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'Our Planet Is Seriously Burning and the Adults Keep Letting Us Down': Ninth Circuit Throws Out Youth Climate Case

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/18/our-planet-seriously-burning-and-adults-keep-letting-us-down-ninth-circuit-throws


Translation of ruling: while it’s agreed that we are all fucked, we can’t/won’t use our power to do anything about it.


"Profits over People and Planet"!
THAT is the unspoken mantra of the Greed Capitalists destroying the world.


Our planet is seriously burning and the adults keep letting us down. when will everyone realize the LAWS ARE WRONG?

Probably not until we see this future headline:

Scientists say it is too late!


'Bout sums it up. I never had any hope for this lawsuit, which I wouldn’t expect the appeals court to take up, so this is it. Maybe it gets some ink in the paper, and that’s the extent of it. If there were any honest legal advisors to the plaintiffs, they should have been told this was purely for publicity, because asking an Article 3 court to take over the whole federal government for years could not possibly be regarded as a serious possibility.

The decision was 2 to 1, with a devastatingly weak dissent. Basically agreeing that this little courthouse is not equipped for this sort of thing, but accusing the other two of “throwing up their hands.” Surely there must be something we can do to assist the plaintiffs, the dissenter objected – without any idea of specifically what, in heaven’s name, the court might do.

Hopefully the newspaper coverage can plant the realization in some people’s minds that not only is the court ill-equipped to respond to the worst crisis ever to face humanity, so is our entire system. The remedy is not lawsuits. The revolution will not be litigated.


There’s no judicial, voting, legislative remedy for those who want to stop the destruction of the biosphere. The entire human system is founded on destroying the biosphere, and the system won’t provide ways for people to attack it.
Environmental and animal rights activists are designated as terrorists by governments.
The only remedy is direct action, as seen in the book The Monkey Wrench Gang, the manual Ecodefense, which is available in pdf for free online, and by controlling one’s personal choices and behavior so as to have the minimum negative ecological impact.
Unfortunately, most of the 7.5 billion people on this planet are wholly dependent on and defenders of the biosphere-killing grid, so it’s hard to believe the destruction can be significantly slowed down.
Remember Judi Bari!


She died for our sins.


I hear you, Aleph.
Those were the good old days, when forest activists en masse shut down clearcutting and old growth logging in Northern Cal.
When Julia Hill lived 180 feet up in a 1000 year old tree to keep it from being massacred.
When Judi was blown up by loggers, and the FBI blamed it on her.
Where is that activism today? It seems people are all sedated, asleep, afraid.


Don’t forget the OPD when tallying the perpetrators of Bari’s martydom – The department remains rotten to the core. One of those police sex-crime cases spun out of the OPD, a couple of years ago, and spread to multiple police departments all over the Bay Area, including my fair town of Richmond. Police and especially sheriff departments don’t need reform, but abolition, to get past the slave-patrol model.


Remember and don’t forget that Judi Bari was called a " TREE HUGGER" by the Fascists!


I see ten Donald Trump appointees to the United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. Next I want to find out if that third deciding judge was one of the Trumpites.

And the answer is no. These are all three non-Trumpites.


If we were brought up in or around the 60’s, how were we to know that it would be the best of times, and we would regress to this stage.




Say Aleph !

I post a ‘tilda’ link re jetstream.

Can’t remember ever having seen this configuration.

St. John’s Newfoundland has just endured a ‘hurricane snowstorm’, and is buried - an unprecedented event.

The image, if it works, of the jet stream is fro a day and a half ago:


The link is so long you have to scroll back after you post it in your browser to eliminate the 'tilda; first letter of the address and replace it with an ‘h’.

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In case manysummits shows up, I know he likes to keep a list of everything to worry about. Compulsive worriers (like me!) might find the Intercept interesting today, where there are articles about the ozone hole opening up again, and USAmerican corporate complicity in the neonicotinoid insect holocaust.

Oh, there you are. I just published a modest jet-stream animation from Nullschool screengrabs, by the way. Maybe I can convey that link here, in care you’re interested. The darker shadows are sea-level low pressure areas:


(Incidentally, your link yields an error-screen for me.)

From some painstaking surveys over years of weather data, I’ve grown very cautious about saying “this is a novel pattern” – but in general, jet-stream pandemonium is a leading indicator people keep an eye on.


For the economy and financial markets, the possible risks associated with climate change fanaticism may be significant. Putting aside the question of whether or not drastic steps regarding climate change are warranted or necessary, some of the radical policies for climate change advocated by some could severely impact markets. For some food for thought regarding this, consider the events leading up to the American Civil War. One of the reasons that the south was willing to fight a very bloody and ultimately futile war in response to the election of Abraham Lincoln, was that an estimated 40% of all the capital in the south was in the form of slaves. In part of America today a similarly high percentage of wealth and capital is in forms related to fossil fuels. These include reserves, royalty interests, infrastructure and extraction facilities. Some climate change advocates advocate complete abandonment of fossil fuels. Again, radical changes are likely to occur gradually, if ever…"


What a strange court. They decided that it’s a great idea, but they just can’t do it.
Wow, so if slavery was still existing in America, these justices would think getting rid of slavery was a great idea----but it just couldn’t be done now.
Oh my----------
How stupid does the court have to be to step aside while the Earth, which is everybody’s house is on fire!


I’ll add it to my list Aleph - just sent you another to add to your list (above)


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The court does not have the authority to do anything about, it thats not the court systems function.The courts should not and cannot "legislate from the bench "It is properly the function of the various state and Federal authorities[ Congress, Senate and/or state legislatures ] to inact legislation to deal with the problem.

Goodbye Earth., you were beautiful while you lasted. Unfortunately, that we humans came along.