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'Our Pressure Is Working' Says Sunrise Movement as CNN and MSNBC Announce Climate Events for 2020 White House Hopefuls

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/26/our-pressure-working-says-sunrise-movement-cnn-and-msnbc-announce-climate-events


Some good news for a change! Thank you SUNRISE!


“We won. Organizing works.” (Last lines of article)

Isn’t there am expression about counting chickens ?

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Pelosi has a stubborn little lap dog that she trained to be very obedient. His name is Perez.


From the article:

“When Perez handed down his ruling in June, he said that participating in non-DNC-sanctioned debates will prevent candidates from engaging in the party’s official debates.”

Anyone who is still wondering why so many refer to Brand D as The Democrat Party is referred to just such anti-democratic internal dicta.

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