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Our President’s Word Wars

Our President’s Word Wars

Olivia Alperstein

These days I find myself thinking often about a cartoon by the late Theodore Geissel.

In it, a woman with a sweater that reads “America First” reads aloud from a storybook to two children: “And the Wolf chewed up the children and spit out their bones,” she relays. “But those were Foreign Children and it didn’t really matter.”

Geissel — better known as Dr. Seuss — was criticizing Americans’ purposeful isolationism during World War II. But it’s never felt more prescient, as a sitting American president embarks on a dangerous and deadly new “America First” policy.

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Trump was and is a practiced entertainer, a con artist, a liar and a fraud. The problem is that he expects to be lauded for his being that way. To Trump language is but a tool for getting his way. We are talking using language without the restraint of a conscience. To Trump, euphemisms are just a way to make a lie be seen as the truth. The trick is not to believe the lie but to believe the euphemism!


No serious scholar has considered the U.S. as a global leader with the moral authority to intervene abroad for several decades now. In fact each and every time the U.S. had a chance to bring peace and prosperity to a region, corporate America stepped in and vetoed anything resembling humanitarian aid or reconstruction assistance.
Now the U.S. is the leading sponsor of terrorism around the world even though ironically they claim that they’re “against terrorism”. Whether they’re selling arms to ruthless dictatorships like Saudi Arabia or Nicaragua, or whether they give military support to apartheid regimes like Israel, the American public has zero input. No mass demonstration in the U.S. has every prevented our corporate government from launching an invasion of some poor, impoverished nation. In fact it has become routine for both political parties to rally around each and every invasion the U.S. decides on, in fear of losing corporate support (i.e. MSM coverage, political donations and a promise of a cushy job in the private sector after they have sold out the 99% while in office) and being left alone in a City that is known for its professional lobbyists and back room deals.
Until the majority of American people realize that the U.S. is the vanguard of imperialism rather than a beacon of hope for the rest of the planet, the people will continue to elect corporate stooges who are paid NOT to represent their constituents yet preach endlessly of the need to reduce taxes on those same corporations if we want prosperity.
While foreigners can’t understand how we continue to elect such imbeciles, they also don’t really understand the extent the corporate State has control over the citizenry. Every media station, every company, every sporting event, continues to praise the military, promote endless consumerism as the panacea of our times and paint an inaccurate picture of how the rest of the world copes. Even our public education system has bent to the demands of the corporate State to erase critical thinking skills, unbiased research and unpleasant histories to preserve the profits of Wall Street. When was the last time you saw a school debate the benefits of unions, universal healthcare or free college tuition? Living with such narrow mindedness has become routine for most as our expectations of an enlightened society have pretty much evaporated. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for more endless war, bigger gaps between the haves and have nots and a system that will devolve into a mutated version of master and slave before the whole planet falls victim to the voracious appetite of the global elite.


Well, no one has ever claimed that the 1% and their minions are the brightest people out there–just some of the creepiest. Trump’s knee-jerk impulsive and stupid choices reflect the thinking of a chaotic, profoundly ignorant man. That he was elected and there are still 60 million people cheering him on is beyond gross.

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Good post.

The United States is no longer a global leader.

Good news. Now we see the ugly clearly. The irony is we have Trump to thank for that. The upside of down.

It is astonishing how many have missed that Trump is but one in a long line of obedient lackeys.

The battle going on in the press is how one group of elitists pricks have taken power from the older group of elitist pricks.

The battle of trough pigs.


Despite my mant frustrations with Obama, I give him a bit of credit in this sphere: he tried to avoid war much more than his predecessors in relative terms. For example, the nuclear treaty with Iran was actually a move in the right direction, and a direct move away from Israeli dictates.

On the other hand, he loved those drones and gave Clinton too much rope.

Tell that to the Libyans. The man bombed 7 countries.

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Well written words Space cadet!!! American overbearing hegemony in A nutshell…

The bottom line: you’re right.

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“America First”? What the President doesn’t seem to understand is that when the US helps other nations to prevent wars using diplomacy, he is consequently saving American lives. Every time the US bombs some poor nation back to the stone age, he is creating yet more enemies of people who were not enemies before the bombing. Using violence on a regular basis is gross hypocrisy when his words tout “America First”!

