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Our Race Against the Clock to Affirm Water as a Human Right

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/16/our-race-against-clock-affirm-water-human-right


Having done development work in Latin America for issues of potable water, sanitation, and irrigation water, I am quite familiar with the needs of small villages and the technical and political challenges involved in achieving Progress there. That being said, I have also seen multinational conglomerates gobble up then bottle up water resources in essentially my own backyard at the great detriment the springs and streams of local ecosystems. The fealty that either bought off of naive politicians show such multinationals is astonishing. The locals fight, but the corrupt state officials (guess which party) jump in and you can just follow the money. Sickening. This is a worldwide neoliberal disaster brought about by a lack of Earth- and People-based morals.


Sorry, but i don’t think humans at this point deserve any “rights”
supplied by the planet .
We are guests . Guests have no rights. The planet and it’s natural systems created all species and freely supplies all that is necessary to
maintain these species . Now we are going to make demands instead of showing gratitude ?

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Don’t count on the 3rd Way Wall Street Dinocrats to help on this one. THEY are with Wall Street and will continue to try and Privatize your local water systems. This kind of crap is why I skipped that section on the Ballot last time, and will again - unless there is a Green running for her seat

’Inappropriate, Unjust, and Unreasonable’: 300+ Groups Slam Duckworth Water Privatization Bill

“This bill is an egregious handout to giant water corporations which would embolden them to manipulate and fleece struggling communities—particularly communities of color.”


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Water is a basic right for all creatures, supplied freely by Gaia along with clean air, fertile soil. Homo sap lived that way for hundreds of thousands of years, knowing it was part of the whole.
Then…man, did we go pear-shaped. Suddenly, everything was a commodity, including fellow humans, for an elite few to sell and to gain power.
Now…every time I see some idiot drinking bottled water then toss the empty onto the ground, I see someone raping Gaia. It also shows the unmitigated, unregulated power of advertising by corporations. Advertise bottled water as being a cool status symbol, show some celebrity drinking it while living the “good life”, and suddenly millions are trashing the place with even more garbage.
I am lucky to live in a place with fantastic tap water-good taste, cold even in the summer as it comes right from the lake, and soft so I don’t need to use much soap to get lots of suds. Yet I see thousands of my fellow consumers loading up on the bottled stuff, which has been shown to be impure plus full of leached chemicals from the bottle.
However, I’m a lone voice speaking in the corporate Matrix. And I know it. Yet, every day, I go around the neighborhood, picking up the trash, including the water bottles, wishing I could get fingerprints and DNA off of all of it. That way, I would publish names and addresses on social media with the statement-these people have no respect for our city or for the planet. They toss their trash on the ground, making someone else clean up their mess. Teach your children to clean up after themselves so they’ll do it when they’re adults.


In my town, it is 100 degrees plus during the daytime and people are using electric dryers for the wash !!! Why ???What a waste !!! So stupid.

Here is what I wrote to Kyrsten “our dino senator”

Fund The United States Post Office instead of trying to ruin it by privatization and forcing it to have a pension program paid for far in advance. No other organization is forced to fund pensions as far in advance as the USPS. Public services such as the Postal Service, Health Care, Utilities, Water Delivery,Sanitation and Education are needed to build strong citizens. The US is far behind most other developed countries.

Excessive money is given to the military for what? When will they be held accountable.

More bombs, nuclear-armed missiles and aircraft carriers will not make people safe. Diplomatic realism and arming the citizens with education and good health is a more viable use of money.

Let us get our priorities front and center. The planet is burning. It is time to focus our efforts on sustainable life on earth.
What the heck we need to keep trying so I guess I send it to the other senator and “my rep in congress”


Hi Sirios:
I’m going to take a guess here that you have water faucet swhere you Iive and you aren’t near any fracking?
Did you ever read about Iand owners in Wyoming—when fracking came in ? The farm animaIs were dying from their farm water. The frackers had to deliver clean water so that the ranchers and farmers could drink, wash and clean without any danger to heath. After a while the free water from the frackers stopped------and then the news stories did too…does anyone know what happened to those farmers and ranchers in Wyoming?

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Yeah , but that doesn’t mean humans DESERVE anything on the planet …My point wasn’t about whether ALL people should have clean water ,
they should If they deserved it , but they don’t .
People that arrogantly demand to be taken care of by the planet don’t deserve sht.

Hi Sirios:
This is where things get tricky, because there are PeopIe Iike Trump around who don’t beIieve that immigrants, non white peopIe, or even other nations deserve cIean water, clean air, or clean food. NO one owns GAIA, we aII have to share her. " Deserving,"
is a very sad word. : (