people didn’t sit on their duffs being told by a cartoon bear what brand of toilet paper to buy back then. The minds of the people are softer than the paper with which they wipe their asses–such paper also holds about as many informative words as the typical citizen reads in any given day. The people have been pacified into complacency. Comfort, not dignity is their security blanket. Until they truly burn for the latter they shall not even hope for it. Only leadership from within the ranks will ignite a revolution.


“The planet is angry,” she says as she drives the stake of identity politics through it.


Everything affects everything else…all systems affect other systems. The human system affects the natural system. This is definitely the earth responding to the human system raping, plundering, and littering the earth with abandon.


Somali, you and all of us need to re-read that last paragraph you wrote and re-consider our options!


As I have so often said, “Mother Nature is coming, and BOY is She pissed!”


We are not the only species in deep, deep trouble.  The greed of our korporate “leaders” has endangered every species on the planet (except maybe pine bark beetles).

Really?  Why not??  They are killing us — both slowly with polluted air & water and deadly chemicals in our food supply, and rapidly with bombs, drones and other military weapons sold at huge profits to other nations and to wackos here at home.

Why NOT bring back the Guillotines??   Test them on the war criminals like Cheney, Prince and Yoo, then use them on the Banksters and the 100% of RePoopLickens and 99.44% of DamnocRats who front for them and the rulers of the Military-Industrial Complex who are running things from behind the scenes — the REAL ‘Deep State’ that is ruining the planet.


Nothing more cruel to nature than mankind.

I read this in a spiritual book …You are slowly destroying nature as it naturally is in an attempt to experience yourself as you naturally are.
You already are what you seek to be -eternal ,unlimited ,and one with all-yet you do not remember this.And so ,you seek to subdue Life in order that you may gave more abundant Life.We are blind to this.We all want life and the things that support life .
We are so afraid there may not be enough to go around.
Its only our imagination that’s the problem.
Beliefs about life create our behaviours and planetary experience as a collective.

It’s an illusion


"Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

― Leonardo da Vinci


"If a stranger batters your door down with an axe, threatens your family and yourself with deadly weapons, and proceeds to loot your home of whatever he wants, he is committing what is universally recognized — by law and morality — as a crime. In such a situation the householder has both the right and the obligation to defend himself, his family, and his property by whatever means are necessary. This right and this obligation is universally recognized, justified and even praised by all civilized human communities. Self-defense against attack is one of the basic laws not only of human society but of life itself, not only of human life but of all life.

The American wilderness, what little remains, is now undergoing exactly such an assault. . . .

Representative democracy in the United States has broken down. Our legislators do not represent those who elected them but rather the minority who finance their political campaigns and who control the organs of communication — the Tee Vee, the newspapers, the billboards, the radio — that have made politics a game for the rich only. Representative government in the USA represents money not people and therefore has forfeited our allegiance and moral support. We owe it nothing but the taxation it extorts from us under threats of seizure of property, or prison, or in some cases already, when resisted, a sudden and violent death by gunfire.

For many of us, perhaps for most of us, the wilderness is as much our home, or a lot more so, than the wretched little stucco boxes, plywood apartments, and wallboard condominiums in which we are mostly confined by the insatiable demands of an overcrowded and ever-expanding industrial culture. And if the wilderness is our true home, and if it is threatened with invasion, pillage and destruction — as it certainly is — then we have the right to defend that home, as we would our private rooms, by whatever means are necessary."
—Edward Abbey

“Concerning nonviolence, it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks.” – Malcolm X


So, you point out the French revolution as an example of successful violent revolution, but then claim we can’t consider that?

Fighting back is Wrong?
Well, then, you get what they do to you.
What anybody does to you.
You are a professed, eternal Victim.

Even if you ‘vote’ for justice, somebody would actually, physically have to implement said justice. That’s okay, though, as long as it’s someone else, right? Even if they have their own agenda…


What has the abuser learned if his abuse is not stopped ? You are abusing the abuser if we let it continue
Love of Self and love of the abuser demands that the abuse stops.

What would love do now ?let that be the question of the day .


“The fastest way to Make a America Weak Again: Cut science funds to our agencies that support it.”

“The fastest way to thwart Earth’s life-support systems for us all: Turn EPA into EDA — the Environmental Destruction Agency.”

“The very best way to support and feed your delusions: Surround yourself with people whose world views match yours exactly.”

Neil DeGrasse Tyson


I had a instructor once who always had his 3 informal rules of ecology:

  1. Everything is connected to everything else.
  2. Everything must go somewhere.
  3. There is no such thing in nature as a free lunch.


BOAST: “Man is the measure of all things.”