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[quote=“TomJohnson1, post:2, topic:42643, full:true”]“It is absurd to attribute the current U.S. imperial wars to Trump.  Since the end of of WW2 the U.S. military has led an effort at global domination that has killed 20-30 MILLION HUMAN BEINGS, wounded and dis- placed hundreds of millions, destroyed multiple nations and created more pollution than any other organ- ization in human history.  In this case, Trump is ‘just doing his job.’  All Hail Imperialism!”[/quote] What you mean-um WW2, Kemo Sabé?  Check out the histories of Hawai’i, Cuba and The Philippines, for three obvious earlier examples of the U.S. military being called in to support an American corporation taking over an economic asset (or three). But you’re right in stating that Tweetle-Dumb is ‘just doing his job.’  Word Wars are, after all, his speciality.  And, by his own admission, he has ‘the best words.’

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all good points, except for the entertainer part, I have never found him to be anything other than boring and repulsive, and completly full of himself, he is a tedious person at best.

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I feel similarly but there is no denying the lack of taste in the viewing public. Evidently people liked his mean spirited show. I’ve never seen it, so I can’t really offer a comment on it except by hearsay. However, he is still an entertainer, nevertheless. Whether to my taste or not, he became a TV personality. To my thinking his sincerity extends only as far as his mirror. Otherwise, he is not to be trusted.

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What I find to be very frustrating about the truths you’ve spoken is 1) most Americans (95%) of my family, friends and coworkers cannot physically hear what you have said because it threatens to destroy some sort of comfort bubble, built around American exceptionalism or their place in the economic system, or if they do listen, they nod and shake their head and go, “woah that’s messed up, well…(paranoid/nihilist/lazy justification)” and I suspect they never feel compelled to research it for themselves. And 2) we reap the benefits of our military imperialism everyday, whether you approve of it or not, so it tinges any criticism you have with an initial layer of hypocrisy.

Semi-naive question, why can’t we gather, storm D.C. and hand out pink slips to every corporate stooge, lobbyist, and politician? (sorry for being redundant) I mean physically occupy D.C. and disallow McConnell et al. from entering any building. More affectively, how can we reframe this information so it is palatable to everybody, circumvents the defiant MSM, and paves the future with optimistic solution-based creativity? This country needs a dose of radical reinvention paired with a total flush of the millions of capitalist dinosaurs anchoring down the status quo. I think the methods of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army are perfect for this so seriously suicidal cluster of myopic elites. I think we should begin the construction yesterday of a parallel government/banking/media system to just phase out the vanguard of the new american century and the global terror it entails. The best insult and revenge would be to show whoever the 1% are that they are actually impoverished (spiritually) by abandoning their dollar. Oh what a dream


Ruthless dictatorship in Nicaragua…did you mean Honduras?

[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42643”]“Geissel — better known as Dr. Seuss — was criticizing Americans’ purposeful isolationism during World War II.  But it’s never felt more prescient, as a sitting American president embarks on a dangerous and deadly new “America First” policy.”[/quote]This article reminds me of another Geissel/Seuss book, which Tweetle-Dumb apparently has never read – or at any rate did not learn anything from it: ‘Bartholomew and the Oobleck’, in which the King’s arrogance brings an overwhelming pestilence upon the country (a sticky, green goo representing our current political slime covers everything), and the problem can only be resolved by the King admitting his error and saying, “I’m Sorry” – which of course Tweetle-Dumb will never do.

[quote=“douggernaught, post:21, topic:42643”]“Semi-naive question, why can’t we gather, storm D.C. and hand out pink slips to every corporate stooge, lobbyist, & politician? (sorry for being redundant) I mean physically occupy D.C. and disallow McConnell
et al. from entering any building.
”[/quote] The answer to your question is being played out as I write this at 9:45 a.m. PDT – our First Amendment
is being stamped out by Capital Security on live T-V and being updated here on CD at this very moment. Just click the ‘Home’ button at the top left of this page, and read the top article, “Live: Arrests of Trumpcare Pro- testers, Some in Wheelchairs, Outside McConnell’s Office”.

Dictatorship 1, Constitution 0

The ultimate blowback, aka reaping “benefits” of fascist, amerikan imperialism, is well underway in the collapsing empire…the sooner the better!