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Our Racist Homophobe Moron Klansman Mickey Mouse Governor Gets What He Deserves


Our Racist Homophobe Moron Klansman Mickey Mouse Governor Gets What He Deserves

In the last 24 hours, our unholy Gov. Paul LePage has been honored with several public portrayals on the graffiti wall of Portland's wastewater treatment facility: He was painted, entirely deservedly, as a KKK member with the labels "Racist, Homophobe, Moron," he was repainted over, he was again exposed as a Klansman, and he became Mickey Mouse. Even as city officials struggled to draw the ever-tricky line between free and hate speech, the public has spoken: "This is an honest portrayal. It is good work."


Thanks Abby for sharing this documentation of public art / political art.

When is LePage going to resign?


Time to turn LePage?


How do dickheads like LePage get into office in the first place? Was he another "gift" from ALEC or the Koch fiends? Voters, too, need a Lemon Law, just like car buyers.


He will not resign. Trash like him have only one reaction - they double down and turn even meaner. Remember Rob Ford, former mayor of Toronto? He was similar and the city council actually took the step of relieving him of most of his powers. I wish the Maine legislature had the power to do something similar.
This POS is a disgrace and he shames the Mainers who re-elected him every time he opens his pie hole. I have never seen such a disgusting group of corrupt, right-wing governors and state legislatures as I see now in the United States. Replacing LePage with a thinking human being would be only a small first step in healing our country.


The vote was a three way split and one of his opponents was gay. Mainers tragically gave him the edge (something like 38%) and he was "re-elected". I hate this son of a bitch just like I hate Scott of Florida, Walker of Wisconsin, Snyder of Michigan, Brownback of Kansas and others. They are helping to tear our country apart.


These people attacking and ridiculing LePage are just like the ones attacking Trump - shills for the sold-out Big-Banker-loving Democrats. Lepage is a champion of the down-trodden (white) working class of Maine!


My hunch is that all of those dirtballs you listed were probably supported or funded by the ultra-rich, like Sheldon Addlebrained, or the Koch brothers. Progressives need to find a way to class-action sue those ultra-rich "investers-in-bad-government", perhaps in civil court, for the damage their funding of buttholes has done to our country. I'm thinking like 3,000 suits filed PER DAY in courts across the country, knowing full well that most will be dismissed, but trusting that somewhere one or more will get traction. Go after those bad-government "pushers" like we would go after drug pushers or mafia kingpins. Give them no rest, no sleep, MOUNTAINS of bad publicity, and everyone's evil eye, until they get out of town.