Thank you just breathe. Be happy for every breath I say. As an environmental activist since the 70’s and the wife of a conservation biologist I keep wondering when the tide will turn and people realize the cost of living comfortably. I won’t even tell people what is coming anymore because it is too scary. We need more leaders like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and then we need to get the attention of corporate politicians. A National strike would be nice but sacrifices will have to be made. Until folks are ready to go w/o electricity for a week or two or ride share or get on a bicycle that just won’t happen. I do know this…Mother Nature will have the last word.
*Give me silence, water hope. Give me struggle, iron, volcanoes" . Pablo Neruda


“Obviously, in our current age we cannot consider killing off those politicians and corporate executives who are dooming us to climate-related suffering and death as they satiate their greed.”
I say, why not? Most of them know what they’ve been doing and the ramifications therefrom; why should they not be subject to convictions of the twin capital crimes of genocide and terracide? Let’s dust off Madame, get out our knitting, baguettes and jug wine and give her some exercise, sez I!


I absolutely refuse to bring a revolution about that includes a guillotine, or any other situation that brings about violence. We have come a long way over the past 200+ years. There are many other ways to enhance humanity without death and destruction. If one wishes to be realistic, one of the simplest things is to reduce militaries around the world. Military action and the continual practices cause massive amounts of damage and pollution.

There is also holding corporations and companies responsible for what they have done or would do to enhance profits over life on this planet. No one ever had to amswer for the massive destruction the BP Gulf oil spill did to so many aspects of the various countries it affected. Not just the shrimp industry, but clams, oysters, fish that never made it away, a whole host of creatures and the items they feed on were destroyed in one fell swoop simply because BP didn’t want to put in the “failsafe” second shut off. That is but one spill, can anyone in the tar sands fiasco from Canada to the US across fertile and ancestral lands not see the inevitable?

Look back to the 19th Century when the New Madrid fault slipped and the area around St. Louis shifted some 100 feet and rang church bells in Boston 1000 miles away. The pipeline crosses this fault, since nearly every building in the St. Louis area would flattened, and oil piples leak of their own accord anyway; imagine what would happen if millions of gallons or tar sands crude, broken down by deadly chemicals just to be able to move through the pipe poured into the Missouri and Missisippi Rivers. I was around when there was so much pollution in the Cuyahoga River it ignited and burned!

Hit the offenders where it hurts and divide the money among those whose lives have been changed forever by corporate and individual greed. To ensure that there would no repetition, stiff prison sentences for the corporate officers and Boards that put safety so far back they can’t even spell it. Maintain and enhance the Dignity of the original residents of this land. We can learn so much and move together within Natures framework if we use our brains instead of simply wasting money on the very things that are killing the planet. Listen folks, this is the ONLY place we know we can live on, what sane person would destroy it?


Can humans work well within Gaia?

Article just published in Science Magazine.

Gaia regulated life on earth for 3.5 billion years and now we have Gaia 2.0 with humans playing an important role.

…Making such conscious
choices to operate within Gaia constitutes
a fundamental new state of Gaia, which we
call Gaia 2.0. By emphasizin g the agency
of life-forms and their ability to set goals,
Gaia 2.0 may be an effective framework for
fostering global sustainability

At first sight, the potential for a successful
Gaia 2.0 does not seem promising. …

Nevertheless, it is important to have a second
look at the connection between the original
Gaia concept and a possible Gaia 2.0,
because the original Gaia has many traits
that were not detectable in earlier notions
of nature associated with the development
of Western civilization. Before the Anthropocene,
Western societies saw themselves as
the only conscious agents in a passive material
environment. Today, they must cope with
the brutal reactions of living organisms that
are continually reshaping their surroundings,
creating in part their own conditions
for survival (4, 5). Gaia thus establishes a
new continuity between humans and nonhumans
that was not visible before—a relation between free agents (4). This understanding
offers the potential to learn from features
of Gaia to create a Gaia 2.0. We focus here
on three of these features: autotrophy, networks,
and heterarchy.

Gaia 2.0: Could humans add some level of self-awareness to Earth’s self-regulation?


Our planet is angry? Wow, now I’m scared. I hope it doesn’t come a lookin’ for yours truly!

Tell me, is our planet angrier then the last ice age? Or when CO2 levels were 10x higher during the time of the dinosaurs? Or how about when there was just one big continent?

I’ll bet it was super pissed off during the Black Plague! And the influenza outbreak 100 years ago? Man-O-Man, talk about peeved!!!

Fact is there is a word for imputing human emotions onto inanimate objects and numbered among the reasons for that is some people lacking social connections with other people might motivate these lonely individuals to seek out connections from nonhuman items.

Telling me the earth is angry because…weather, is a huge red flag about this person’s mental stability. Kinda like blaming NC or President Trump for a storm surge.

But hucksters like Tyson can say the earth is POed and there’s always gonna be folks lined up, buying tickets.

How does that adage from PT Barnum go again?